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joeden11/6/16 4:10pm
Ollow slid down against the wall pulling out a his first aid kit and began bandaging himself. Noticing the other survivors that came with him he asked, "How worse for ware are you guys?"


As the last of the keepers fled the battle field they'd notice as a small contingent of Joeden troops came charging from their flank, opening fire. The Joedens had sent troops around to flank them trying to prevent as many from escaping as possible, as the bombers did another flyby. This would be a last stand for those that did not get away in time.

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Javelin12/15/16 11:55pm
Javelin discoordinately walked into a wall feel tissue, blood pressure and nerve damage chain linking through out his wounded body collapsing on his left side twitching his eyes weeping in agony the shock trooper laying down the troika member in the cave he then responded to Javelin "hey are you ok!?" he went to quickly inspect what was going on to Javelin by checking for his pulse and removing his rusty face plate to fined his contagiously blood leaking right eye, he turning towards Ollow and said "sir he's is suffering inflammation trauma in his right eye you need to check this out! ill tend to the other" steping back and looking to assist the wounded troika member.


Brusilov looking around as he was headed for the evac not seeing Javelin or any other keepers needlessly feeling responsible emotion got the better of him and stopped the other keepers waiting for him to get going while the others fled through a troika member tugged him to escape but then a Joedon was shot in the shoulder Brusilov was Broken from his over responsible trance then picked up the wounded Troika member then fled with the rest paniced and feeling guilty for allowing his fellow keeper to be shot

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joeden12/23/16 10:57am
Ollow crawled over to Javelin pulling out a knife he said, "this is going to hurt." Ollow with what strength he had left powered through his injuries to remove Javelin's eye. He then fell back huffing as things went dark. Just as he passed out a keeper popped in and used her power to telport everyone to safety.

"Push forwards destroy their bastion!" Jaiden yelled as Joeden forces hammered away at the mountain top bastion. Hours past as the fighting intensified, yet the keepers not all being soldiers or prepared for frozen hell fighting finally broke. it took the Joedens an hour to clean out what was left as it was seen that the Keepers managed to evacuate many others. Jaiden received the reports that half of their assault force had been killed. He walked back outside asking, "And my uncle's double?" "Not found sir." A trooper replied.

three months later.

The keepers had lost half of their numbers as they tried to holdout. Jamie's condition only worsened as did many others.

However things would only get worse as the Heroes legion arrived in the system carrying the most elite troops in the empire. The fleet began sending in troops to reinforce the troops already on the ground.

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Javelin12/31/16 2:29am
Javelin gains consciousness and slowly wakes up with pain the lasting overheated effects of his power and sees Sohcahtoa and another doctor and 4 nurses tending to his wounds with Sohcahtoa granted access to the medical room to assist the doctor applying all she knew in the medical field but was not as superior to the doctor's present, Javelin was relieved to be back by Sohcahtoa's side and stubbornly ignored and did not react to the pain and severity of his condition, in Javelins current condition Sohcahtoa felt unease about Javelin's heavy wounds.
Sohcahtoa replied "I am here with you now" the docter replied "patient has awaken, bring me a sedative" Javelin recalled his dream of the resent skirmish if he was to fall into his deep sleep again and readies himself to refuse the injection, Sebastian attempt to stop the docter poorly able to move his arm the docter replied "sir hold your arm still so I can help you the docter holding down his arm best he could until Sohcahtoa intervened and responded to Sebastian "stop fighting them Javelin" Sohcahtoa referred to his strong willed persona that he takes on, Javelin stops resisting and takes the sedative listening to Sohcahtoa in a heart beat and slowly fades off into his dreams.

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joeden1/22/17 9:40pm
Battle of the shifting Sands...

The remnant of the dreamkeepers holding out in the Diony Desert, held fast firing volleys of fire magma plasma and other shrapnel onto the advancing forces. Joeden forces returned fire as they lost a second tank after it took a shot into the dreamkeeper's strongest position. The keepers moral shaken, gathered the wounded and reinforced the position.

Their moral shattered as artillery rounds hit them from behind, taking out their hospital food supplies and barracks, They faltered as reinforcements more eager then the troops they were facing showed up and were soon overrun as they came over the front lines. There was no survivors.......


"Commander Aster Good to see you've joined the mop up." Jaiden said as he greeted the fifth division commander of the heroes legion who smirked at Jaiden's greeting and said, "just because you're my commander's son doesn't mean i won't hit you, you giddy git." Both of them laughed as they locked arms and began walking the length of the Planet's bane which sat over the burning husk of the dead city of Anduruna. Which Was still a battle field only not of Keeper verses Joeden but Nightmare Verses Joeden, which was still a raging hellhole. Joedens quickly learnt about the Nightmares and proceeded to not only kill them but kill them permanently slowly retaking the dead city block by block.

"we've cleared most of the planet and are coming close to ending this with your help we should be able to finish the job in a week and everything should revert back as if non of this ever happened." Jaiden said, as Aster replied, "Right now have you taken care of that bunker in the dunes north of the city?" Jaiden looked around shocked as Aster continued, "so you didn't know about it then? You're a little sloppy if that missed you, but they did seem to do a good job of hiding the thing. Hell we barely noticed it when we did our scouting overview."

Jaiden annoyed he missed it said, "Well I'll let you handle it as you found it, I'm going to send my men to the last standing city on the planet's southernmost hemisphere. I'll join the assault soon." Aster laughed as he said, "Very well can't wait to see you down there brother." Jaiden agreed as he looked over Aster a Turvian man in his early forties. he had dark green skin and shell like top head with two horns coming out of his jaw. "Very well then."


Ollow had mostly recovered from his wounds and used a cane to walk; however other wounds cut way deeper as he'd lost his cousin friends, even his wife Lilla and there two boys. He was well depressed and barely getting any sleep as the only thing keeping him going was the fact that his brother was still mostly alive and the need for revenge.

The end was approaching as everyone knew it, Even when the Nightmares tried to join in with the invaders, but they were instantly attacked by the Joedens and were waging their battle all over the dreamworld. Ollow seen one of the battles and knew it was only a matter of time before the Nightmares lost the battle to those war crazed Alien invaders.

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