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Subscribe to this thread Gregori created by CalvinCopyright on February 22, 2013

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CalvinCopyright2/22/13 1:04pm
In regretful acknowledgement of the fact that we will most likely not be seeing another drawing of this delightful plastic toy until the next Lilith/Namah Prelude arc.


Does graphic-novel Namah still have Gregori?



...and would anyone know how to use a 3D printer?

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Kobalt952/22/13 10:03pm
Oh come now, we all know that Gregori is the real star of Prelude! ;)

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Esayo2/23/13 9:13am
"Real star of Prelude"
Lemme help you there.
*Real star of Dreamkeepers* (You know it and I know it.)

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Kobalt952/23/13 11:50am
I say that Gregori will come to life and eat every single Nightmare in the end. I'd bet on that!

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Esayo2/23/13 12:13pm
That or he's secretly Lord Void.
Gregori: Destructor of Sanity

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CalvinCopyright2/26/13 7:08pm

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Twilight2/27/13 10:00pm
This may or may not be an obvious fun-fact: It's pronounced Greh-GOR-ee, for those of you who were curious 8)

P.S. I was gonna make a different comment but got distracted by Kobalt using the mace picture I made as his icon XD

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Kobalt952/28/13 4:12pm
@Twilight It IS a great picture! XD I hope you don't mind that I'm using it... :o

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Twilight2/28/13 4:30pm
Nope. Tis fine. but back on topic XD

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ezioauditore973/1/13 6:29am
Remember Gregori8ursoul!Sorry if that was not exact....

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p3nguin323/1/13 10:27am
@esayo Maybe he is the Destroyer of Sanity. How long has Namah had him? He could be the unlikely source of her personality know, besides being caged up for most of her life with only Gregori and Lilith to talk to.

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Esayo3/1/13 1:44pm
@Penguin |D yeah, besides the whole solitary thing, it was more than likely Gregori the whole time.
Tricky doll, him.

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MrAerospace3/1/13 5:30pm
Well, we can't exactly write Gregori off just yet. If Namah has his name as part of her data-scroll tag and thought it essential to pack the Dreamworld equivalent of DVD's, then I think she'd possibly have made room for Gregori in that bag of hers when the girls decided to leave the tower for good.

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Tenebrae6/8/13 12:40pm
Something to add to this:
In the video game, Star Ocean: The last hope, there are *things*(giant crystals) that are called the Gregori.

The Gregoris corrupt sanity and hyperevolve life, all for a nefarious reason...
Just thought it might be an intriguing coincedence ;)

Kinda sounds like namah's dear Gregori, corrupting her and hyperevolving her vocabulary, mwuahahahah

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Wulfspyder6/8/13 7:50pm
Gregori, what evil machinations lie beneath that synthetic green hide?

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