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joeden3/3/16 7:39pm
Deep in space all seems quiet until the Dream world materializes with its star. Those star gazing in Anduruna panic as the stars rearrange into constellations never before seen. News channels Medias pick this up first thing in the morning going wild as scientists try to explain what had happened, as the crazies start screaming conspiracies. Some of the craziest explanations state the apocalypse and one man even stating on a news program he interrupted about the changing of the stars signaling an alien invasion. But everyone would soon know the crazy man was right on the spot.

Andromeda galaxy: planet trivipla

All of a sudden people start falling unconscious as well across the rest of the Joeden Empire. This caused a mass reaction across the empire, as many members of the anthriod race, affected by the sudden collapse are rushed to hospitals and medical bays.

As talks continue on what the problem is the brightest minds quickly find the problem, the Dream world. As the high command discussed on what to do, as the doors to the command room opened and a tall six foot seven man walked in wearing heavy armor and walked to the center of the room as the council talked. As the man came in one of the Generals at the table stood and saluted saying, “my king welcome.”

The rest of the council stood and saluted, the king stepped forwards his pale face dimmed by the lighting that came off the command table displaying the reports. His short dirt blonde hair was cut to a short brush cut as sweat had glistened his forehead, as this situation unfolded, he then said aloud, “What’s the situation? I want to know why an entire race of my citizens falls into a comma, that I’m told will kill them?” The general that saluted replies, “My lord we have found the source of the problem, *presses button bringing up 3d holographic image of the dream world* this planet doesn’t belong in our reality. Its presence is killing our people with everyone on it, upsetting the natural balance of reality. Our scientists have stated killing the people on the planet will save our people and there is a small chance. Any of the damage we do to these reality swappers will be reversed after their all dead; we speculate our people will have three months before they die.”

The king grinding his teeth said, “Have the troops been informed and is there any fleet nearby this dream world?” the General replied, “yes the troops have and Admiral Charlton is already there, he awaits your orders sir. The Heroes fleet is also on its way it will arrive in a month’s time to assist the admiral. The king pressing a button opened a window bringing up Admiral Charlton stating, “Admiral you may begin the attack, save our people.” The Admiral replied with a salute, “It will be done your majesty.”

Dream world:

As the day proceeded and life went on normally in the city for most citizens the day would soon change a buzzing sound at high altitude was heard as it passed over the city many looked up to try to see what was causing the noise. The noise got closer and closer as the people of the Ruskol district saw the weird metal ship, shaped like an arrow head it shoots red shots that blew apart chunks of the street and keeper alike causing mass panic all around. The buzzing was soon followed by more across all districts, as massive shadows swept the city as Joeden ships hovered above the city. They looked like giant nuclear submarines with thick wings near the engine spreading out three on each side. The sound of more ships larger than the single piloted attackers started to descend into the city carrying troops. The shocks retaliated with everything they had, firing artillery at the incoming hostiles blowing a few out of the sky and mobilizing en mass.

Jamie heard the panic from outside his safe house quickly getting the picture as him and his brother packed, Victoria ran upstairs to get their son who was crying, as the city went berserk. But she never came down as the building shook and parts of the ceiling collapsed. Jamie screamed as he ran up the stairs followed by his brother to find the remains of the upper part of the house burning and rubble revealing the city as dust settled. Jamie ran to Jaiden’s room as he removed the rubble he found his wife holding his son, both of whom were dead. Jamie wept nudging his wife hoping to wake her and gently shaking his son but they were both gone. Ollow who was sixteen grabbed Jamie and pulled him back saying, “We need to leave!” tears in his eyes as well. Ollow pulling Jamie away managed to get both of them out as another shot leveled the house. Both of them ran down the alley to get away from the raining death and destruction to find cover.

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joeden3/5/16 9:55pm
Ollow leading Jamie down the alley stopped when a side of a building exploded and a female keeper fell out. She tried to crawl away from the building, just as two tall figures emerged holding assault rifles and wearing black armor from head to toe. The helmet had a large visor with a guard piece at the bottom and top they quickly unloaded an energy shot into the keeper; they turned around as they heard a scream of anger, as Jamie swung his sword. Both heads clunked the ground then the knees and bodies of the decapitated soldiers, Ollow came up to Jamie and pick up one of the guns which beeped with a green light on the side of the gun. Jamie also picked up the other gun and began running, as the chaos and screams continued.

Shock trooper lines in northern Ruskol held as they flushed people through to a safer area. They took medium casualties while holding off the enemy forces; until the tanks showed up, the shocked looked at the things with no idea as to what they were. They looked like large rectangles painted silver black and red they had a second top with a 120mm guns on it. The Shocks needed no reminder to fire on it, their rifles having no effect on the tanks, got the shocks to call for heavy support, as the tanks returned fire, tearing the lines apart. The tanks then proceeded to advance with fresh troops, cutting down everyone behind them.

Norvondire's western part of the city was burning as the Joedens had landed artillery in mountains to deal with the bloody fortified buildings in the district as the shocks dealt with the Joeden forces that advanced faring slightly better then the other districts. With an abundance of underground power users emerging and inflicting causalities on Joeden forces. Until the sentinels started to rain from the sky tearing buildings apart and disorganizing Shocks and fighters alike, turning the tide in the Joedens favor. The mountain artillery was also under siege as natives who had been fighting the Joeden forces in the mountain used their powers to cripple three of the ten cannons.

Calypsa was also taking a brunt as Joeden forces slowly advanced through the lakes and marshes. They also took losses as the marshes and lakes slowed and impeded them allowing for the natives to make hit and runs.

Theophanies was on a Crusade with power cults hidden in the city revealing themselves to inflict the worst damage on all fronts. The Joedens focused large amounts of the airstrikes to soften them up to little avail, as their forces has to slog through the power wielding keepers.

the rest of the districts had seen the smoke and got the warnings and began to mobilize. Civilians where rushed to the shore and loaded on to boats and being taken to Kittim as for those who chose to stay and fight set up traps for ET to play with. The few stray ships that came to deal damage were quickly dealt with.

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Javelin3/6/16 1:39pm
Mean while near eridian river Sebastian (Javelin) Sohcahtoha (Valkyrie) were enjoying a nice romantic walk around the forest
And Sebastian with a surprise for her Sebastian speaking to Sohcahtoha " Soh you know how you always wanted a child of are own in a nice house with furnishings and two rooms 1 for you and me & the other for... children" they both slowly smile Sohcahtoha responds "you... You mean" Sebastian got on one knee and pulled out the tiny box and opened it and in it was a green crest ring and said "Sohcahtoha will you marry me!" Soh blushed & before she could say yes Sebastian was shocked when he spotted a drop-ship coming from above and a sentinel readies himself to jump and land on top of the two he tackled Soh out of the way before the sentinal crushed them the sentinal was surrounded in anti atmospheric force field and when it landed it threw Sebastian and Soh to the grass hard with Sebastian on top of Sohcahtoha acting as a shield Sebastian whispered in her ear "Soh are you ok" Soh responded "Im fine... What happened?" Sebastian replies "I don't know" as they both faced towards the sentinal they were both in shock and stunned by the anti atmospheric shield explosion when it hit the ground and suddenly the sentinal spotted both of them and readied his weapon [type] and so Sebastian grabbed Soh and placed her arm around his shoulder and quickly ran to the woods to escape from the sentinal and he placed his right arm under Soh's legs and wrapped his left arm under Soh's back while Soh was partially conscious and he peaked over his back and saw a blaster bolt burning threw the forest past Sebastians left eye in shock and as he finally faced forward Javelin saw the Eridian river and looked around for a way to cross it but to no uveal the soldiers and sentinel surrounded them and were ready to fire and so Sebastian whispered to Soh "hold your breath" and he felt Soh taking in a deep breath and jumps in the river to escape the Joedeshian sentinel and his soldiers but the Sebastian toke a blaster bolt to his left shoulder and lost his breath before he could reach the river and when he splashed in he stopped himself from taking in water but quickly struggled to reach the surface as he try's to pull up Soh with him but couldn't swim with his left arm but at least tried to grab on something with his left hand and when he grabbed on a root he tugged his body the edge of the river and used his legs to swim up ward and finally has both of their heads above water blaster fire was headed towards them, Sebastian then quickly pushed away from the edge and flouted off on his back with so grabbing on to Sebastian's chest as she laid her head as well and quickly drifted of quickly that the Joedeshian Sentinel and his soldiers presume us dead and both of us past out but the water started to slow

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joeden3/6/16 7:08pm
As Jamie and Ollow moved as they headed south into Norvondire, as they did their best to avoid contact with the enemy. But as they passed, they saw many dead keepers and Joeden alike, in their passing. They came across the odd soldier which they quickly dealt with. Then they heard it a loud explosion and looked towards their destination, to see the unassailable Sabbaton towers come crashing down. Into Calypsa near where they were as they had started running when the massive thing started coming down seeing the destruction they continued as they saw more landing ships coming with more troops. Jamie saw a wounded soldier who was on the ground with rocket launcher that looked thin with a bulk at the back and he was wounded. Jamie finished him off and picked up the device and straddling it to his shoulder he shot at one of the transports hitting it and sending it into another transport taking out two of them. Ollow then followed Jamie into another Alley and into the sewers as the battle sounded on above them. They sat at a clear dry area breathing heavy as Jamie still had tears going down his face, Ollow was rubbing his back.

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joeden3/8/16 1:14pm
As troops began to land in the outskirts of Anduruna depositing fresh troops to reinforce the already present ground forces.

On board the command ship the Generals give orders as Admiral Charlton looked over the holographic-map of Anduruna with troop positions marked in red. He gave advancement orders and ordered another wave of bombers to hit key positions in the dreamkeepers defenses. He continued too look over the map as the door opened and two wolves walked in first was commander Jaiden Hellsing. Whom stood at six feet, his fur was gray and had long black hair tied into a ponytail with red lines running the length of his hair. He wore the usual black armor of the troops but with the shoulder plates being red. His Mother had dark brown fur with a light brown surrounding it she had white fur running from under her nose down with long flowing red hair she also wore a similar set of armor only with blue markings.

Jaiden was the first to speak as he said, "Admiral what's happening?" Admiral Charlton looked up to see Jaiden and said, "Thank the lord you're awake..." He was interrupted as the holographic map took on the appearance of a destroyed building and it surroundings as a trooper said, "Admiral we found the alternate reality's corpses of General Jaiden Hellsing, and fleet technical scientist Victoria Hellsing, but no Sign of supreme Commander Jamie Hellsing."

Victoria looked shocked and outraged at the two bodies, hers and her son's who was an infant, as Jaiden said, "please explain what's going on, now." Jaiden's voice was of a cool temper that sent chills down everyone's spine as the Admiral said, "General this world has come into our existence and so long as the people remain alive on this planet our reality's people will die, our scientists have stated that once the people of this world die there will be a temporal reset so everyone we killed will go back to their reality alive." Jaiden nodded understanding what was going on and said, "I'm going to go down there and hunt for my alternate father and uncle. I'll also be taking control of the ground battle, now lets let loose the heavy armor."

Jaiden then put his hand on a hologrid and the system lit green as Charlton did the same; deep in the compounds of the ship, locking clamps unleashed as 8 massive tanks came online, these things where easily bigger then a two story house and was wider then one as well. It was well longer and had a total of seven cannons with ten turrets surrounding the tank it rumbled to life as the crews drove it into the transport ships that would deliver it to its destination.

Jaiden and Victoria had joined the honor guard as they went to the ground Jaiden giving orders from his helmet redirecting troops pulling troops out of Calpsya and to regroup. He also ordered the frontlines back to give the shocks breathing room, to bring more shocks up front and to get into a defensive positions, while ordering Snipers to mark out commanders. He ordered for sweeps in already controlled areas and for Troops to go to the artillery cannons to provide support. He told the troops in Novondire to hold fast, as the heavy armor was on its way, while redirecting the Theophanies troops to fall back and set up defensive positions and let the "Crusaders" advance into designated kill zones. He also told the squad at the ruins of the safe house to hold the position until he arrived.

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Javelin3/13/16 5:49am
While both of them drifted off for 5 min and washed off shore south of sky road near the double splitting rivers leading to Eridu Delta Sebastian finally regained consciousness to look around slowly as well as dizzy and to recover from his condition and to reassure Sohcahtoh he could feel the untreated wound on his left shoulder as he tries to get sit up with his right hand with fatigue he finaly sat up and placed his right hand and pressed two fingers in Soh's throat and he felt the pulse weakening and so Sebastian with his right hand he lifted Soh's head to preform CPR and he lifted his left arm tring to work through the pain he placed it on Soh's chest as he gives her lip to lip and after a few tries the water finally was coughed out of Soh's lungs Sebastian responded "Soh, Soh! Are you ok!"he cried Sohcahtoh responded lifting her right hand up to her cough "*Cough Cough* Im... *Cough* fine... Sebas..."
Then Sebastian Said "Listen Soh... it might not be safe to stick around here wide... open like this we have to get back to... the district" as Sebastian tried to place her left arm around his right shoulder and tries to find a way to cross the river to get to the other side to get on the route of SkyRoad to Theophanias District and so he spotted a old bridge and so the two headed over on the route to SkyRoad

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joeden3/13/16 1:40pm
As the transport landed near the safe house the Advanced guard exited first, then followed by Jaiden and Victoria hellsing. Both made their way up the ruined building to see the two troopers standing over the two bodies of Victoria and Jaiden, whom was just an infant. Victoria looked at her body avoiding the smaller one, Jaiden then said, "no sign of my uncle or my father?" both troops shook their heads one replying, "no sir we checked the area neither of their bodies are to be found, but we did locate two of our troops decapitated." Jaiden listen as the troop pointed towards the two bodies down the alley, Jaiden then gave them their orders, as he went on to the come link giving orders all over but the one that stood out was, IF YOU SEE JAMIE HELLSING'S ALTERNATE APROACH WITH EXTREME CAUTION. Jaiden followed by the Guard and his mother moved down the alley following the path they believed Jamie to have taken.


As the Shocks pulled more people up and set their positions they saw canisters flying towards them, which invoked all shock troopers to put on their gas masks. One soldier was to slow and breathed it in and blinked, an officer looked at him and he said, "it's not poison..." the officer coming to the realization yelled, "Retreat! Retreat! Retreat the gas its not poisonous it's flammable!" Troops started from their positions to retreat but it was to late a flare hit the gas igniting it and causing a mass explosion wiping out the entire shock force in the area, which was followed by a quick advance of troops and tanks.

The skyline road was littered with bodies as surviving shock troopers fought fiercely against Joeden troops. any attempt to get near the wall would be suicide.

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Javelin3/26/16 6:15pm
Mean while as Sebastian and Sohcatoh traverse 1/4 of Sky Road to setup camp and dry off after the first encounter with the Jodeshian combatants, Soh was resting along side a tree stripped of her clothes leaving bra and underwear on her while Sebastian stripped leaving his boxers and left their cloths out to dry out in the sun exposed branch and so they both waited it out sitting side by side both quietly as Sebastian was thinking of what has happened and was disappointed that he lost the grass crest ring in the forest and Soh thinking of how Sebastian proposed to her but frightened of the interruption by the Joedeshian Sentinal Sebastian face palmed as he comforted Soh talking to Soh "Soh... I lost the ring" Soh responded "Sebas it's ok... it's not your fault"
And then Sebastian responded "ok... Ill go check on are cloths" so he did responding to himself as he felt the cloths "meh I guess their good, he Soh I have you cloths they might be a bit wet but we can stay here until your ready to move on" as they both put their cloths back on Soh responded "yup I'm ready" and so they both moved on and after they have traversed 2/4 of Sky Road they discovered a stray Rhino with is mount but no carriage nor any shock Troopers insight Sebastian replied "Soh I found a Rhino we can mount it should be friendly to DK's wouldn't it" Soh replied "it's better to Try lets just take it nice and slow" Sebastian replied "ill take the lead" as they both quietly approached the creature Sebastian patted it and it turned its head and eye towards them as they both calmly mounted it and so Sebastian grabbed the rope trying to get use to it Soh replied "I think your doing it right" they both giggled calmly Sebastian responded "heh right now lets just hope it doesn't roll over and take a nap on us they both laughed Sohcatoh replied "yeah heh" Sebastian responded "hold on tight" as she wrapped her arms around his chest Sebastian yelled "Mush" as he yanked on the rope and they both road on to Theophanias district

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joeden3/27/16 1:48pm
In Ruskol Joeden forces advanced killing all in their path with the bulk of the shock troopers dead, Joeden forces took little casualties. As the first of the major tanks arrived causing panic across the field for all who saw it.

In norvondire another of these tanks showed up destroying most fortifications with little effort.

In theopines six of these tanks came rolling in destroying the Resolve of the "Crusaders and forcing a retreat even though they took out two of these tanks. They lost sixty percent of their forces doing so but they still slowed the Joeden advance.

Calypsa was a mess as the Joedens took solid ground they brought out flamers and started to burn their way across.

The sky over Anduruna filled with smoke from the fires and glowed red as the imperial ships sat inside the could liner. Anduruna was looking like hell on dreamworld as constant artillery rounds from the mountians shook the earth.

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joeden5/6/16 7:37pm
Treading through the Sewers Jaiden listened to reports from above filtered in to his headset. he kept quiet as they moved forwards having at least four bodyguards moving ahead of them, Jaiden knew that he wasn't going to enjoy this task in the slightest. Looking at his mother he could tell the same was true for her as well, this would probably hit her harder as to their history together.
As the six of them moved down the tunnel path they came upon the remains of a keeper, who when examined by one of the guards had committed suicide. They also found four others all falling to the same fate and one check around the area found a keeper who was too scared to go through with the act. They quickly disposed of him before moving down through the sewers.

Ollow peaked around the corner and saw the advancing party and swore as grabbed Jamie whispering, "they're coming we got to go!" Jamie perking his ears rose with a look of pure fury on his face stood his ground. Ollow's first thought was oh no... as Jamie said aloud "NO THEY DIE HERE!"

Guns raised the Guards ran forwards with Victoria and Jaiden following in behind.

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Javelin5/21/16 7:09am
As they both road through Sky Road they felt the magnitude of the world quaking in a confused state of mind Sebastian was thinking that the attack back at Eridian River wasn't an isolated incident and that Anduruna might be in serious trouble as well, as they draw closer to Theopanies they herd gun shots and artillery

Sebastian said "Spirits we have to get back to the city to find the church their and recover are equipment lets just hope we can avoid what ever those things are, Sohcahtoa Responded let's hope Theopanies is still intact when we get there. both with overwhelming thoughts as they neared they saw a fog of war that was once a peaceful prosperace district of Anduruna both in shock as they road though it was chaos fires boke lose and fire power was being exchanged from left to right they turned and made they're way through an ally way but they couldn't avoid the fire fight so the two decided to leave behind the rhino and take the sewer system route to make they're way to the next man hole near the church

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joeden5/21/16 8:25am
A Shadowed figure slammed into the first of the four guards removing his head with a black sword. The second fell as the shadowy figure had the sword thrust up his gut, as he jumped the third guard removing the helmet and began drowning him in the sewage. The fourth Guard raised his gun to put the man down as a second figure Ollow appeared and smashed him into a wall repeatedly.

Jaiden and Victoria stood there shocked at what they saw, their elite guards dead in a matter of seconds. They only knew of two people capable of doing that so quickly. Jamie and Ollow, Jaiden pulling his sword lunged at Ollow, who jumped back confused and shocked. Ollow got over to the corpse with Jamie's sword in it and pulled it out in time to parry another sword strike. Looking at this keeper Ollow felt as if he recognized him somehow he asked, "Why are you helping them!?! You're a bloody Traitor!" Jaiden breaking the parry struck and parried again before replying, "Oh I'm no traitor I was never on your side to begin with, I'm not even from this world."

As the last of resistance died in the drowning guard and his body fell limp, Jamie stood huffing as he heard a voice he though he'd never hear again, "Jamie?" Jamie's halo disappeared as he saw Victoria standing before him. Letting go of the dead man's neck he stood up and tears formed in his eyes as he walked towards her saying, "Victoria? I thought you where dead I'm so happy....." He stopped and looked down to see a blade in his mid section held by Victoria. Looking back up he didn't have a look of anger but sadness shock and love asking, "Why?... I loved you... you where my everything..." His hand brushed the side of Victoria's face before it fell. His body fell forwards into Victoria who caught him, she was already crying as she held her fallen love's body. Ollow and Jaiden both in a parry looked at Jamie's body resting in Victoria's arms as he was still passing away, Ollow said, "that's fucked up..." Jaiden broke the parry running towards Victoria yelling, "Mom!" Ollow looked stunned as all hell as he knew who he was fighting. As Jaiden held his mother footsteps could be heard coming from behind the two of them. Ollow knew that these were reinforcements and charged the two grabbing Jamie with a scuffle and managed to pull out running down the sewer as Victoria screamed after him. His brother was still barely alive. Ollow passed through the sewers before running into a pair of Dreamkeepers. Huffing as he held Jamie over his shoulders he asked, "Who are you? Are you with them!?!" Ollow pointed the black sword at them ready to strike them down if need be.

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Javelin5/21/16 6:19pm
Sebastian and Sohcahtoa stopped and then reached and grabbed his holstered ballistic knife hidden in his tail with his right hand and gripped it without pulling it out and halted Sohcahtoa with his left arm
Sebastian respond "What! who!.." While Sebastian looked at the blade then looked the stranger in the eye and said I don't know what the deal is but we were just passing by...

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joeden5/22/16 10:37am
Ollow looked at them confused asking, "Just passing through? You do know the world is ending right!?!"

Through the sewer waters behind them footsteps splashed through the waters causing Ollow to go wide eyed as he said, "Shit they're coming! Crap... If you guys where coming from there then... This way! Its probably the only safe way left." Ollow then ran down the sewers carrying his still dying brother away from the footsteps.

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Javelin5/22/16 4:25pm
They both herd the splashing foot steps "alright, Soh lets go" as they both followed the stranger holding his injured brother Sohcatoa felt a migraine flowing in but powers through it Sebastian turned to face Soh as they ran to check on her then faced forward

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