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joeden5/22/16 5:50pm
Ollow was suddenly tackled as a Joeden came from around the corner, he aimed his blaster at the two brothers. He fell forwards as a Dagger was planted in the back of his neck, as Jessica a fox dragon hybrid came forwards. She went to her cousins helping Ollow get Jamie on his back asking, "Ollow what happened where's Victoria and the kid?" Ollow coughing replied, "Dead I think there's another Victoria she stabbed Jamie and I was barely able to hold off Jaiden I think it was him.

"What!?! that doesn't make sense! Anyways get through the portal quickly! you two too if you want to live!" Just as she opened a portal shots rang about missing as Joeden troops advanced yelling there they are kill them! Jessica grabbing the dead trooper went through the portal closing it after the five keepers made it through.

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Javelin5/22/16 6:13pm
And as we went in we were fatigued wondering what was on the other side hoping their would be answers waiting as to what is happening and what the hostle alien race is on about.

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joeden5/22/16 6:57pm
coming through the portal a they ended up what looked like a military bunker filled with wounded keepers Jessica yelled for a Doctor who grabbed Jamie and rushed him to the nearest emergency room as Ollow slumped down against a wall holding his head. Jessica cleared her eyes as keepers dressed in what looked like a shock armor along with Troika moved about.

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Javelin5/28/16 12:52pm
As both Sebastian and Sohcatoa pulled out of their and into shelter we're Sohcahtoa collapsed on her right knee Sebastian holds Soh up and carries her in his arms with her holding on tight both with mere relief and he wondered about looking for a nurse but to no avail the staff seemed to be busy and was tired so he decided to find a place to sit on the floor with his love resting on his thy with his his right arm around her neck and Sebastian sitting their depressed and exhausted and thinking about today until it reminded him about the Green Crest ring and quickly checked his pockets with his left hand for the box and opened to find it was gone disappointed and dropped the little box on the floor and with his head down and with bitter tears gradually turning to fueled silent anger flowing through his vain's, down in his deep thoughts with negative spirituallity corrupting him slowly and slightly deforming his facial appearing with darkened wrinkles and rings around his eyes and responded "No... No!" And grabbed the little box and through it to the floor in front of him and it landed near Sebastian's Tetrapod friend Valstadt (Brusilov) and Valstadt responded "Sebastian, Sohcahtoa", Sebastain responded Va-Valsadt!... With his eyes wide, Valstadt picked up the little box and approached Sebastian and Sohcahtoa and replied "I'm grateful you two made it back & is Soh going to be ok?..." Sebastian replied "yes it must be a fever & you are to good for death old friend" they both chuckled and Sebastian asked what is their left of Gruranzera? Brusilov answered a several squads but they're adapting to the hell that came from space, "space?!" Sebastian replied Valstadt conitinued yeah space!, but some squad mates are exceeding the amount of mental illness they can handle, Sebastian replied "we have to do are jobs and assist how ever we can Valstadt replied "yes indeed, but first I've recovered both of your equipment before I fled from the Margate district" Sebastian replied "good" after a while a nurse finally attended them and reassured him that she will take care of her and so Valstadt lead Sebastian to his equipment and stored it in a trash can in a separate trash bag so they both opened up the trash door and it all came out with his heavy bleed resistant trench coat (does not protect a lot against physical dart rounds but prevents the wearer from bleeding out), the Banner of squad leader Javelin, his heavy spear weapon and as well as Sohcahtoa's short nose pistol and Medical and equipment as well as wardrobe Sebastian responded with a smile " I appreciate it Valstadt" Valstadt smiled and replied "you bet"

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joeden5/28/16 7:20pm
Jessica opened the last portal bringing in what was left of the civilians and Shocks from Kittim. She got there just in time as the bombardment began, coming over to see Sebastian and Valstadt She said, "We're gathering what's left of the Shocks, the Anduruna Crusaders, Troika and the rest with our organization to discuss what to do next any of you the leader of your group or can you tell them to meet us in the conference room down the hall." As Jessica waited for a response, the staff got the injured in most critically injured received treatment first.

Many assured the newcomers they were safe as they were in a bunker under a fortress deep inside a mountain.

Up in the city Joeden troops collected their dead and cleaned up any surviving dreamkeepers that weren't rescued. As the Joedens had pushed through the eastern half of the city the defenders were fierce, having set up many traps. The defenders held out far better then the rest of the city until the massive tanks showed up making quick work of city blocks.

In the Troika the only leader left was Scinter as the rest had perished in the assault on their base.

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Javelin5/29/16 9:24am
"I'm the leader of Guranzera" Sebastian replied "Well, I'd best be ready," Sebastian replied as he was putting on his armor, placing his Spear gatling on his back, sliding his leadership banner on his back, and holding his helmet under his arm "Valstadt can you deliver Sohcahtoa's equipment to her" Valstadt replied "of course I'll be off and you should too" Sebastian noded and turned to face Jessica "Sorry about the mess, Ms.?"

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joeden5/29/16 11:30am
Jessica nodded and said, "Alright third door to the right down the hall, I'm going to go find the rest." Jessica then left them to find the room as she gathered up the last leaders of the organizations. Gathering the last leaders she entered the meeting room to a round table filled with injured and gruffled dreamkeepers who all sat quietly as the last few seats filled. At the center of the room a eight foot tall Polar bear sat on his chair and said in a rough voice, "Once everyone is here we'll began sharing what we know."

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Javelin5/29/16 3:56pm
Sebastian then went on to the third door to the right as Jessica mentioned and when he walked in he saw a variety of organizations some he is familiar with and were silent and some looked towards him with confused and gruff led faces and so Sebastian took his seat quietly and waited for further instructions while hearing nothing but silence that is killing some of us slowly

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joeden5/29/16 8:00pm
As the Room finally filled the big bear stood and said, "We've all lost someone here today... Within the eighty seven hours an unknown enemy showed up and began laying siege to our city as it stands now *Pushes a button and the large data scroll shows an areal view of the city as it currently is.* Our city is in ruins burning to ash and we could do little to nothing to stop them. As it appears they seem to be killing everyone they come across. It seems to be the extinction of our kind is the end goal. We are currently running rescue operations to save as many keepers as we can." As the Bear stopped talking a sound of mummers rose from the crowd.

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Javelin6/4/16 11:14am
Javelin crossed his arms thinking of the brutalizing truth and couldn't grasp the fear very well but was worried of his fellow keepers and is aware of the danger of being in a narcissistic mindset and must fight his desire to live when time calls for it and in order to remain an ally in the eyes of his fellow keepers.

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joeden6/5/16 9:19am
The polar bear then stated, "In order to survive we're going to continue rescue operations and lay low until they believe us dead and hopefully leave. We're also going to have to put on a good show for them as well for them to believe that we're all dead."
There where some protests to this many wanting to fight and win to force the Joedens off the Dreamworld. The Polar bear asked, "How do you plan to win? seventy percent or more of our kind is dead or wounded. Our technology is no where's near theirs and they don't seem to be running out of anything... So if anyone has an idea on how to beat them please we're all interested in hearing." The whole room fell silent as the situation they were in fell on them like a sack of hammers.

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Javelin6/10/16 3:22pm
Javelin thought to himself "the polar bear has a point but how can we be sure they will leave are civilization for good" Javelin raised his head looking at his peers and saw them in a silent disarray in thought and Javelin asked "when can we... move out?" He asked hesitantly and plainly hoping to end the silence that staggers his thoughts

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joeden6/10/16 7:23pm
The bear rubbed his temple at Javelin's question and replied, "We don't know, the only thing we have is a bit of hope that they will. We could be stuck here for years, maybe generations depending on what they do. From what we can tell, they only seem to have an interest in our demise. If you're right then all we can hope for is to live long enough to try for a full life time."

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Javelin6/12/16 11:17am
"Right" Javelin responded in in agreement and is thinking of a way to kill his first Joeden if it ever comes to that and an undream keeper way of executing his enemy and to walk down this path it will not make him any better then the Joedens with the shrouded reason of their invasion but will at least be doing rescue operations and may be fit for Valkyrie

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joeden6/12/16 3:34pm
As things quieted down a keeper entered the room bringing a letter with him, he handed it to the bear who read it. He looked up to the group and said, "We got about a couple hundred keepers holding out in the Starfall mountain range. they're protecting what's left of the people who live up there, around a thousand people. We can extract them but we need buy time for them to get out, so we need volunteers as these invaders have a considerable amount of troops marching on their position. It won't be long before they reach them. We already have a rescue team forming anyone who wishes to join or has anyone who would like to join, please meet Captain Jessica in the main room down the hall. I won't force or demand anyone to go on this suicide mission. The reports state they have nearly three thousand troops heading for the village and that's not including those machines of theirs."

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