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Subscribe to this thread Wisp created by MrAerospace on February 16, 2013

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Sladerin2/18/15 8:49pm
Interesting, Them killing off the children who don't know how to handle their powers. kind of a dark turn when you think about it.

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crazyhead422/18/15 8:59pm
I fail to see how this is a "turn".

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Sladerin2/18/15 9:01pm
Yeah you're right, i was re-thinking that.

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JudasScorpioDeMazier2/19/15 9:33am
That's actually interesting, although I like to think that instead of going to an orphanage, that Wisp was seen to be too unstable to be in such an environment, she had to be sent to, well, probably a home for the mentally inept.

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crazyhead422/19/15 9:37am
But if Wisp /was/ sent to a home for the mentally inept, someone would have noticed her disappearance, and she wouldn't be in her current situation - the troopers would have found her and brought her home.

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Sladerin2/19/15 9:41am
Maybe thats where Nabonidus stepped in.

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JudasScorpioDeMazier2/19/15 9:52am

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crazyhead422/19/15 9:54am
... but wouldn't that be an obvious case of kidnapping?

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Kymastrider3/3/15 9:29pm
Not that its a huge spoiler, but Wisp's house gets crushed towards the end of volume 3, I cant help but feeling bad and cracking up at the same time at her expression on the last page of the comic.


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JudasScorpioDeMazier3/4/15 8:31pm
That pic is my wallpaper. I mean the original page, not that poster XD

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BryanDimmsdale3/23/15 10:28pm
Hmm, I think I found a very interesting plot twist hypothesis, and it might creep you guys out.

What if the Wisp we are seeing in GNS is not actually the real Wisp, but a delusion or a manifestation of the original Wisp who is old, comatose, and in a very powerful delusional state in some sort of Asylum?

I was able to think of this while reading these:


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ZycantAlpha3/24/15 9:05am
@crazyhead: Well, it kind of depends. Unfortunately, not all missing people are reported. Either a person just goes missing because nobody knows them or nobody really cares about their well being. Nabonidus might have taken her because he knew nobody would come looking for her when she went missing.

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Kirito3/28/15 8:22pm
I am very interested in what role Whisp will play in v4. What excites me the most is that there is a projected 15-25 volumes, which leaves so much room for character development.

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Kymastrider4/1/15 8:28pm
Wisp needs a hug lol ^^

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crazyhead424/2/15 7:21pm
NO! No touching!

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