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Subscribe to this thread Dreamkeeper crossovers created by AFox on March 6, 2016

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AlcorTheMonkey4/25/16 7:27am

"Dreamkeepers x fallout series"

Well Preston Garvey will make sure Mace remembers to help that settlement he marked on his map

"DreamKeepers x zelda series"

Oh this a must happen, The lore from both series is so awesome it can blend almost perfectly, not to mention, Link has already traveled between dimensions through the series

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AFox4/30/16 12:46pm
*At Joeden* Hmm, some of those sound pretty good, especially One Piece, Fallout and Star Wars.

On a more general note, check out this forum I made in the Battleborn Forums, I made a theoretical description of Paige from Dreamkeepers as a playable character...admittedly I took a few creative liberties with the character, but I'm hoping they still fit her reasonably well, anyways, take a look if you wish to

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PrototypeBast5/7/16 8:42pm
Star Wars......(Imagines Vi pummeling Stormtroopers with a baton.)

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AFox5/8/16 12:21pm

What about rebel Mace?

And Heaven help us all if Namah can use the force...

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PrototypeBast5/22/16 4:40pm
Namah is really a dark jedi,lord knows she can't control herself.
Mace could be a hotshot rebel pilot so long as he has a droid version of whip.
and speaking of stormtroopers how about Woods,Damon,and Bill as three dysfunctional troopers who keep showing up?

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PrototypeBast5/22/16 4:43pm
how about DOOMkeepers it is definitely an AU.

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AFox5/24/16 5:25pm

She'd be even worse than Sidious by the time she was done.
And I can see that.

As in the recent DOOM game?

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PrototypeBast5/26/16 10:21am
Yes as in the recent DOOM game plus I just like saying DOOMkeepers.

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AFox5/29/16 6:17pm

And you came up with that crossover name yourself?

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PrototypeBast6/3/16 3:56pm
@AFox that a crime?

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EngineerPearl06/3/16 9:22pm
Nope, just a Nightmare.

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PrototypeBast6/7/16 5:09am
Alright I'm going to throw this out there even though I probably will get a "Your a loser"
I'm a Gumdam fan and would like to see a crossover of ANY Gundam series and Dreamkeepers.

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CJLowder6/9/16 11:46pm
Ok. I have a base idea for a Dreamkeepers crossover FanFiction and I wanted to run it by the community to see what everyone else thought about it.

A hedonist leads his pregnant wife around the known world looking for the source of unfathomable pleasure: a doorway to Heaven. Although his child is due any day, the husband sails his wife across the Alchera Sea to the lost island of Logos, where he finds the doorway in the ruins of a long-dead civilization in the form of a puzzle box.
The Lament Configuration.
On the way back to Anduruna, the husband solves the box rather quickly and unleashes The Cenobites, a group of a religious order dedicated to extreme sensual experience, whom he prepares a ritual sacrifice for in return for giving him the ultimate experience: the soul of his unborn son. However, when The Cenobites appear, he is so disgusted and disappointed by their appearance (instead of gorgeous and beautiful women they are horribly scarified creatures who's modified bodies make them appear sexless) that he gives them all insulting names: Butterball (because he is fat), Chatterbox (because of its clacking teeth), Female (unworthy of a real name) and Pinhead (because of the pins covering his head).
Suddenly, the wife goes into labor and, despite the husband half-heartedly telling her to "hold it in", gives birth to a son. But since the deal was for an unborn child, the husband tries to get out of the deal with the Cenobites and make them go away. Pinhead doesn't have it and The Cenobites grab all three of them and prepare to go back when the boat is swamped by a rogue wave. The husband and wife are found again and dragged into the Cenobites realm, while the son, safe inside a cooler, manages to wash up on the Margate District beach beside Grunns Orphanage.
Grunn names him Mace and leaves him in the nursery with a blue orphaned flying thing and the only other thing in the cooler with him: a puzzle box.

The next chapter is a run through of Dreamkeepers Chapters 1 - 12 with slight variations in that scenes are included with Mace interacting with the puzzle box, which he gets very close to solving but is always interrupted and loses his place. When they are safe with the Troika, Mace finally solves the puzzle box and summons The Cenobites. The rest...idk...I don't know where to take it from there aside from Mace is running from the Cenobites who want him to come back with them. Where do you think it should go?

A few things though...
Dreamkeepers character changes will be few if any, but there will be pairings, namely Namah x Mace.
As for The Cenobites: Pinhead and Chatterer will not have any major changes; Butterball will only be different in that he is much more definitively obese and fat; and the Female looks more akin to a demonic Rainbow Dash than the traditional Female. There is also a fifth Cenobite used to hunt Mace based on the Kyubbi from Naruto.
Trigger warning for blood and gore, heavy violence, sadistic and disgustingly detailed imagery, foul language, sexuality and nudity.
Planned to be at least novella length.

Help please! Ideas or references or advice or suggestions are GREATLY APPRECIATED!

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PrototypeBast6/10/16 5:13pm
I have an idea on how most of these crossovers can start.

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Denizen536/12/16 8:51pm

That sounds particularly out of character for both of them. On Mace's part, the blunt chastisement is a little out of left field (he would have at least bee quieter or more subtle about it), and on Whip's part because he's literate. He just can't talk.

If we're going to put a definite cause on it, I think it would be reasonable to blame an ancient artifact of some sort. Maybe it's a sword that cuts between worlds. Maybe it's a gateway that leads from here to everywhere else. Maybe it's a whirlpool that pulls anything that sails into it into other waters. Maybe it's a golf hole that serves as the inexplicable only entrance to another world.

If we're going to go with the sci-fi method of things, it could be, again, a gateway. It could be a gun that shoots portals. It could be a ship that vanished from a dry dock miles beneath the surface. Maybe it's a bomb that should 'store' things, but it actually puts them in a different dimension.

And honestly, there are much more better things to say when teleported out of your very reality by a freak accident rather than some variation of 'you idiot'.

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