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Subscribe to this thread New Beginning created by TalkedSpy on October 18, 2015

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Scottieboy202011/12/15 10:37am
...whatevs. personally, I would rather have a knife... its small, concealable, its stealthy, and it doesn't need to charge before you fire it... although, yours makes explosions so its all good.


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TalkedSpy11/12/15 3:39pm

WAIT......does your knife have a bi-pod on it?

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Scottieboy202011/12/15 7:22pm
...What good would that do me? it's a six inch blade--putting a bipod would do absolutely nothing. A railgun with a bipod--now that would be useful. a minigun with a TRIpod? I see that being useful too. but a knife with a bi pod? no. my knife doesn't have that.

And by the way, I've been killing demonic nightmare things with my KNIFE, I've been hit in the shoulder, the spine, and the hip, my Air Ryuu Neko is tired, and WE'RE STILL JUST TALKING. Please use your railgun, and help me kill these things!!! XD

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Scottieboy202011/12/15 7:24pm
well, that actually sounded ruder than I thought it would. I suppose I should be using my power as well... huh.


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TalkedSpy11/12/15 7:41pm


*shoots railgun in the air*

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Scottieboy202011/12/15 9:45pm
nightmares are down here, not up there... watch your aim, though, I don't want to get strafed with that crazy thing XD

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TalkedSpy11/13/15 7:35am
No need to worry about friendly fire. I have my power suit on me, so the chances of me hitting you is a million to one. OH, that reminds me, I need to go check on all the weapons I'm going to bring with me for hunting. Just give me a sec.

*goes to secret underground vault - takes out check list*

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Scottieboy202011/13/15 2:01pm
rocket launcher, grenade launcher, katanas, knives, bipod knives, auto rifles, BR's, DMR's, sniper rifles with incendiary ammo, C4, stinger missile launcher, grenades, Halo's carbines, minigun, 3D gear+Pairing blades from Attack on Titan, and a Scorpion Tank. You already have the Railgun, so am I missing anything?

Oh, and while you're shopping, I'm getting my telekinetic shields clawed at... please hurry. XD

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Scottieboy202011/13/15 2:05pm
Oh wait, we forgot the target designator from Halo: Reach. get that too.

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TalkedSpy11/13/15 3:25pm
Okay, I'm back! So, here's a list of what I've decided to bring with me.

1.) CC-34 Power Armor Suit (Official name and full capabilities are not confirmed and are unknown).
2.) XM-8 with M203 grenade-launcher attachment, ACOG scope, red-laser sight attachment, and extended 40-round dual mags.
3.) AA-12 with extended 32-round drum magazine, angled-foregrip, and with highly-explosive ammo.
4.) .500 S&W Magnum.
5.) Concussion Grenades.
6.) Stun-grenades.
7.) SMAW Rocket Launcher.
8.) Rorsh Mk-1 Railgun Prototype
9.) Hand Held M134 Minigun (AKA The Last Resort)
10.) "The Rain".

.....Too much?

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Scottieboy202011/13/15 5:41pm

Bring the rain. lots of the rain. I have a feeling I know exactly what that means... >:D

Also, the 'last resort' may well be my first resort. excellent crowd control.

did you bring a spare sniper rifle?

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TalkedSpy11/13/15 6:43pm
Barrett M82/M107 sniper rifle, or the Barrett Model 98B sniper rifle?

In summary (kind of), the M82/M107 is semi-automatic, can take in .50 caliber rounds, and has a 10 (or 11) round magazine, and, due to it's weight and masterful design, it has a weird, yet greatly fortunate and surprising amount of low recoil. If you have the proper scope, a (long-range) laser sight attachment, earplugs, and the strength to carry that weight around, you'll be with ease with this weapon, at long, and even medium range combat. But as for close encounters, I guess you better be good with your hip-fire accuracy, just in case.

For example: (Skip to 1:15)

As for the M98B, it is bolt-action, can take in .338 Lapua Magnum rounds, with a 10-round magazine, and weighs less than the M82/M107. However, that would come to the cost of recoil, which, is going to hurt when you pull the trigger......A LOT (if you're not used to it).

However, on the good side, since it's a bolt-action, you can be able to experience only one stage of recoil. This being recoil to the rear—into the shooter’s shoulder pocket. Semi-autos, when fired, has three stages of recoil: One being to the rear as the bullet exits the muzzle, another to the rear as the bolt slams into the buffer, and the final stage as the bolt slams forward, picking up an additional cartridge. Because the bolt-action rifle has only a single stage of recoil to the rear, some shooters find they can “drive the rifle” in a superior manner to semi-automatic rifles.

If your going to use that rifle with the proper scope, and the necessary attachments, like a laser-sight and a straight-pull bolt, I'd prefer you use it in long-range distances. However, if you choose to use it in closer combat....suspect to have at least a few scratches and bruises on you.....or bullet wounds.....or worse. about choosing one of the two railguns that I have available to me at this time? Hmm?

*winks with grin*

Also, do note, even though I am a weapons-enthusiast and support the 2nd Amendment, I am FAR from a weapons-expert of any kind. I mean, even though I am "somewhat" knowledgeable on these kinds of things, I've only scratched the surface when it comes to weapons of all kinds, even the ones that are military-graded. However, once I get older and get and do the necessary things to acquire and handle a weapon such as a firearm, I hope to learn more about how these things really work.

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Scottieboy202011/13/15 7:57pm
...choices choices...

I think the M82. If it gets to too-close encounters I'll use my knife or a handgun... like a .9mm Ruger.

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TalkedSpy11/14/15 10:13am
Wise choice. Now, as for "The Rain", here's a little example on how we might use it if we come across AT LEAST one nightmare that is very difficult to kill with our weapons, or if we run low while coming across it in combat, or both.

Now, we'll have the option to either call it in by radio with a regular one, or by the built-in transmission com in my suit. To designate the target, we're going to have to use a laser-designation attachment to at least one of our guns, a LZ-537 laser designator, and/or or with a smoke grenade releasing a bright color (red, orange, purple, blue, etc.).

Oh, speaking of the smoke grenade, we might to bring that as well, just in case if coms are down.

11.) Smoke Grenades.

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Scottieboy202011/14/15 4:02pm
I thought you already had smoke grenades?
Not that I'm complaining...

I'm done fighting Nightmares for the moment, by the way.

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