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Subscribe to this thread I have returned! created by Kafelnikov on March 9, 2016

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Kafelnikov3/9/16 7:57pm
Hi everyone!

Kafelnikov here, admin of the DK group on deviantart and author of The Wayward Astronomer.

I was a member of the old forums, way back in the day, but I just re-registered a few days ago. If you want to get in touch with me, I will be more responsive on dA, but I'll try to make a habit of sticking my head in here too on a regular basis.

David and I are running a Kickstarter campaign right now to fund the publication of my book, which will be the first official written novel set in the DK universe. The goal is to get this book into physical stores around the world, which should be a big boost for the universe as a whole.

Feel free to check out the campaign, and please consider pledging if you want to support the growth of the DK universe:

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Prometheus3/9/16 8:04pm
Hey, welcome back, Kaf! :D Glad to have an old regular back in the fold. ^^

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Kafelnikov3/9/16 9:49pm
Thanks Prometheus! How have you been?

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ZycantAlpha3/9/16 11:03pm
Welcome back, Kafelnikov!

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Koreth3/11/16 12:01am
Do I correctly recall you as the aerospace engineer guy who posted pictures & video of liquid nitrogen icecream and/or similar shenanigans on the old forums? If so, I kinda remember you.

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Ferrous3/11/16 8:43am
Welcome back and good luck on the kickstarter!

I'll be signal boosting it on the tweeter as much as I am able

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Kafelnikov3/11/16 12:57pm
That is indeed me, Koreth! Those were good times. And thanks, Ferrous!

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Prometheus3/11/16 1:06pm

Oh, I've been all right. Trying to get my will back up for writing while putting up with college. First world problems galore. XD

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AFox3/11/16 2:36pm
Congratulations on getting your Kickstarter in order.

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TalkedSpy3/11/16 7:51pm
Hey Kafe! Name's TalkedSpy, just a regular young chap who's socially awkward, yet has a lust for blood, enthusiasm, and potatoes. :3

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AFox3/11/16 9:37pm

Hello there.

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Kafelnikov3/12/16 11:43am
Hi @TalkedSpy! A pleasure to meet you. And thanks, @AFox

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CoolCoyote3/14/16 7:15pm
I like the character designs for the book. They look more like normal people (save for a living chimera tail of course :3

They dont look overly intimidating, overly fit, etc etc. They kust look like normal everday citizens about to be tossed into an adventure :)

Hope your book gets funded!

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AFox3/16/16 1:46pm
@ Kafelnikov

You're welcome, incidentally I wouldn't mind contacting you at some point in the near future, curious about a couple things.

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Kafelnikov3/16/16 2:17pm
@CoolCoyote: Thanks! I thought up the designs for the characters, but David did a tremendously good job bringing everything to life with his art style. I hope you will consider supporting the campaign, or at the very least spreading the word!

@AFox: Feel free to reach out to me anytime. Sending me a note on deviantart is probably your best bet.

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