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Subscribe to this thread Guild Wars 2 created by Thegunner18 on February 16, 2013

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Thegunner182/16/13 4:44pm
Offer your thoughts and knowledge of GW2 on this thread!

If you don't mind others on the forum knowing your character name and server for the purposes of guesting and all the fun that comes with that, then feel free to say on here. :)

I'll start off, I guess:
Kelyana Venomfang, Charr Necromancer, Tarnished Coast.

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IvyKirax2/16/13 4:48pm
Asura Mesmer named Reajja is my main, can find me on Jade Quarry server and Guardians Of The Claw guild. =) only around level 50 so I'll need to get some leveling up still.

As for favourite race though still a fan of Charrs in design (total cat person :B ), followed by Asura.
Story wise I like the Asura more, interesting to me anyways what with their backstory and little racial querks, and of course, floppy ears :3

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Thegunner182/16/13 5:06pm
I think I might try a Charr mesmer just to see a Charr guy in a purple outfit XD And also, the mesmer does actually seem like a pretty cool class. I'm a necromancer guy through and through, though. I have no idea why. As soon as the class was confirmed I had my sights set on it, despite the fact that it might be a little bit less useful than other classes ^-^

Also, if you want help leveling up, then I wouldn't mind guesting over or something. :)

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MartinSSFox2/16/13 5:07pm
I love GW2! I got it last Christmas and I've been playing unhealthy amounts of it since. I play on Ferguson's Crossing and my main is a Charr ranger (I'm also a bit of a cat person) named Kobrin Stry. He's in the Killer Instincts guild and is almost at level 60.

...and naturally we all like playing as Charr eh? :P

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Thegunner182/16/13 5:10pm
I guess so, yeah :3 I just love the aesthetics of them and how ferocious they look. I also admire ArenaNet's decision not to just smack a rack on them and leave it like that. XD

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IvyKirax2/16/13 5:17pm
Gunner: May be a guy charr in purple but if using a great sword you don't swing the sword, you shoot energy out of it ;)

Martin: Yesh we all naturally like playing the badass beast race xP jk, but they are fun to play around with. And yay for rangers \o/

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MartinSSFox2/16/13 5:23pm
I haven't really branched out into many of the classes, are there any particularly interesting ones that you guys would suggest? I've been thinking about making another character and exploring somewhere I haven't been with a different class.

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Thegunner182/16/13 5:28pm
That's also why I love playing the Khajiit in The Elder Scrolls. But that's a different story entirely!

I've got to say, I have seen the greatswords in use by Mesmers quite a few times, and they look pretty badass :D But first I've got to get my Charr warrior (lvl 40) to the same level as my necro. :P After playing necro for so long and getting to 80 with her, the warrior is such a breath of fresh air with the sheer numer of weapons they can use.

Also, map completion. I have to get 100%. I love being a completionist, but I hate it at the same time.

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IvyKirax2/16/13 5:31pm
As it is I tried a Charr engineer, because it just seemed to make sense what with their industrial background. It's really cool cause you can make some turrets for either healing, flamethrower or a gun, as well as grenade backpack and flamethrower backpack.

Thief is alright, a little squishy in my opinion but then again I tried it on a human character and got bored because well.... Human character :X

Also I'm curious... What do you guys choose? Vigil, Priory or Whispers o.o? I chose whispers myself.

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MartinSSFox2/16/13 5:32pm
Haha! I'm a completionist too. It's great fun in most games but not in an mmo!

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MartinSSFox2/16/13 5:33pm
@ivy: I chose the Priory, I like the scholarly feel to it.

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Thegunner182/16/13 5:35pm
I chose Priory for my necro pretty much because it fit her background and stuff like that. The necro is a scholar class after all. Also, the Priory suits my own personality as well. :)

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IvyKirax2/16/13 5:42pm
heheh, fair enough :P As for map completion it's pretty much a requirement anyways if you're going after legendary weapons. Seems tough, may go for it one day, though I'm more concerned about getting through the story right now and up to level 80.

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Thegunner182/16/13 5:45pm
I admit, I still haven't finished the personal story yet ^-^ I'm a terrible person. I think I'm on the last mission, though! Also, magister Sieran is amazing

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IvyKirax2/16/13 5:49pm
Guessing that Magister Sieran is a companion for the Priory storyline? Lightbringer Tybalt Leftpaw is my fav companion from the Whispers storyline, I shall forever hold a pitcher of hard apple cider in my inventory to remember him by ;.;

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