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Subscribe to this thread Prelude (Last Update: 8/18/17) Stinkfaced created by BigEasy on February 14, 2013

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Koreth8/20/17 10:14pm
Man, I'm feeling bad for Bobby with how his life's going at the moment. He'd worked hard, saved money and was in the process of pulling himself up out of poverty by his bootstraps. He had a girl, and from what I recall from the Prelude archives, her parents seemed to approve of Bobby.

Now, his job is gone. With Anise's child support claim, his savings are gone. I'd not be surprised that in the course of looking for "Quick-Release Anise", he'll get busted. And then with the reputation damage that seeking out a known prostitute will cause, he may well lose his girl as well.

Hopefully it doesn't get that bad. I'd like to see something go right for Bobby here soon.

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