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Subscribe to this thread Nabonidus created by CalvinCopyright on February 19, 2013

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CalvinCopyright2/19/13 8:04am
Just creating a thread for the 'pillar of evil'. And pointing out something I noticed.

In the posted Vol 3 scene on Deviantart (, Nabonidus has a prominent halo right before the HUGE explosion. And, at least in my online copy of Volume 3, it is MISSING.



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MrAerospace2/19/13 6:09pm
I see where you're going with that, but the halo is still missing on the printed I'd say that it was a relic from the drafts that got cleaned up for the final version.

However, there's plenty more to work with in V3, such as what exactly is under that cloak of his?

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DanWithTheHat2/19/13 7:59pm
Now that you asked that, I looked back at that scene and I'm asking myself the same question...

-V3 Spoilers everywhere!-
On page 9, in the bottom panel, you can see that his body or what ever is underneath his head is wrapped with something underneath the cloak. That is the only glimpse we get of what is under it though. What's interesting is that there is nothing on his right side where you would think he would have some type of arm. Does he even have arms or legs?

Another thing to note is that in V2, he does manifest a purple arm during his talk with Tinsel. Who needs physical arms when you can make ghostly ones appear at will?

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CalicoYorki4/11/13 3:28pm

Nabonidus doesn't give handshakes because -NABONIDUS HAS NO HANDS-

Get it? O'naicul you are -VERY VERY GOOD.- That's how he knew that Bast was bluffing.

He's seen Nabonidus in person, and I presume he knows who to trust by that fact.

So that's one mystery solved no arms no legs presumably just The Amazing Hovering Conquering Torso.

But -how did he get that way?-

Plus the "halo" also shows up in Vol. 2 when he meets Wisp.


I just checked the opening of the book!!


THAT was his Halo! A dreamkeeper's halo becomes more visible as their Power becomes more active. Namah's looked like a vapor, Lilith's was fully lit.

In Vol. 2 we only saw Nabonidus's abilities barely activated, in Vol. 3, he's exercising the -fullest extent- of his abilities to combat Lord Void.

Lord Void, who is -barely awakened- and -weakened.-

This is all coming together beautif - ull...y...


time's gone all wibbly

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Gloves4/11/13 3:46pm
I'm pretty sure the bluff with O'Naicul was calling Nabonidus a "half-pint". That dude's really tall. The handshake was probably a part of it too. This was covered more thoroughly in the V3 discussion thread.

And the halo isn't in V3 anymore, so my guess is that if it's in V2, it'll get removed in future editions. He did say that he edited the story--Tendril's Demise was removed from canon. There are probably other things (like the halo) that just got removed.

And since Nabonidus is a Nightmare, he wouldn't have a halo anyway. There was probably some explanation for that that got cut in the editing room, hence the lack of it now.

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CalicoYorki4/11/13 3:54pm
No, no, no.

You don't understand.

That glowey-orb above his head -is his halo.-

When he's fighting Lord Void, it's an -artifact- of his ability being active.

Halos are merely a visual artifact generated by a Power's activation.

In effect, it is, indeed, his halo.

And it's blazing and glowing,

Because he is -that- powerful.

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Gloves4/11/13 4:01pm
I thought it was just his actual power. He's supposed to be in the middle of it, isn't he? That's where their actual fight is taking place.

And my point about the "halo" is still in effect--he's a Nightmare, he wouldn't have one anyway.

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CalicoYorki4/11/13 4:11pm
But what if he isn't?

But what if he -is?-

-But what if he ISN'T?-

This cannot be an accident.

It's far too consistent, and too purposeful to be an accident.

The image in Volume 2 is a sphere, not the ring halo we're used to.

The artifact in Volume 3 is merely a more chaotic, violent form,

Like it represents a much greater amount of power...

Note, I am using the term "abilities."

Whatever Nabonidus is, he's not a dreamkeeper.

He might be. He might not be a Nightmare.

He probably is.

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Gloves4/12/13 7:20pm
I think it's already been pointed out that the only glimpse of his body we see is in the opening V3 scene, page 9, and it looks almost mummified.

Did anyone else notice that in the scene where he's speaking with Tendril in V3 (on page 48), when he's sitting in his "throne", he's significantly shorter? Like, really, way, /way/ shorter?

My guess is that he floats most of the time to appear taller, but among trusted allies, he just sits. Because he is limbless, which would explain the bandaged, "mummified" look.

Although, I guess it's kind of a given that he's limbless. XD Never really see his arms or anything.

Dunno, just thought I'd point out that sitting scene. <3

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MrAerospace4/13/13 7:35pm
Haha! I was waiting for someone to notice that. This was exactly what I was alluding to when I mentioned what was under his cloak. Not that the bound torso is curious, but the fact that NOTHING seems to be under that white sheet was of far more interest.

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MrAerospace6/7/13 9:06pm
Nabonidus has a god complex even when amongst other Nightmares. Discuss

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Tenebrae6/9/13 7:42pm
He's referred to as 'Immortal'
Now, according to the Lore, all nightmares are essentially immortal, but the fact that Nabonidus is referred to as THE immortal?
I think it hints that he's some super-dark-dreamkeeper, so powerful with dark magic(?) that he's an immortal dreamkeeper. Actually, do we know if dark dreamkeepers can gain new powers from working with nightmares? Like work compensations?

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CalicoYorki7/19/13 7:20pm
What if.

He's not limited to the traditional Nightmare form of reincarnation?

Ohhh wait. What if he finds a suitable host, and uses them as a medium for his abilities?

What if that's why he's interested in Mace? As a "suitable vessel?"



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Prometheus7/20/13 12:14pm

Interesting theories there. Though, as far as finding a suitable vessel in Mace, I think he's more interested in Mace himself. Nabby may already know what Mace's power is and the only way to get that power to appear is to have the pawns play psychological games with the kid. If we only knew what Mace's power was, we would know why Nabby's so interested in him.

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ZycantAlpha7/20/13 2:02pm
It's certainly possible. Ravat did mention that his work with Mace was "punishment" for something, so Nabonidus does seem to want Mace's power active (unless Ravat works primarily for Void, but that seems unlikely). Nabonidus would work as a chess master, and a good chess player knows as many moves as possible before implementing their strategy.

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