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Subscribe to this thread Abroad We Go created by PowerButton on September 4, 2016

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PowerButton9/4/16 6:29pm
(Holly cow it's been a while since I've seen this place...looks good looks good

Your Viscount Calls...

By order of our grand city's leader, Viscount Calah, this document calls for the assistance of all able body men willing to undertake an extended meritime voyage into the vast unknown. Any crew will suffice and any ship will do captains, as long as your vessel is in working order. Your objective is to find one Vince Calah. This young man, a RELATIVE of Viscount Calah and seasoned sailer, was recently reported missing along with his crew. Aboard the vessel 'Surveillance' and under the command of Lord Captain Belcher he had set out on an exploratory excursion to a string of islands past the Long Black. Current Crawler updates have lead officials to believe their vessel disappeared sometime AFTER the perilous crossing. That is all that is currently known.
Both crews and captains will first need to make it through the Long Black, a perilous natural border separating the known and unknown world, before discovering the fate of the Surveillance, her crew, and Vince Calah. If he is found alive the Viscount will reward any crew that returns him safely with 'RICHES beyond any simple sailors imagination'. We ask that you don't ask for a more specific description, the original reward was 'a great story to tell when you return'.

Okay, so you've been briefed. This will be a LONG rp, meaning that please please please only join if you're going to stick with it. If you need to take a break, are going away, or anything like that please just contact me or state it in the rp using ( ). We can't have characters disappearing without a trace.

Also! this won't be very complicated...I hate complicated. You may choose two weapons at the start, anything your character may be wearing, a few unique things they packed for the voyage, and yes a cool power for the road. There won't be many role play restraints either. You can avoid dying anyway you like, wether it's through pure luck or crazy skill. If you feel like slaughtering each other that's cool too, but get permission form the dying character's creator and plan it out.

Finally, just a few simple rules. Don't be rude outside of rp, don't harass each other, don't bull-yadadad...
What I'm really worried about are overly edgy and shy characters. You gotta participate in conversations at least a few times. You can start out cold but you need to warm up to your crew mates, it's called character development. I'll let it go for little bit but if to persists then I'll have to talk to you. Also, there is kind of a system to this...

Certain situations or 'perils' will be ranked 1-5. A peril will be something like passing through the Long Dark which is gonna be awesome if I do say so myself. If it's ranked 1 than nothing goes wrong for anyone the whole time. If it's ranked 2 something goes mildly wrong for everyone. If it's ranked 3, something goes really wrong for everyone (this is where you can wound your own character). If it's ranked 4 something goes horribly wrong for everyone (this is where you can kill your own character). Finally, if it's ranked 5...well this is plot changing, someone gonna die, shit's hit the fan kind of stuff. Follow the ranking system in certain obstacles and make sure something does go wrong for your character, it adds conflict.

I think that's it...if there's any updates I'll post it using ( ) in rp and then update this little number here.

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