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Subscribe to this thread Wisp created by MrAerospace on February 16, 2013

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Asora2/7/15 2:22pm
I don't think so. It could just be him and Wisp having met a while back, and right now in this pic, they met again, and the boy created a doll that looked liked Wisp and showed it to her, and then created one that resembled himself, so that both of them can remember each other while one is not present for the other.

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DanWithTheHat2/7/15 8:05pm
Yeah, that picture is not GNS cannon. The OC in that pic has the power to animate the dolls and Wisp is really fascinated with it, it seems.

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Asora2/8/15 10:58am
Aww, I really suspected that little boy and his relationship between him and Wisp to come into play in the GNS.........darn.

*gets disappointed*

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BryanDimmsdale2/8/15 9:14pm

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crazyhead422/8/15 9:56pm
It's too late! Dave runs the characters first prelude strips when he introduces the character in GNS. We may not get one. :( Unless...
Maybe if there's another character he has to introduce to the story before he can dare introduce her prelude? Yes, that must be it!

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Kymastrider2/8/15 10:28pm
He said in a live chat that they don't plan to do a Wisp prelude, they may give a snippet of her past in a flashback as part of a future GNS he said.

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TFeathersB2/9/15 12:37pm
I do hope we get something of her past, I really want to know how someone becomes a Dark Dreamkeeper too.

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Asora2/9/15 3:59pm
Me too. It feels like Wisp's background deserves to be released and acknowledged for everyone to know.

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BryanDimmsdale2/9/15 4:59pm
Same here. Honestly, I think she does have a very good backstory, but full of emotions and sympathy for the character. Let's hope it's not limited edition.

She reminds me of an anime character, but I can't quite point it out.

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crazyhead422/10/15 7:45pm
Not if I'm right about it. See the Evil Theory in the GNS chat (fourth page)

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BryanDimmsdale2/11/15 5:27am
For now, I won't be able able to make a hypothesis about it. So, I'll let you guys add it some more.

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Asora2/11/15 7:06am
Wait, crazyhead, if you don't mind, can you explain your theory in short?

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crazyhead422/11/15 8:42am
No. I'm not typing that atrocious thing out again.

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Asora2/11/15 4:32pm
Please? Like I requested before in the Free GNS Discussion thread?

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crazyhead422/11/15 4:59pm
... I'm not typing it out again!!!!!! MY ANSWER IS NO!

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