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Javelin6/23/16 1:40pm
Javelin was thinking "Hm starfall mountain and a ton of enemies storming the mountains aye" and spoke "lets just hope it isn't too late" then stood up and said "Guranzera is here to the end" and then a few other leaders joined in as well...

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joeden6/25/16 6:55am
As the volunteers got ready, keepers opened the portals to the mountain side allowing passage to the mountain refuge. Stepping through the Portal Jessica and Ollow where hit with a cold blast of Mountain air. Jessica quickly found the leader of the refugees and began organizing a defense. The up side to this was the blizzard provided protection against any aerial assault but made it harder to see the enemy from a distance. As they got people out through the portal keepers got into their trenches and readied themselves for the battle. Ollow leaning up against the wall of the trench waited for the fight to begin.

"I'm getting mixed heat signals up ahead sir!" A Joeden trooper said, as the legion of ten thousand marched through the snowy mountain. Thanks to the material of their armor they did not feel the cold. The Commanding officer nodded as he gave orders to the legion of the comms, "We found our target boys head north by north east and be prepared for a fight!" As the legion turned they began their march towards the refuge.

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Javelin7/5/16 7:06am
As Javelin and Brusilov and half of Guranzera behind them were marching to where the portal is, Javelin spotted Sohcahtoa being treated by a doctor on his way to the portal and they all made they're way to the portal they saw the injured and suffering from their non-empathetic state of mind and in the heart of Guranzera and other organizations will ease the pain off of everyone around here by reuniting them with there loved ones in star fall mountain Javelin was eager to enter the portal and get started but then Brusilov handed Javelin his little box that use to contain his green crest ring and said "it'll be ok" Javelin responded plainly "I know" and as they saw themselves threw the portal on there way to star fall the thoughts of whats at stake immediately escaped them and the only thing that fueled them was Barbaric hatred for the Joedens as they alined them selves with the others that are safe and normal with there thoughts and physiology and they waited for further orders.

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joeden7/6/16 9:04pm
Jessica saw the outline of the Joeden troops through the storm, grabbing her radio she said, "here they come. If you can use your power do so but basic elemental attacks like fire electricity won't affect them their armor is built to resist it. So aim for their footing to knock them off balance if you can use fire or water. Your orders are simple hold the line and kill them all. They won't show you any mercy so don't give them any in turn." As Jessica finished she heard the clicks of springers reading as she lit her halo. Magma forming in her hands she began chucking them at the Joedens below. Springer shots quickly followed.

The Joeden legion was taken by surprise as magma flew at them taking many shots as the magma bolts hit their marks or the ground and exploded. Screams arose as the magma burned through armor flesh and bone, commander Jartok snarling yelled, Charge! Charge! Charge!" As the legion took charge springer rounds flew into the legion dropping more men, but far less then what was fired. As they made their approach more powers started hitting the legion and the ground beneath became treacherous. This barely stopped the legion as Jartok took the lead only to be dropped by a high velocity magma round. The Joedens returned fire dropping a fox acting to brave another keeper's skull was melted to goo as he was to slow to get down. Finally the Joedens made the first trench, Ollow rose to greet them with his hammer, dropping every one that dropped in near him. With a bone shattering crunch. Jessica took cover while continuing fire and swiping at nearby attackers. Other parts held firm against the attacks while some were slaughtered. As for Javelin's section the Joedens quickly turned the fight into a bloody brawl. The Joedens seemed to be more overly geared for close qauter fighting. Beside Javelin a Joeden was using a hatchet to butcher a keeper as the rest of the area became a brawl. One Joeden swung a two handed battle axe killing with each blow. What made things worse was he was using the axe one handed and a pistol in the other. Looking over and seeing Javelin he yelled, "Javelin buddy! I'll save you!" He then began his charge cutting down another keeper along the way. What the Joeden ment by save wasn't what people would consider save as more overly kill.

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Javelin7/8/16 10:55am
Javelin with his adrenaline power active of his orange halo was using his heavy spear Gatling to block the blows from a incoming axe and with his weapon on pile bunker mode, when the axe came vertical at him he quickly tilted the spear driver to the left into a gap in the joedens left leg and fired the spear wedging through the Joedens flesh and severing his leg bone from his torso and the Joeden let out in pain as he felt the harsh cold and the spear coming out the other side of his leg and the Joeden fell to a kneeling postion on his right leg and Javelin retracted the spear and whacked the Joeden hard with the right side of his Spear Gatling and the Joeden fell turning and fell on his stomach and slowly got up and tried to slowly crawl away from Javelin and Javelin slowly pursued him and stopped him with his right foot on his left leg and positioned his Spear driver between his head and body and fired the spear going through his spine and neck and finally coming out the other side with his blood on Javelins helmet not knowing the contagion the blood will cause him if it was exposed to him, most of Guranzera adapted to the situation and helped gun users keep their distances from the Joedens and Brusilov faired in the fight with the weapons he held.

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joeden7/8/16 5:56pm
As Javelin took out the Joeden shots rang across him as more Joedens made it into the trench. Joedens dropped into the trench firing weapons and dropping anyone they could. Another Joeden charged for Javelin only to be dropped by a large hammer; Ollow appeared near Javelin huffing before dropping another trooper that dropped into the trench. Explosions could be heard along the trench lines as metal ships flew over head. A explosion rang out behind them sending debris flying into the trench, knocking Javelin and Ollow off their feet burying them.

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Javelin7/11/16 7:56pm
Javelin sat up and shoved the snow off of himself and looked around at the continuious fight that is steadily getting worse Javelin looked over to Ollow and responded "lets move we have to secure what ever ground we can and hold it!" and stands up resumeing looking around for combat amongst the others.

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joeden7/12/16 8:57pm
(thanks, Just don't control my characters. you can control the NPC Joedens all you want.

Ollow removing the snow coughed and said, "Right." Standing up Ollow swung his hammer taking out three more Joedens coming over the trench. Ramming his shoulder into a Joeden he forced him against the wall of the trench before bashing his head in with the staff of his hammer. He grabbed another by the neck forcing him to the ground before stomping on him to death. Turning to see another Joeden wearing the common black armor turned to look at Ollow on his left Shoulder was a red shoulder pad. The armor also bore other marks of an Officer his right gauntlet was silver with a computer on it. He also wore a katana sheath on his back and had a pistol and katana in hand.

Quickly using his communications device he quickly said, "I've found Commander Ollow Hellsing's double my position 58x 195Y! All forces make sure the priority target doesn't make it out!" As he finished the ground trembled as more and more Joedens showed up slaughtering everyone they came across regardless of casualties.

Ollow Said, "I don't think we can hold much longer! DUCK!!!" Ollow grabbed Javelin by the neck and yanked him down as a round of bolter shots flew over.

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Javelin7/16/16 7:59pm
Javelin made a snow ball and threw it out the trench "Bastards!" He yelled as he was laying their something caught his mind as he was touching the snow and thought of something that may or may not work and murmured to Ollow "We need... We need an... Avalanche To push them back... Or to at least so them down..." Javelin activated his outdated comms device on his helmet to radio Brusilov and Guranzera forces to spread the word to the other leaders "This is Javelin to all squads we need to cause an avalanche to hold back the hostiles! does anyone copy! I repeat we need to cause an avalanche! right now we need to inform everyone to pass it on!" Brusilov voiced back "we copy, passing on!"

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joeden7/17/16 10:04am
As Javelin passed out his orders, screams were heard as bombers flattened the main complex. Jessica was then heard on the radio, "We've lost our exit, all forces are to pull back to the mountains to our north. We'll provide cover fire for everyone to start pulling back." As she finished the full scope of the situation was seen the first of the three trenches was overrun and Joedens were pouring into the second trench.

Ollow huffed as he took out two more Joedens before falling to his knees as his halo disappeared. His hammer became too heavy for him to lift without his super strength let alone the exhaustion. He grabbed a pistol from a dead Joeden and fired it at a Joeden who dropped his hatchet into his shoulder before falling over dead. Ollow removing the hatchet crawled back and said, "We got to get out of here now! gather anyone you can we'll make a break for it before they flank us!"

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Javelin7/21/16 8:42pm
Javelin got up and replied to Ollow "yes" Javelin spotted a miner injured Troika member and a CCA Shock trooper tackled by a Joeden, Javelin ran to their aid and heavily swung his heavy spear launcher hitting the Joeden in the head making him roll off of the CCA Shock Trooper, Javelin said to the shock trooper "are you ok!?" Giving him a hand up, the trooper replied "I'll manage! thanks!" and as the shock got up so did the Joeden as he grabbed his rifle on the ground and readied it and aimed at Javelin, Javelin raised his heavy spear gun covering most of his torso and charged at him, the Joeden fired striking Javelins heavy spear gun burning holes damaging the pressurized system only leaving Javelin's weapon with the hydraulic system and the pile bunker mode making penetration less effective then lowered his heavy spear pile bunker gun to the neck area Javelin activated the pile bunker mode and rammed the spear into the Joedens neck pinning him to the wall Javelin looked slowly looked at the bottom left of his chest and realized he was shot, and the shock trooper with the Troika member on his shoulder and with his pistol said "we're falling back!, come on!" Javelin replied "hold on... its this way..." Pointing towards Ollow location and to fall back together "alright then!" The trooper replied I slowly followed behind the two and Javelin covering his wound with his left hand and dragging his damaged heavy spear gun with his right hand trying to keep up, and more Joedens weren't far behind them as they reached Ollow.

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joeden9/3/16 7:19am
Ollow managed to pull himself off the ground and shot his pistol at another oncoming Joeden. Seeing Javelin and the two others come he said, "This way quickly!" He began moving forwards as screams manifested behind him with metal tinks. Looking back Ollow saw a sentinel the body of giant armor crushed keepers down the line moving forwards. Ollow shouted back, quickly lets move!" Ollow made his way down the trench and out, while taking shots at Joedens along the way.

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Javelin9/3/16 10:26pm
Javelin watches the back of the shock trooper carrying the wounded Troika combatant while being lead by Ollow, Javelin followed through the trench, the snow was turning red and fried sizzling wounds on corpses of Dream Keepers and Joedens, the contagious Joeden blood was dripping down Javelin's helmet and into his right eye helmet visor, a drop of Joeden blood dipped into his right eye, Javelin immediately flinched and fell on one knee rapidly blinking and looking around with both eyes, he quickly toke off his helmet with his left hand and tried to rub off the Joeden blood drop out of his right eye, but didn't help, and lost Ollow and the other two for a moment then lost his focus and was left hollowed for a few crucial seconds as the 4 Joeden soldiers closed in, then suddenly Javelin thought of Sohcahtoa and Velstadt, he open his eyes wide and the thought of the memories they all shared and quickly fueled him to keep moving, there for he quickly wiped the Joeden blood off of his helmet with his right hand only leaving red rust on it, the Joedens spotted him and readied to fire, he gripped his heavy spear gatling with his right hand yanked it onto his back, Javelin spotted a 3 Sparkler grenades strapped next to a dead CCA shock trooper, he boosted himself off the ground with his left hand,he snatched the strapped sparklers, he powered through the trench as Joeden soldiers were firing upon Javelin then he put on his helmet, two lasers hit Javelin's Heavy spear gun damaging it further and was struck by a laser on his back right leg and Javelin snarled in pain heavily and was reduced to speed marching, Javelin whips the strapped sparklers behind him and while he was holding one of the pins as it separated from one of the sparklers Javelin also sees the foot prints in the snow and follows on ahead as the sparklers explode and leave the 4 perusing Joedens in disarray, as Javelin is nearing to Ollow and the other two location, his contagious right eye slowly began to hurt and Javelin slowly began to get sick as he finally caught up with the group.

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joeden9/27/16 10:11pm
The Helmets of the Joedens protect them from the sparklers having little, effect which leads them to chase after only to be hit by a score of Molten lava that sprinkles the field forcing the Joeden force to stop their assault and seek cover.

Ollow noticing a nearby cave in the dip of the mountain shouted back to the others, "Let's take cover in the cave quick!" He began to hobble his way towards the cave.

Jessica crawled in the snow grunting as she saw her friends dying around her, she'd sent up a lava barrage to buy everyone cover but a stray shot severed her arm forcing her to stop her cover fire. thankfully the wound, self-cauterized or she'd be dead in the snow, she heard footsteps in the snow as troops approached and took aim ending her in the snow. "Primary target Jessica Hellsing has been dealt with. Target Ollow has escaped but is gravely wounded search parties have been sent to find him, as we proceed to head for their main forces." The tall trooper said into the intercom section as another voice replied, "Good work commander Thronx continue on; tell the search parties i want my uncle's double to be found and killed as soon as possible." Thronx replied, "Yes sir."

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Javelin10/20/16 3:54pm
Javelin covering his right eye, turned his head looking Joedens were caught in the frey by a brave Dream keeper repeling the Joedens with her power only to get gunned down by the Joedens, he looked away in dispair, he looked back towards Ollow and the others headed inside a cave, he tried to catch up in his harsh aching condition and walked quickly for the cave to catch up with Ollow and the others as he was reaching the entrance.


Brusilov and Guranzera forces did their best to help acting as the cannon fodder while the other forces fell back as they toke some shots at the Joedens as they fleed waiting for further instructions, Brusilov activates his power of optical tether woshed out of his spinal vertebrae and his under hand veins whipping at a group of Joedens doing no harm to them do to their armor but to grapple or repel them to distract them but the avail didn't last long and the Joedens toke the advance further Brusilov toke a shot to the shoulder and used his left arm as a shield taking several shots to his arm exposing flash and bone grunting in pain retracting both optical under hand vein whips, he covered his left arm, he sees that the other forces with less threatening losses falling back successfully and ordered Guranzera forces to fall back as well, and turned to flee taking 2 more shots to his back retracting his optical vertebrae tether, as he was running for it a few power active dream keepers and Guranzerians used their powers to assist Brusilov's escape but has has little affect on the Joedens, Brusilov hollered "much appreciated!"

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