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Subscribe to this thread Character Headcanons created by Dawonguy on February 28, 2016

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Dawonguy2/28/16 1:58pm
headcanon. Noun. (uncountable) (fandom slang) Elements and interpretations of a fictional universe accepted by an individual fan, but not found within or supported by the official canon.

For some reason, I can see Lilith playing tennis and/or Bast playing volleyball if either of them played a sport. There is nothing to support this claim, yet it seems plausible to me. (now that I think about it, I don't think there is even much mention of sports at all in DK. I thought there was something with Igrath but I can't find it.)

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AFox3/6/16 7:44pm
For some reason I often like to imagine Paige as actually being alive, albeit on Earth, resurrected somehow...the fact that the exact same headcanon has been used regarding Rorschach from Watchmen many, many times also probably has something to do with it. Still, I like the idea as it's easier to imagine crossover concepts this way.

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Prometheus3/6/16 8:16pm
I have a crack headcanon that the Dreamworld will be invaded years after the Third War by aliens; Independence Day-style.

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Prometheus3/12/16 1:29pm
Another (more believable) headcanon I have is that the Indigo's were child/teen prostitutes before they were found and brought into the Troika.

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AFox3/23/16 6:52pm
Another one which is based mostly on a gut feeling...for some reason I wonder whether or not Muliebral might be Paige's mother...just kinda came to me when reading recent preludes, like what if Muliebral gets fired and she has to break the bad news to Paige that they're in financial trouble or something to that effect.

A less serious one is, what if the Paige's dad, that he cheated on Tinsel in a one night stand with some other woman and Paige was the result. It'd certainly make her jealousy towards Lilith become a bit awkward.

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Dawonguy3/25/16 8:04am
While on the subject of potential parent-child relationships, Nainso strikes me as someone who could be Mace's father.

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Prometheus3/25/16 10:00am

I could see that. Nainso could very easily have been a Troika member for most of his life and he couldn't afford to have Mace around.

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Digitigraderobo3/25/16 9:28pm
It's my headcanon that Vi loves chocolate chip cookies, like really, really loves e'm.

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AFox3/26/16 10:46am

Worship level like?


How does he strike you as possibly being Mace's dad?

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Digitigraderobo3/26/16 11:15am
@AFox, not really to that level, but probably not too far away :P

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Dawonguy3/26/16 3:05pm
@AFox: There are some similar physical characteristics like brown and white fur colors, blue eye color, and cat/raccoon-like features. Then there's the circumstantial evidence of both of them being connected to the Troika like what Prometheus said. Sure, personality-wise, there doesn't seem to be many similarities, but then again, Mace was raised by Grunn (and Vi and Bobby) which might account for the personality differences depending on your nature versus nurture beliefs.

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AFox3/30/16 9:13pm
@ Dawonguy

Hmm, well I see what you mean there...I never actually considered it, but this does appear to make sense, but aside from the Troika association and similar appearance I can't really see any other indication this could be true.

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Dawonguy3/31/16 6:12pm
@AFox: and that's the point of a head cannon. Things that you think could be true, but there is no solid evidence for it (or against it).

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AFox4/2/16 9:05am

Fair have any more headcanons?

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Prometheus4/4/16 4:38pm
A rather common headcanon of mine is Damon is one of the many Toll Wars veterans who have been sworn into keeping events in the war a secret.

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