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Subscribe to this thread Wisp created by MrAerospace on February 16, 2013

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Prometheus2/11/15 5:46pm
Drop it, Asora. If she doesn't want to type it out again, then refer back to it in that thread.

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Asora2/12/15 5:23pm
But........can I at least have a link to it?

Mod Edit: Go back to page 4, she referenced it.

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Sladerin2/18/15 2:08pm
Does anybody else think that Wisp and Paige look a bit alike. Just an odd observation

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JudasScorpioDeMazier2/18/15 4:20pm
Ooh, I never thought about that! The hair his quite comparable.

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Asora2/18/15 4:21pm
Judas on a Wisp still didn't answer my questions.

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JudasScorpioDeMazier2/18/15 4:23pm
Yeah, me on a Wisp thread. Whodathunk?

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Asora2/18/15 4:29pm
A over-reacting jerk who used to be my friend commenting on a Wisp thread, who didn't reply specifically on my questions.........that what I was thinking.

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JudasScorpioDeMazier2/18/15 4:32pm
This is not the place for this, child.

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Asora2/18/15 4:36pm
Said the guy who is so butt-hurt on forgivable mistakes, that he can't even show a bit of mercy to his ex-friend.

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Sladerin2/18/15 5:02pm
Well now that this conflict is over, shall we continue talking about Wisp.

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JudasScorpioDeMazier2/18/15 5:13pm
With pleasure, sorry about that. Seeing that you're new and all to the forum, don't worry about this.

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Sladerin2/18/15 5:19pm
They do look alike, but I don't know what their relationship would be. I was thinking Mother-Daughter but Wisp seems all to young to have had Paige, I imagine she's just about as old as the others, but i have no idea

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Prometheus2/18/15 8:18pm
Yeah, I think it's been confirmed she's around 16, so she's as old as Lilith and Bast. No way she could be Paige's mother. Sister? Oh, sure. Mother? Nope.

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Sladerin2/18/15 8:34pm
Possibly, although i don't know why she wouldn't have been sent to the orphanage with Paige

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crazyhead422/18/15 8:38pm
Maybe Wisp wasn't sent to the orphanage because she found out her power too early. Mom brings Paige and Wisp so far, hunted by someone, Wisp becomes intangible out of fear and flys off, redirecting most of the fire, Mom gets shot by someone who didn't shoot at Wisp instead, and Paige remains hidden under Mom until she gets picked up by someone who brings Wisp somewhere else to hide her power from the government.

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