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Subscribe to this thread Nabonidus created by CalvinCopyright on February 19, 2013

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JudasScorpioDeMazier7/24/14 12:50pm
I gotta give you props Dan, nice skills in the photoshop XD

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Foxer3609/12/14 7:17pm
After carefully and painstakingly looking at good ol' whitey (2 seconds), I wondered to myself: what if Nabonidus is a Hooman? He has a flat face and straight legs, so why not?
Sorry for the necro!

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PotatoFox9/13/14 4:30am
His flat face is a little too flat. Perhaps he is Lord Voldemort?

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DanWithTheHat9/13/14 9:20am
He would have to be a really twisted hooman to join the Nightmares in taking out the Dreamkeepers. He would be dooming the human race to an eternity of nightmares if he succeeds, unless his plan was to take out the nightmares by destroying them from the inside...

Also, no need to apologize for necro posting in the character threads. They get revived all the time as new ideas and theories come about.

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SuperTurbo49/26/14 1:37am
Nabonidus a human in league with the Nightmares? Sounds like someone with an extreme case of misanthropy.

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MobileCrusader9/26/14 2:51pm
Dave specifically said no humans, though, didn't he?

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Asora9/26/14 4:54pm
In one chat, I told Dave about the possibility of these "portals" that open and rip the fabric of the space and time continuum itself and are some-what "gate-ways" to other parallel universal alternate dimensions that appear and disappear in a moments notice. I asked him whether or not it is possible for a human being to accidentally get caught into one of these portals and end up in the DK Universe.

In response, he simply just said something like; "Well, that person would have a lot of catching up to do!".

At first glance, it seems that Dave's response would indicate that my theory could be possible. But when you think about it, you start to think whether or not he didn't think much about it, or he was just joking. I know that Dave is certainly not that type of person to "lie" to his fans who have theories like mines to say, but I'm just saying, thats all.

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Kobalt959/26/14 6:47pm
Well to my knowledge, I don't think there are any permanent impassable barriers between the Dreamworld and our world. Its in a different parallel dimension that is bound to our own- one we can only see while we are dreaming. That means you can't get to the Dreamworld through outer space or merely traveling etc.

In my opinion, since the Dreamworld is linked with our minds through the Dreamkeepers, you would have to utilize something cerebral or metaphysical either through magic or science to even hope to access the Dreamworld. And I guess the Dreamkeepers and Nightmares would have to do the same. And like Asora said, the possibility of those portals warping someone from our world to the Dreamworld and vice-versa would be one way as well.

I think that Dave just means that we won't see Humans and Dreamkeepers/Nightmares crossing over in the main story, not that it couldn't be theoretically possible. Only that it would be highly unlikely. At least that's how I interpreted those statements of his.

Anyway, this subject interests me as well- because I've always wondered if the stuff mentioned here could be possible in the Dreamkeepers universe.

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DanWithTheHat9/28/14 5:02pm
What you said is right on the money Kobalt. That's how Dave explained it in the past. While the possibility that Nabonidus is a human is pretty slim, it is still an interesting discussion.

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MobileCrusader9/29/14 8:43am
I think its immensely more likely that Nabonidus is a DK over a Human.

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MobileCrusader9/29/14 8:45am
Just had a thought. What happens when a human meets their DK? If a human did somehow end up in the Dream World, and contacted their DK... What kinda earth shattering shit would go down?

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ZycantAlpha9/30/14 6:04pm
Maybe it would be like the belief of what happens when a person meets their future selves? One or both of them go insane from the shock since they can't handle the idea of "another" them?

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Asora9/30/14 6:21pm
Okay, to put it in terms you will understand, it will either result in nothing happening letting the two talk to each other like normal beings (which is likely), or resulting in the fabric of the time and space continuum ripping and gutting itself apart, and creating an artificial black hole that will erase every thing in the known universe, including atoms (which is unlikely).

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Prometheus9/30/14 7:15pm
Let's just hope Nabonidus doesn't meet his human self. If Nabonidus is as brilliant as I think he is, the last thing the Dreamworld needs is two of them from different dimensions.

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Asora10/1/14 7:43am
Wait, you know what will truly stop Nabonidus and his nightmare army?


Including Chuck Norris, and his DK self too..........

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