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Subscribe to this thread Dreamkeeper crossovers created by AFox on March 6, 2016

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AFox3/11/16 7:44pm

I dunno...what kind of computer does it require, and how big is it?

Also, what do you think of the Borderlands question I have above?

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PrototypeBast3/11/16 8:26pm
To start off I recommend the VERY FIRST StarCraft Battle chest, It has the first three campaigns on one disk an expansion set on the second disk, strategy guides for both disk and a booklet which has info on all the races.
As for the Borderlands Crossover, Knock yourself out.
I don't know enough about Borderlands to have a strong opinion.

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AFox3/11/16 9:46pm

Huh...and again, how big is it? I do all my computer gaming on a laptop, and that's got quite limited space.
Huh, just curious as Handsome Jack is one of my favorite villains.

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PrototypeBast3/11/16 10:10pm
The game was made in 1997-98 and has been upgraded for a modern OS,The original StarCraft Should not take up too many gigs.If you need more research try

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PrototypeBast3/14/16 2:38pm
Do you think Vi would make a great Assassin?
I'm asking because I have the hots for her and there are not nearly enough female Assassin's

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AFox3/16/16 1:47pm
@ PrototypeBast

Hmm, alright, I'll go take a look into it in a bit...anyways, what about Gravity Falls? What do you suppose would happen if Bill Cipher started to menace the Dreamkeepers and Nightmares?

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Prometheus3/16/16 4:04pm

Hard to say, really. Assassin's of AC logic are trained in stealth and careful planning and traditionally use their trademark wrist blade and other melee weapons. Later generations conform to using firearms. Vi comes across as a gun-centric heavy hitter, so stealth and melee weapons longer than a combat knife would not be some of her traits. Then again, she can don disguises, is athletic and can hide specific devices like grenades in her attire.

It's a fun thought to kick around. I could see Bobby or Bast being assassins. Especially Bast, since he can climb around pretty good and is pretty anti-social like Altair or Connor.

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AFox3/17/16 9:46am
@ Prometheus

Hmm, fair assesment of the Assassin issue...and Vi doesn't strike me as the sneaking type, the Indigos I could doing that, preforming stealth anyways, but not Vi.
Also, what's your opinion on the Bill Cipher issue?

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PrototypeBast4/9/16 3:51pm
Anybody have any other Crossover ideas?

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CJLowder4/17/16 5:52pm
How about something obvious like A Nightmare on Elm Street? Freddy Krueger with his Mortal Kombat powers vs. Dreamkeepers and their own powers.

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WiseOwlReader4/18/16 1:33pm
I've got a DreamkeepersxNaruto idea brewing. I'm still working out the details of the story. I have to develop a frame first than launch from there.

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Filzar4/18/16 2:54pm
Dreamkeepers x Real World
Same univers , same History , not same species .
I wish to know what kind of dreamkeeper Hitler would be lol .

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PrototypeBast4/22/16 3:14pm
I like I like.......

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AlcorTheMonkey4/24/16 8:21pm
DreamKeepers VS Capcom XD?
Oh come on, Just imagine Scinter VS Mega man, I would pay gold to see that...or Grunn VS Mike Haggar... haha

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joeden4/24/16 10:01pm
People you are missing gold ideas here...

Dreamkeepers x wow
Dreamkeepers x warhammer fantasy/40k
Dreamkeepers x one piece
Dreamkeepers x fallout series
Dreamkeepers x skyrim
Dreamkeepers x Zelda
Dreamkeepers x assassination classroom
Dreamkeepers x anything Disney
Dreamkeepers x lord of the rings
Dreamkeepers x Star Wars
Dreamkeepers x Harry Potter

So what you think?

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