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Aman371212/21/15 7:50am

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Bowoodstock12/24/15 7:06pm
Hello all. So my current work is reaching completion....and it's a little longer than I thought it would be (at least 12 pages). Can anyone suggest the best way to post it on here? Is copy/paste what's preferred, or would you rather a link to a website? And if so, what website would host the story? Just to be clear, this is a story that while following the "rules of risqueness" does involve two characters from the DK world who fall under the "cub porn" category (rougly 14-15 by my guess), and I know not all websites will accept that kind of fiction.

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Prometheus12/24/15 7:56pm

I've copy pasted some of my fanfiction work to here. I've never considered linking to another site. Though, if your fanfiction is that long, I'd suggest just linking it here or in a separate thread. You could copy-paste, but you can only paste so many words into the submit box. You'll have to do multiple pastes and submits in order to get the whole thing posted. Believe me, I've tried it and it's tediously annoying. I think linking the story is the best move, preferrably to Sofurry since they're built for fanfiction.

In regards to the rules, it's been established through the furry fandom that "cubs" are considered to be 12 and under, like real-life children. Paige would be a "cub." The rest of the cast like the Main Five aren't cubs since they're over 12 years of age, so you've got nothing to worry about there. The only place I know that you could upload fanfics involving cub is Inkbunny. But, your Lilith X Namah fic doesn't fall into that category, so there's no need.

So, FA, IB, Sofurry, places like that would be great for your fanfic. dA is out of the question, of course. Hope this was a help. ^^

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Bowoodstock12/24/15 8:25pm
It was helpful, thank you. Glad to know the age isn't going to be of issue. I'll probably go with furaffinity, since that seems to be the easiest to work with.

Oh, and I never said it was Lilith X Namah :D

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zagura12/24/15 8:28pm
O_o I thought FA has restrictions on cub content, which is why inkbunny exists...?

Be careful with that. Don't get banned.

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Prometheus12/24/15 8:34pm

Okay, I mistook you for someone else. XD Sorry about that. However, my previous point still stands. If it's cub-related, then put it on Inkbunny because they allow that. FA has a cub ban, so don't post anything like that there at all. You will be banned, perhaps permanently.

So, stick with Inkbunny. I think Sofurry allows cub, too, but I can't remember, so it'd be best you review their ToS and/or AUP before uploading there.

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zagura12/24/15 8:38pm
Sofurry would likely give you a better literary audience.

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Prometheus12/24/15 8:47pm

Indeed. I don't frequent the site myself unless I find a story that gets linked there, but I hear it's the best alternative for furry fanfiction and explicit erotic literature.

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Bowoodstock12/24/15 8:58pm
Thank you for your help. I'll make sure it goes on a site that allows it. As I said, I'm not that familiar with the furry community, so I'm not familiar with terminology. Again, the individuals in this story are roughly 14-15 by my guess (confused as to what that's considered), so to play safe, should probably use inkbunny, right?

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zagura12/24/15 9:09pm
You could post to both Inkbunny and Sofurry if you want to expand your readership and keep writing.

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Hakuzo12/26/15 7:50pm
See that's why I make a disclaimer the characters are 18 years old. Keeps it safe.

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Prometheus12/26/15 11:04pm

Again, cub is typically classified as 12 and under. Between 12 and 18 is simply underage. Some people in the furry fandom like to fit underage into cub since both are frowned upon (though cub gets the most backlash). But, that's just them.

Anything you write that's cub-related needs to go on Inkbunny or any other site that allows erotic lit with that content.


Ah, but that's you. Some erotic writers make characters more matured due to taboos like cub constantly getting ridiculed. Others don't much care for ridicule and will keep characters as is for the sake of their story.

Every writer has their way of thinking and what they want their audience to think about their story. As for me, I don't write erotic or porn fanfics since it's embarrassing and I suck at it. XD

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Tango12/28/15 7:14pm

I'm with Zag on this, you should use both. Inkbunnys got the underage/cub crowded covered and sofurry is much more literary focused and certainly don't shy away from underage stuff.

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Bowoodstock12/29/15 7:20am
Thanks again everyone. Should be up by the end of the week, provided that nothing happens work wise for me again >< I work in aviation, and with the weather in this country we've been getting hammered.

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Aman371212/29/15 7:48pm
Why is this a thing!?

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