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PowerButton3/15/16 5:23pm
Hello Dreamworld Forum, hope you're having a great day. I'm starting a long term RP for anyone interested (keep in mind there will be a limited number of participants). If you feel like joining and if you have the time to commit please continue reading...

This role play will center around the voyages of the Horizon, a ship traveling out into the uncharted regions of the world. It's crew will consist of YOU and if all goes well we'll explore and discover extraordinary things together. That being said, this is no short trip and it doesn't have a set destination either. This role play will be a long one and it will continue until we're either all dead or we come to a suitable stopping place. Now, our journey will not end after out first adventure. No, we have many many more hardships to face after that. You'll need to be ready to commit and check back in at least once a day. I understand that's hard to do for every one of us, so if you know something is coming up that will prevent you from RPing (Holidays, Vacations, School...) just notify me and I will halt our adventure until you return.

Once the limit of players is reached, that's a total of five people not including myself, we'll establish an order that we'll post in. Every time a challenge or enemy comes our way, I'll designate a difficulty level. If we face an easy foe, the problem will be resolved with minimal slip ups on the crew's part. If our foe is a medium difficulty, we will be required to make one or two mistakes in our plan when facing them. If the enemy in our path is hard, it will be hard to defeat them. Not only will our original plan fail to work in the beginning, but a few of us will be required to walk away with some injuries. We'll all take turns being injured. Those who will sustain injuries will be designated at the beginning of the conflict along with the difficulty. There will be the rare occasion when the situation we face will be impossible to overcome. This does not mean we have to lose, if we do I'll let you know. To win against an impossible enemy we'll have to give up something extremely important that will make our journey VERY hard. If you feel like it, you can also sacrifice characters at this time.

Injuries are not easily overcome in this RP. We have limited medical supplies on our ship and the situation is only slightly better in ports or villages. When you are healing from an injury you'll be handicapped or even completely immobilized. You'll also be considerably weaker in fights, it does't matter how tough your character is. I'll inform you of when you're officially better, if you feel that your character would recover quicker than I think, just PM me and we can decide when they return to full strength.

Just like in the real world, every crew member has their job. If you neglect your job something will go wrong and we'll have to fix the problem. This means, that if in a dangerous situation and you abandon your post to help someone else, you'll cause another problem to solve. The player after you may determine what the problem will be and they can also make the first move to fix it. If they decide not to mention the problem I'll put it into motion.

You're allowed only two MAIN characters in this role play, however that doesn't mean others can't come into play. If you strike up a conversation, gain a partner during one of our adventures, or recruit another crew member to our cause you get to play that character. ONLY you can play this character unless you give someone else permission. Make sure to give them permission on the public thread and not in a PM. The rest of us will need to know that it's okay for someone else to play your character. There are a total of three side characters that can stick with you permanently, the amount is unlimited for temporary characters. You'll have to cover each of these characters actions and thoughts on every turn of yours. You'll also have to describe them when your main character(s) first sees them.

This is no small role play. It will take a long time to complete and bring our story to a close. Make absolutely sure that you will be willing and able to commit as frequently as possible so there are no unnecessary gaps or confusing drop outs. Also, make sure to read the rules and regs above before posting below that you will be a part of this adventure. If you will be joining us make sure to only state that you're joining. Don't describe your character below. We'll describe only appearances and a few personality traits in the beginning of our RP. The goal of this RP is to evolve into a complete story with dynamic characters and an interesting mix of events.

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