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Dreamkeepers Forums - Prelude (Last Update: 10/6/17) Lefty Isn't Very Nice, Now Is He?

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Subscribe to this thread Prelude (Last Update: 10/6/17) Lefty Isn't Very Nice, Now Is He? created by BigEasy on February 14, 2013

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MaddTheSane9/15/17 9:48am
She's going to take his coat, isn't she…

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Prometheus9/17/17 8:40am
So, she retires from prostitution and is now the owner of a whole brothel full of them. Makes sense. Wonder how well they will get along with her now that she is the boss.

This still doesn't bode well for Bobby. Anise is showing no concern nor care for Bobby's garnishment claim.

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TalkedSpy9/29/17 10:02am
Even though Anise getting slapped wasn't real, it still had me dying. What could've made it better is if Bobby kept slapping her with the money and say "Hoe, you live by the money, you die by the money!"

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Prometheus9/29/17 10:13am

HAH, that actually would have been funny as hell. XD

Unfortunately, that is all in Bobby's head. In reality, it's what he wants to do, but he's holding himself back. I think whatever goodness he has in him is starting to melt away with all the anger.

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TalkedSpy9/29/17 11:07am

True. Bobby's temptation to act with violence will only result in things getting worse. He first tried to go the peaceful route with getting the money back, but with all the things he's been undeservingly punished for, his patience is withering and is wanting to seek quick answers. What if he actually attempts to slap Anise, but she swiftly catches his hand and yells, "NOT TODAY BOI!"?

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TalkedSpy10/6/17 3:11pm
I thought Pike was just going to be a stand in for the role of beating up Bobby, but this made me instantly love the dude.

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Kymastrider10/6/17 9:38pm

Could you imagine if Bobby actually became a male prostitute to try and pay for college?

I know the Bobby we know and love has more dignity then that, but still I would love to see some fanart of that scenario. ^^

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Prometheus10/7/17 12:33pm

Man, I really hope somebody makes this. XD The thought amuses me greatly.

As for what's going on right now, it looks like Bobby is certainly going to get pummeled by a guy who talks to his own hands. XD Despite the circumstances, this should be fun to watch play out. XP

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