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Hakuzo11/16/15 1:44am
To kick it off, a story I threw together tonight. 4 pages, 1500 some words. Here is the rough draft. I'm posting it here first.

Disclaimer: All characters are © to Dreamkeepers. I do not own any of these characters and all are a minimum legal age.

Warning: Contains Incest.

This story takes place at a time After Prelude but before the comics. So by popular request, some Erotic fiction for Dreamkeepers.

One lone night at the Sabatton Towers, Namah roams through the air ducts after securing a few things from Tinsel’s room. She grins as she moves through carrying her supplies for her new game she wishes to play with Lilith.

Namah soon arrives back to her room and starts preparing her room for her game. She puts Gregory onto the nightstand to watch over her handy work, as she places out a few things for her sister to wear.

The point of Namah’s tail swishes back and forth as her plan is coming together. Her excitement builds as she finishes laying out everything.

“See all of this Gregory? This will be the start of a new experiment. Now… I just need to make sure those guards don’t interfere with my plans.” The green monster doll just stays in place unmoving. “Bah, you’re no help.” She throws a pillow at Gregory and listens at her door.

Bill is outside. I need to get him to disappear for a while. Namah listens carefully a moment longer to make sure he’s alone. She loosens up her shirt and lets the straps of it hang loose on her shoulder.

She slowly opens the door and peeks out. “Oh Bill, I need to ask you for something.”

Bill looks on as Namah lets the strap on her shoulder slid down revealing part of her braless breast. “U-Uh… this better not be one of your tricks.”

She pulls open the door more as she slips her hand out of her top causing her breast to fully be uncovered now. She pets Bill’s face, “No trick at all. I just need something to eat. Something… special.” She presses close to him.

“W-What is it…” He takes a moment to swallow, “…That you want?”

“I want you to personally prepare me a chocolate cake made with just the right amount of fermentae, just for me and my sister. I want it to be perfect, and I don’t want to see you again until it is.”

“Um… ok… I’ll see if there is any fermentae left…” Bill turns and dashes down the hallway before his thoughts betray him.

Namah smiles again and walks to her sister’s room, smiling the whole way. Namah knocks on Lilith’s door and the green colored cat opens the door. “Heya sis.”

Namah presses close to her sister, “Come with me, I have a new game I want to play.”

“What kind of game?”

“A fun one, I’m sure you’d enjoy it. Follow me to my room.”

Lilith nods and follows her sister wondering what kind of game her sister came up with now. Namah smiles and opens her door, she lets Lilith go in first. Namah closes the door and smiles again.

“W-What is all this stuff… What kind of ga—“

Namah presses Lilith against the wall. “Shh, you are now going to be my pet and I am going to take care of you. You must do everything I tell you to or get a punishment.”

Lilith blushes and looks at the collar on the bed, getting an idea of what she meant. She’s done a few things before with her sister in the past. Mostly just masturbation and some light play but never anything like this before. Lilith looks up to her sister, “Why… now? We haven’t done anything like this in a long time.” Lilith looks down to the ground.

Namah kisses her closely on the lips and causes Lilith to go limp in her sister’s hold. “I wanted to spend some special time with you.” Lilith stays quiet and lets her sister take charge, not sure why she’s submitting so easily like this.

Namah leads Lilith over to the bed and slips the collar onto her. “Now with the collar in place you are now my pet. Start by removing your master’s clothing.”

Lilith blushes and nods removing her sister’s shirt, folding it up as instructed. She then removes her sister’s panties noticing how wet they already were. Lilith looks up at her sister while kneeing still. “Do… You really enjoy this?”

Namah takes hold of the collar and nods, “Yes my pet, you make me wet. Now lick your master!”

Lilith blushes and slowly reaches out and licks Namah’s waiting clit. Her sister shivers and her slit drips her fluids down. Lilith licks along the dripping slit and tastes her sister’s sweet nectar, surprised at how sweet it tastes.

Namah moans and shivers, enjoying her pet’s work on her. She places a hand to Lilith’s head, “Strip down pet. Slowly so I can watch.” She sits on the bed while her pet complies slowly removing her shirt and exposing her larger breasts, unlike her own relatively flat chest.

Lilith moves on to her pants slowly sliding them off to reveal her pink panties. She slides them down noticing they are damp as well. I’m… really turned on by this too… why? She stands up after being told to leave her clothes in place.

Namah beckons her pet closer with a finger. When Lilith was in range she clips on a leach to the collar and the cat blushes harder. “Now put on the harness.” Lilith nods and puts on the harness noticing it has a strap-on attached to it. She also notices restraints as well.

Namah pulls Lilith up onto the bed and close to her face, “Who am I?”


Namah pulls harder on the leash, “Wrong pet, try again.”


Namah smiles kisses her pet again as a reward. She then picks up arm restraints and puts them on Lilith behind her back, securing them to a bed post. She follows with leg restraints as well, pulling Lilith’s legs back to connect with arm restrains causing her to be stuck at a forty-five degree angle with the strap-on angled upwards.

Lilith moans out being unable to move and at the mercy of her new master. Namah smiles and bends down licking on the fake penis on the harness. She wraps her mouth around it and lets her long tongue snake down and play along Lilith’s exposed clit. The action causes Lilith’s slit to drip uncontrollably and a long moan escapes her lips.

“My pet seems needy. Please your master well and I will give you release.” Namah makes sure the toy is well lubed before she climbs over her sister and once again kisses her deeply this time using her long tongue in Lilith’s mouth.

Lilith struggle slightly at this new sensation but it only turns her on more. Namah slides the toy deep into her own needy slit and wraps her long legs around her pet, hugging around her shoulders as she continues the kiss. She starts bouncing on her sister’s lap and moans into her mouth.

Lilith bounces as well, suddenly wanting to make her sister cum on top of her. She wants to make her master happy and can’t understand why. Namah’s moans increase as does her speed. The toy gets coated with Namah’s fluids as the drip down onto the bed.

Namah keeps going hard against the toy and the motion is hard on Lilith’s legs but yet she’s enjoying every moment of it. The two girls wrap their tails around each other as they continue. Namah’s moans become more rapid as she feels a climax build up unlike any she’s has have in the past. She arches back and yowls out as she cums hard against her restrained pet. Her fem fluids flooding down to the bed.

Namah pants out and pets Lilith along the muzzle, “Very good my pet, now for your reward.” Namah pulls off the toy with a wet pop and pulls out another toy. She stands up and slides it into her slit before pulling it out slowly leaving it covered with her lubricant.

Namah holds the toy in front of her pet’s maw and Lilith starts licking on it. Lilith then starts sucking on it feeing really turned on and wanting it shoved deeply inside of her. She moans and whimpers wanting to feel it.

Namah nods and shoves the toy into her needy slot. She starts moving it in and out of her pet while masturbating the toy on the harness. Lilith moans out and blushes as the toy works it way deep in her tunnel. Her moans gain speed as Namah shoves the toy in with rapid speed. The toy bangs against Lilith’s cervix causing her to feel completely lost in the feeling. Soon she starts to moan and climax against the toy wanting to milk it like a real shaft inside of her.

Namah reaches up and kisses her sister closely again. “It my pet happy?”

“Y-Yes… I want to do this again sometime.”

Namah nods and unties her arms and legs, “Spend the night with me pet.”

Lilith tiredly nods and falls asleep with her sister holding her close. Soon Namah falls asleep as well.

An hour later Bill arrives with the requested cake and opens the door to find Namah and Lilith sleeping naked together on the bed. He also takes notice of Lilith wearing the harness still and drops the cake to the floor.

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Prometheus11/16/15 10:53am
See? THIS is why you do not put harnesses on kids. Especially Namah. XD

This was really enjoyable. I was not expecting this so soon, even for a rough draft. You did well. I can't wait to see the actual story leading up to this. XP

EDIT: Because it's a draft, I won't give any grammatical or literary critique unless it is requested. ^^

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Hakuzo11/16/15 2:42pm
This is a one off for now. I'm still trying to learn and still make mistakes. So grammar input is very helpful. I can't get anyone to do it for my writing.

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Kirito11/16/15 2:52pm

I could help spell check some stuff! Just message me whenever you need it ^w^

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Hakuzo11/16/15 3:08pm
Also, put out story ideas. Any combo of characters/fetishes. We can discuss OCs separately.

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Alej11/16/15 8:36pm
Willow X Tendril :D

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Hakuzo11/16/15 11:31pm
My tired brain doesnt recall a willow.

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Alej11/17/15 9:46pm

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Hakuzo11/18/15 8:35pm
Well..... My computer is overheating. So now any work is done on my cell... And this a pain to type.

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Bowoodstock11/22/15 1:53am
Greetings all.

I just thought I'd say hello, and inform you that I've got something in the works that should be up in the next few days, and it's a pairing that I don't believe I've seen here before. Hope you enjoy.

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Prometheus11/22/15 9:12am
Well, hello there. ^^ I can't wait to see what you have planned. New pairings are always fun. :)

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joeden11/22/15 11:17pm
Okay I got one of Namah and Lilith and one of Vi that was a RP I'll post when I find it.

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Tango11/28/15 5:39pm
That was great, I've definitely seen namah as the dominering type and this shows that very well. Can't wait to see more.

Any luck in finding those RPs?

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Hakuzo11/29/15 1:36pm
Short of TMI... I have experience in BDSM RP and Master/Pet RP. So far the holidays are messing me over then been sick so no writing has happened yet.

I'm still open to other ideas for story. Just about any pair doesn't matter if its M/F M/M F/F or others. General fetishes accepted within reason.

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FoxPhantom11/29/15 8:47pm
@hakuzo, was a interesting read. was interesting with how Namah dominates Lilith.

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