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Subscribe to this thread A question on Diony plants created by EngineerPearl0 on November 17, 2016

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EngineerPearl011/17/16 7:10pm
Okay, so the seeds absorb as much moisture as they can, and can hold salt water. So what would happen if someone planted them on the beach? Would they be able to make the water level recede? Could someone in theory absorb the whole ocean by that method? Why hasn't that happened yet?

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AFox11/19/16 10:56am
Who would want to absorb the ocean?

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TruthQuest11/19/16 10:22pm
Theoretically, you would need diony planted ALL along the oceans perimeter in such huge quantities as to make a thick forest, just to start TRYING to recede the ocean. Those plants don't grow over night, they take weeks to germinate. The most they could do in those quantities is have an ongoing battle with the waters for centuries, ebbing and flowing, losing and gaining ground with each change in the seasons. The shape of the coastline might change, but not in a completely predictable way. Whole sections might get wiped out while others thrived, and some would just barely hang on. The ocean can be very treacherous around the coast, and not at all flat. The diony would make absolutely no headway in such areas, as it still needs air and sun to live. They can't just go strait down and be expected to survive the depths, not to mention how they would fare against he high pressures. No, I don't believe that diony could claim the ocean very much at all.

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EngineerPearl011/20/16 9:44pm
Okay follow up question and answer for AFox:

Question: do Diony plants all germinate at the same time or do they germinate at different times? Like I know seasons exist, but...

Answer: idk maybe someone who wanted to be a jerk? Eitiher that or my DK is a little evil }:-).

Further question: if they were planted by rivers, could they soak them up, turning them into deserts as well, and cutting of water from re-entering the ocean?

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AFox11/21/16 5:11pm

Fair enough...still though, that would take potentially billions of Dionies to accomplish. I highly doubt even that many plants exist.

I'm also wondering though, how many variations of Fermente exist? It's clearly alcohol, but there's many variations of alcohol. Another thing that occurs to me, the drink seems to remind me a little of Dad loves that stuff and brews his own. Fermente seems like it can be made out of the home in a similar fashion.

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EngineerPearl011/27/16 8:32pm
No problem! Assuming each Diony plant successfully gives 5 new plants each year, and you only need one billion plants before you start causing a problem, the diony plants can probably cause issues within about 13 years. That's a little long, so there's a problem if there starts being sabotage, but it's a timescale that can be managed.

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AFox11/29/16 10:40am
Hmmm, well that could work, if they reproduce like that, then theoretically it could damage the ocean. Though what about the rain cycle? Wouldn't that interfere with the collection of the water?

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EngineerPearl011/30/16 11:32pm
Well yes, it would affect the collection of water, but Diony plants do live in a general desert and live only off of rain water...

The streams would probably need to be drained carefully; probably starting with a mix of upper and lower portions and enclosed on from all sides, allowing the positioning to be adjusted from generation to generation.

The bigger threat is if all the plants germinate at once - that could create a flood sending me back years. And if pressure on the top of the plant influences it to snap, that's going to make the issue much more likely. So the question becomes, how could one control the germinating outbursts so as to not undo all that work? Maybe putting one up on a pedestal so that it only gets rain water would help, and then putting up some sort of dam system... Or perhaps growing them like one would grow rice?

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AFox12/1/16 4:35pm

Actually I meant the collection of the plant's water, my guess being that even if the Diony Plants absorbed a lot of water they'd lose it again after they erupted with the rain cycle doing it's thing.

Still though...that is interesting, growing the plants in a Rice Paddy like enviroment wouldn't be too bad. Though what fascinates me the most about them has to be their power to absorb any flavor. In theory you could even use urine or even more unpleasant things to create Fermente...Grunn and Mace don't get on too well, but Grunn should be thanking the Spirits Mace doesn't know how to make Fermente, or get the materials to make it. If he could, I have no doubt he'd make Grunn's life hell with "Mace Mark: So bad it's design!"

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EngineerPearl012/1/16 5:04pm
If Mace were making Fermente that Grun drank, he could potentially kill Grunn!!! Would you really trust Mace to make it right when he wanted to, let alone when he knew it was for Grunn? A small mistake and oops he's dehidrated.

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AFox12/1/16 5:40pm

I think that'd be the idea, though it really depends on whether or not Mace actually wants to kill Grunn, he hates the guy, but he doesn't actually seem like a killer. Of course, a mistake is another, Grunn wouldn't be stupid enough to drink anything Mace made, but if Mace just took one of Grunn's empty bottles (or emptied a full one) and replaced it, he probably could get Grunn to drink it.
And considering WHAT Mace could use to make it (up to, and including, his own urine...thus inventing the Bear Grunn meme) I think Grunn might prefer dehydrating.

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EngineerPearl012/1/16 5:59pm
Now I have a completely other question - if you know you have drunk bad Fermente or accidentally get sprayed and swallowed untreated Diony juice, could doctors save you? It's obvious that the first thing you might need to do is drink water nonstop; like really nonstop, to avoid dehydration. You would have to literally out-drink the seeds to survive. And a healthy body temperature is cool enough for the seeds, and someone can't survive at a boiling or freezing internal body temperature, so it wouldn't be easy, but if the seed requires sunlight, maybe it can't reach justation, and will stop growing, maybe dying without bursting the juices all at once?

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AFox12/1/16 7:19pm

I've been thinking about that too, but then again...wait, have you read Volume 4 yet? Just checking.
Anyways, I have doubts that doctors could save someone who accidentally took bad Diony juice. Though your suggestion of simply using a way to cut off all sunlight to the seeds is good, here's another thought, what about using cryogenic freezing to preserve the Dreamkeeper for a while while the cold kills off the seeds?

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EngineerPearl012/1/16 8:42pm
I have read all that is avalible for free.

I would be surprised if Dreamkeepers had that technology, however if they did, it either would work because it's freezing or wouldn't work because criogenisis protects the one alive inside. Worth a shot, however. Too bad there aren't chemicals that will kill the seeds...

Could they maybe be suffocated? Like maybe a 100% oxygen mix of air, which would not be the best for the dreamkeeper in general but would prevent the seeds from getting sufficient carbon dioxide to grow, combined with a large water intake to prevent dehydration?

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AFox12/4/16 3:38pm

I see...well, no need to send out spoilers then...

I still don't know entirely just how cryogenic freezing works, but I'd assume the body would be cold enough to kill the seeds given how this process is supposed to preserve people through incredible cold.

That would depend on how long it takes to suffocate the seeds.

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