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Subscribe to this thread Why isn't Dreamkeepers more popular? created by dogeman on March 6, 2016

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dogeman3/6/16 9:05pm
I want to know why this series isn't more out there. This is like one of the top furry comics out there in the web. I don't get it. It's doing everything right. Is this niche just too small or something? Webcomics are a strange industry.

Hope you don't mind having this type of discussion.

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Kobalt953/6/16 10:04pm
Now that is an interesting question... I don't know, but I hope we can get there eventually.

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AFox3/7/16 1:45pm
I dunno why either, though to be fair I suspect it's gradually growing bigger and's just gathering speed in my opinion. And when the videogame is eventually made, I believe it'll become quite bigger, since indy games seem to have a good following all their own.

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dogeman3/7/16 9:58pm
Compared to other comics, this might be a tad slower but the quality more than makes up for it! The style is refined and professional. So art's not the reason for the slowness. I don't see any problems with the writing either. Perhaps it's just a lack of exposure.

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Animefan183/7/16 10:54pm
Well there this site where we can vote for dreamkeepers to be the top wecomic:

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SuperTurbo43/7/16 11:45pm
I blame obscurity. In a sea of more well-known comics, Dreamkeepers is kinda lost.

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Prometheus3/8/16 10:02am
Well, Dreamkeepers would probably be more well-received today if it started out as an animated series/movie, which was the original plan by the Lillies. But, of course, the company that they pitched to wanted to manipulate the story to fit their vision, so that plan fell through. Hence, why we now have an independently-published graphic novel.

When it's just you and your wife trying to get something out there, it takes time. Right now, word-of-mouth and website ads are their only form of advertisement. Like David has pointed out, they don't have a corporation or piles of money backing them up. They don't have connections. It's just them all by themselves, working on this. When the video game comes, that will likely draw in some more support, but that remains to be seen.

It may take a long time, but I can see Dreamkeepers being big someday. Hopefully, it will have reached the form it was meant to be in, by then. With luck, that will be sooner than later. ^^

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ezioauditore973/8/16 6:12pm
It's all a matter of perspective,but it does baffle me a fair bit as to why it isn't more popular given how deserving the series is. That having been said it's only going to get progressively better from here on out!

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BryanDimmsdale3/8/16 7:56pm
But base from my perspective, it's getting quite popular now. One cause might be the Wikia since the day it improved a lot (though, a few said it needs more improvement, which is good cause I need that), another one would be the critiques received, which is a lot as well, and the Faction Contest.

Let's be honest, how many of us cause havoc by posting so many faction memes in Dev-Art and Twitter? Honestly, that causes a lot of people to be curious of what's going on and check it out. I think it's one of those strategies that the Lillies did in order to spread Dreamkeepers' existence (Clever one you guys)

Anyways, it'll get there soon. From what I'm hearing rumors about, some people are actually talking about it now.

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AFox3/10/16 7:22pm
@ BryanDimmsdale

What people are you referring to?

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Ferrous3/11/16 9:17am
It'll get there, but it's a long way until we're a household name.

Remember folks, Internet Big isn't the same thing as Real World Big.

Now, if we do want to get things together and get the word out, I think that's where we, the readers are going to have to come in. Volunteer army has some good stuff going on, but we need people to actually execute on it.

Even then, word of mouth can be huge. Recommend the series to your friends and strange relatives. Will everyone who reads the comic for the first time enjoy it? Maybe, maybe not. But the best way to make this popular is to get it in front of people.

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BryanDimmsdale3/12/16 11:15pm

People on the internet, new readers who are posting on youtube, mostly V1 to V3. In mmo videogames, some talk about it, but I kinda forgot who they are tho.

I'm surprised a few of my friends know it too by asking them for the first time.


Did Dave try asking if they can sponsor their book through "Fully Book"? Some books I haven't read of before and pick them randomly are from Fully Book, and oh boy, that's where I find some of the graphic novels, novels, and other fiction books that are really good and rarely even heard of that much.

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Prometheus3/13/16 8:25pm

I did see somewhere of plans to put the book in retail in some bookstore chain. Can't remember which one. It might have been in Chatwing this past Thursday.

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Ferrous3/14/16 9:43am

That'd be a thing.

One thing I'm going to do with the copy of Volume 1 I got from the faction war is to donate it to my local library. They have a pretty big graphic novel section.

If anyone is inclined to do the same, I'd encourage you to do so.

But! I'd be careful to only donate Volume 1 and perhaps Volume 2. The idea is to get people interested in Dreamkeepers, so hopefully they come to the site and spend moneys.

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AFox3/16/16 1:49pm
@ Ferrous

My library doesn't have a graphic novel section, but most of theirs are in the Young Adult section...I was actually planning to purchase copies of the whole series and donate them at some point, but perhaps I could just do 1 and 2 like you, there might be more around here, maybe I can see if they take donations of comics as well.

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