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Dreamkeepers Forums - Do Nightmares Actually Know What Humans Look Like?

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Subscribe to this thread Do Nightmares Actually Know What Humans Look Like? created by Thegunner18 on February 17, 2013

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Thegunner182/17/13 4:17pm
So...this question popped into my head just a minute ago whilst thinking about plots for possible stories:

We all know that the overriding goal of the Nightmares is to destroy humanity, but do they actually know what an individual human looks like, or do they just destroy the mind of the human and not realise what the person looks like? Has this question already been answered somewhere in the comics?

Also, I wasn't really sure which bit of the forum to put this in. This seemed to be most fitting, though.

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Hakuzo2/17/13 6:48pm
Interesting, maybe it's an oversight of david, but that's a good question. Since our dreamkeepers and our true selves never meet, never knowing the other exists. It Make one wonder if the Nightmare can cross over from our dreams into the real world then back again. I would say this is a question someone needs to ask during chat with David.

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ConnorDavidson2/18/13 2:40pm
I don't know if you can call deleted scenes "canon" but I recall David's original beginning to Vol.1. Void said he was in the physical world corrupting the minds of men. That is where I assume he has been all this time. My thought is that since the Nightmares are "mortal" and the only ones that have been from the very beginning are Nabonidus and Void themselves, I don't think the Nightmares know what the humans look like.

I suspect they see them as a far-off mystery. Something they're itching for. But only Void knows humanity's look, workings, and reality. This is me spouting my thoughts, though. Personally, I think the only one with a clear vision focused on humanity is Void. Nabonidus is focused on ruling, both Dreamkeepers and Nightmares. Maybe his rule has diverted everyone's attention away from humans?

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Avolendi2/18/13 4:40pm
Not based on any facts or other information, I sooner think the nightmares perception of humans would be restricted to our dreams, which would be like a natural opposite to them and as such they want to destroy it.

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ListenLoudly2/22/13 12:10pm
I think a more important question is, do they care?
They long to annihilate life, dreamkeeper and human. They see us a means to an end. Sure, Void probably knows details about human appearance, but I don't think any Nightmare actually wonders about this. If they destroy a mind, it's like, eating. You don't care about the personality or former appearance of your food, you just eat it.
And now this is starting to creep me out.

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Thegunner182/22/13 3:25pm
You're right, though. Unless it had some sort of massive importance in regards to destroying humanity, then I doubt any of the nightmares are going to be worried about it. It's like...chocolate, I guess. You can mold chocolate anyway you want, but it'll always taste the same, even if you can't see it. As long as it gives you that satisfaction, you don't really need to see it. I guess it also poses the question of whether nightmares are curious about it. Or whether they're curious at all, for that matter. I mean, it may not be necessary, but would they want to know what humans look like just to satisfy their curiosity?

The only reason I want to know is that if a human actually was in the dreamworld (as the plot of a story or something) then the nightmares wouldn't realise it was a human, would they?

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CalvinCopyright2/23/13 5:42am
Sorry, but that's non-canon, Thegunner. Humans can't enter the Dreamworld. That's the domain of the Dreamkeepers. We can only "catch glimpses of it" (from the intro to Book 1).

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Thegunner182/23/13 3:32pm
Yeah, I know, I know. Non-canon brings about interesting plots and all that, though. It gets my imagination going, anyway. I think it would definitely be a cool prospect to see what would happen *if* a human entered the Dreamworld (even if it is non-canon).

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ListenLoudly2/24/13 11:27am
Haha, chocolate is a good way of putting it. Also, chocolate is delicious.
I would guess that if a human somehow entered into the dreamworld, they would no longer be human, as far as the nightmares are concerned. Nightmares probably see things very pragmatically, so the definition of "human" to them is something like, "Meat in another realm whose minds are protected from us by dreamkeepers." If one of us went to dreamland, we'd no longer fit that definition.
So, would there be anything to distinguish us from DKs, in their eyes?

A non-canonical story about "dreamwalkers" would be cool. They'd have to be connected to native Americans. I seem to recall certain coming-of-age rituals that involved entering into special forests and meeting mythical creatures. That'd be fun to tie-in with the DK world.

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Thegunner182/24/13 5:14pm
I'm not too sure. I think if a human entered the dreamworld then yeah, pretty much every nightmare would just think of him/her as another dreamkeeper. There are so many different appearances for Dreamkeepers that the nightmares might just think it's a different DK.'ve got to wonder whether humans would be so radically different in appearance to other DKs that we'd seem sort of...alien to them. This would also be seen by the nightmares. Would we stick out like a sore thumb? I'm willing to bet we would.

Also, that dreamwalker thing sounds interesting. I looked it up and found they also had these shapeshifters, too. There are definitely a ton of cool ideas that I could look into, but I'd have to research it a bit more :3

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ListenLoudly2/26/13 11:49am
I don't know about that; everyone in dreamworld seems pretty accustomed to bizarre. Even if we clashed horribly with everything they ever saw, they'd still have no reason to think we were anything but another weirdo naked-mole-rat DK.
What I WOULD believe would cause a stir would be a group of humans together, especially if they're all the same, skin-color-wise. Now THAT, wow, we'd basically look like aliens (and technically we would be). And Nightmares would see that stuff. And they'd tell Void. And he'd recognize a human when he saw one, right?

Yeah, yeah! And said story could begin with a Native American kid whose dreamkeeper was killed, but his/her mom has a dreamcatcher above the bed that just so happens to stop the nightmares! And maybe he's a teenager and goes on a dream walk and meets the nightmares that have been trying to kill him! And via these nightmares, in his dream, that's how he gets to the dreamworld! He beats them and follows them/gets pulled into their exit! I am using a lot of exclamation points!

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Twilight2/27/13 9:56pm
Not to shoot down your ideas, but humans can't actually access the Dreamworld, and in the context of the Dreamkeepers comic, the human realm is supposed to be completely devoid of any magical shenanigans (so as to make the Dreamworld seem more whimsy by comparison).

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ListenLoudly2/28/13 2:59pm
Certainly ms/mrs/mr Twilight. We're talking purely non-canonical here. Non-can stories can be fun too!
If you think about it, us readers have a unique point-of-view; none of the characters in the story know what we know about the connection between worlds, which is a central concept for the narrative. Except Void. He knows. So, if DK turns out to be a meta-narrative, like Lord of the Rings, then Void is the most likely writer! :D

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Twilight2/28/13 4:37pm
That's... an amazing way of looking at it XD

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ListenLoudly3/1/13 7:12am
And this is the stuff I was reading about Dreamwalkers. What's really great about it is the variety of different versions; it's not one set story. It's like it's different for everyone who experiences it.

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