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Subscribe to this thread Wisp created by MrAerospace on February 16, 2013

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JudasScorpioDeMazier7/5/15 9:14pm
Get out. I don't like opinions here. :P

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NatChon7/5/15 10:39pm
Wisp is way better than ravat. Also, really quick jump back to what was the inspiration for her. Raven from teen titans. Almost the exact same powers. Can fly, can pass through things, can avoid getting hurt by letting it pass through her sorta. Can anyone else see the resemblance between characters. Also, I think that she may be Paige's older sister. The two and their mother are home when someone comes up to the door, mom answers and gets killed. The two, reacting how they were taught, flee the house in search for help. They get separated, Paige is found and taken home to find her mother dead on the floor, she is then taken to the orphanage to hopefully get adopted. Wisp, on the other hand, continues to look for Paige to no avail ends up depressed and she begins to brake down mentally, the only way to keep them in check is to manifest them into a lookalike made to suppress that emotion. Nabby finds her in the church and makes an empty promise to her in order to complete his plans for the downfall of the dreamkeepers.

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BryanDimmsdale7/6/15 8:25am
Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Wisp = Paige's older sister?

This hypothesis; I gotta create it soon! XD

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Alej7/6/15 9:16am
Wait wait wait Wisp was inspired by RAVEN?! I-I... I cant un-see it now omg. Also, that hypothesis may be true.

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NatChon7/6/15 11:26pm
Me (on walkie-talkie): mind bomb has gone off.I repeat mind bomb has gone off. Mission is successful.

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Alej7/7/15 4:47pm
Wisp is... I can't find a better word for her besides MOTHERFUCKIN BADASS

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NatChon7/7/15 10:34pm
I think you hit it right on the head.

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Kirito7/8/15 3:18am
"Badass" doesn't really do it for me. She hasn't really done anything that awesome (Comparing her to the most obvious BA character: Vi). She got her house destroyed, and failed to kill our group of kids with Big Red.

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FoxBrethren7/8/15 12:38pm
Yeah. "Certifiable" is what I would use. I don't see her as a badass yet though. She does have the potential for it though.

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NatChon7/8/15 5:16pm
She doesn't have to do something to be badass. She could be a badass in what she does. She can fly, go through solid objects, avoid harm by phasing things through her. That is what makes her badass.

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Kirito7/8/15 8:21pm
Well, using that logic, every Dreamkeeper is "badass", going off the fact they have powers. The way I see it, what we consider badass cannot be used to determine whether dreamkeepers are.

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JudasScorpioDeMazier7/11/15 3:55pm
But she can go through walls. Automatically more badass than the rest.

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NatChon7/11/15 10:06pm
Kit does have a good point. We can't use our logic on this topic because then they would all be considered badass. But she can do those things, she knows how to use it, and she can control it. Compared to other dreamkeepers, she is a badass.

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CalicoYorki7/14/15 6:38pm
What I find interesting about Wisp is her almost childlike - dare I say, even *crush*-like - devotion to Nabonidus. We've seen questionable loyalty out of every dark dreamkeeper with major screen time, except for Wisp. She idolizes Nabonidus, she's a fanatic; she doesn't follow him out of fear, or to satisfy a desire for gore or material satiation. She follows him out of what appears to be blind adoration, or perhaps even something close to love; and that is what's most dangerous about her, I think. The willingness not just to fight for Nabonidus, but to die for him (and probably take a lot of people down with her) if he asked it of her. That is scary.

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NatChon7/14/15 9:11pm
Like it was said a little while back. He took her in and raised her. She basically view's him as family.

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