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Subscribe to this thread Gregori created by CalvinCopyright on February 22, 2013

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MobileCrusader2/20/14 9:33am
We can hope he makes an appearance.

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SuperTurbo42/20/14 9:52am

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Trubbol3/20/14 9:23pm
He is obviously a double agent working for the nightmares!

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MobileCrusader3/21/14 7:41am
We have now reached conspiracy level: Illuminati.

Little do we know, Nabonidus is actually a Lich, and Gregori is his Phylactery.

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SuperTurbo43/21/14 8:18am
Ha! Gregori serves only Namah!

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MobileCrusader3/21/14 8:20am
...Namah is Queen of nightmares, lord over Nabonidus.

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Trubbol3/25/14 7:48pm
She wishes to corrupt the minds of men, the minds of the tower guards have become boring.

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MobileCrusader3/26/14 7:13am
Yes... Why stop at guards or even Dreamkeepers?! All humans will bow before the mistress of the night!

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ezioauditore973/27/14 4:35am
Dastardly and diabolical schemes for Namah and Gregori?Awesome!

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MobileCrusader3/27/14 9:21am
MFW Gregori becomes the new Tendril.

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Trubbol3/27/14 4:13pm
He already has the wearing people practice through plushies...

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SuperTurbo43/30/14 9:41pm

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MobileCrusader3/31/14 5:22am
"That's it, hold me closer /fool/, all the easier for me to devour you!"

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SuperTurbo43/31/14 4:57pm
"Then I'll wear your skin! Muahahahahaha!"

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MobileCrusader3/31/14 8:00pm
"You shall know me, and fear!"

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