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Subscribe to this thread Dreamkeeper crossovers created by AFox on March 6, 2016

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AFox3/6/16 8:05pm
C'mon! What kind of crossovers can you imagine? Be they serious or just plain goofy.

Two I myself have recently thought of are DreamkeepersXBorderlands and DreamkeepersXBattleborn. The former because Borderlands is my favorite videogame series, and it just tickles my funnybone to imagine the Pandorans wreaking havoc in Anduruna, plus the inevitable meeting/mayhem spree of Namah and Tiny Tina.

The latter I enjoy because the Nightmares and the Varelsi remind me of both, and I like the idea of them teaming up...while the Battleborn team up with Troika, and such awesomeness is produced that no world shall ever be the same again!

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Prometheus3/6/16 8:12pm
Oooooh, crossovers. Such a dangerous plural word. XP

Well, one notorious crossover of mine is Dreamkeepers, Metal Gear Solid, and Assassin's Creed. Though, it would be more fair to call Assassin's Creed and MGS in this instance "inspirations". I've thrown concepts of the two franchises into my recent fanfictions, but they aren't directly tied into the franchises' canons in any way.

That's all I got atm. XD

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AFox3/6/16 8:14pm
@ Prometheus

Nice one...I'm not as fond of Assassin's Creed, on account of how I've played little of it, but Metal Gear Solid is a series I'm more familiar with and enjoy...I wonder about how screwed the Nightmares would be if Snake went after them.

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Prometheus3/6/16 8:22pm

Well, I based my recent story around Big Boss and his private army. I'll be scrapping the story soon and rewriting it with a more Modern Warfare atmosphere to it, but keeping the MGS and AC vibes there.

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AFox3/6/16 8:29pm
@ Prometheus

Ohh I see...will the rewrite include the more modern Metal Gear games? And Solid Snake within them?

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Kobalt953/6/16 10:00pm

Hey there! Does my icon look familiar from DeviantART? I didn't know you joined the forums. XD

My crossover ideas include Dreamkeepers and Marvel comics, DC Comics, or yes, just like Prometheus, Metal Gear Solid. (But you know that already, don't you? XP )


Ok for real here- I had a feeling that you based Aizer Pulse's army off of MSF (or Diamond Dogs)! I guess I got that one right. I also think that AC would work great with Dreamkeepers.

And if any of you are interested in the subject, I am actually planning out and writing a rather large crossover fanfic between Dreamkeepers and Metal Gear Solid- taking place during Peace Walker and The Phantom Pain specifically, albeit with some new elements added. :)

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AFox3/7/16 1:44pm

Hehheh, yep, it might as well have had it for a face in this case.

Well I do, but Prometheus didn't.

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BryanDimmsdale3/8/16 7:57pm
How bout:

Dreamkeepers X Zootopia?

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AFox3/10/16 4:27pm
@ BryanDimmsdale

Alright idea, though I haven't seen Zootopia.

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Animefan183/10/16 9:49pm
rick and morty x dreamkeepers

enjoy the thought

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AFox3/11/16 12:45pm
@ Animefan18


Seriously, I'd love to see that happen, especially if this also means Krombopolis Micheal shows up in it.

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AFox3/11/16 12:54pm
Also, concerning Borderlands, about how big a threat do you suppose Handsome Jack would pose if he wound up in Anduruna? My personal guess is that he'd be a big one, especially if he built a means to drag Hyperion assets there, whether or not he'd align with the Nightmares (which could go either way since on one hand he may be crazy but he's not obsessed with killing everyone, or he could believe they can help his goals but plans on either killing or subjugating them afterwards) I don't know.

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PrototypeBast3/11/16 3:23pm
What about a secret Troika alliance with the Protoss from StarCraft.

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AFox3/11/16 6:55pm
@ PrototypeBast

Who are the Protoss?

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PrototypeBast3/11/16 7:36pm
StarCraft! Go buy it!

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