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Subscribe to this thread New Beginning created by TalkedSpy on October 18, 2015

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TalkedSpy10/18/15 5:42pm
Greetings and good day to you all on the DK Forums! My real name is Orlando, but you can call me “TalkedSpy” on the forums if you wish. I am a 15 year old sophomore attending Charter Tech High School and am studying film as my major. I am interested in and hope to become a successful filmmaker as a primary career, but I would also like to become a successful youtuber and photographer in the near future. I also hope to attend a good college so that I can continue studying the art of filmmaking, while working on the multiple story ideas that I have with me, and then making them into a reality.

Now, just to let you guys know, unfortunately, I am a teen who has been medically diagnosed with autism and ADHD at a young age. Due to these illnesses, there has been, and will be at times where I would act a bit over-the-top or over-reactive, but luckily, it isn’t as bad as what others have with them. I may act socially awkward as a result, but I am a very fluent, kind, and smart person who hopes to have interesting and engaging conversations with all of you on the forums!

If there’s anything that you want to ask or tell to me at all, you are welcomed to come and talk to me. However, due to me having school during most of the week, and doing other personal stuff as well at times, I might not always be on the forums, but I’ll see what I can do. Thank you for reading, take care, and I hope to see you around! God Bless.

Warm Regards,
Orlando Gonzalez (AKA TalkedSpy)

P.S. For any contact info, please send me either a PM or an email at or at Thank you.

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TalkedSpy10/18/15 5:46pm
Okay, now let's see what I can do.

*puts on power armor - takes out XM-8 with ACOG scope, grenade launcher, and extended dual mag - sits on chair - eats cookie*

.....Just in case if things get heated. :3

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Vandorbelt10/18/15 8:08pm
Things don't often get heated here, 'cuz we're all pretty... cool.
*puts on sunglasses*

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TalkedSpy10/19/15 3:54am

A.) Accidentally kill him with grenade launcher
B.) Tackle him and demand answers
C.) Tackle him and nibble on his ear for arousal pleasure
D.) Greet him with awesome and comfortable enthusiasm and comments


*picks C*

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Vandorbelt10/19/15 9:56am
Not sure which hurts more, the tackling or the nibbling. Also, this relationship is moving to fast for me, I think we should see other people...

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Lycanphoenix10/19/15 10:54am
New agent! :D
*Amaroq pounces Orlando to the ground*
Are you here to fight nightmares with us? :3

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TalkedSpy10/19/15 2:10pm

NEVA! YOU WILL BE MY WAFU! *keeps nibbling ear - goes for neck* But besides that, nice pun though! I guess you got....

*puts on sunglasses*

....the touch?


*reverse RKO's Lycanphoenix*

Well, that depends......will there be righteousness and pancakes? Also, I not really wanting to get this role-playing stuff out of hand, so let's keep it under control for a bit guy. Sorry. :P

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TalkedSpy10/19/15 2:37pm
Hope more people get to see this thread soon. So far, I have made (most likely) about 2 friends already......THIS IS OFF TO A GOOD START! YAH! :D

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Prometheus10/19/15 6:29pm
Hey, there, TalkedSpy. :) Welcome to the Dreamkeepers forums.

I am Prometheus, one of four moderators here on the forums. The rest of the team are DanWithTheHat, PotatoFox, and MobileCrusader. Contact any of us through PM if you have any questions or concerns. ^^

There are plenty of topics to join in on, so don't be a stranger.

Now, on to the rules. Be sure to read over the rules we have here in the following links.

Site Rules:

NSFW Rules:

Volume 4 Spoiler Rules:

And, that's it. Memorize these and you should have a great time here. ^^

With that said, welcome to the forums and hope to see more from you soon. :D

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Kirito10/19/15 6:30pm
Hey there TalkedSpy! My name's Kirito but everyone calls me Kit. I help out around here and moderate the DKSkype chat. We have a fantastic community here and I hope you get a chance to meet everyone! There's some great discussion that goes on as well. Share your thoughts and theories in the DK lounge!

Any questions about anything feel free to shoot me a PM. Above all else, have fun!

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ZycantAlpha10/19/15 8:26pm
Welcome to the group, TalkedSpy!

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DanWithTheHat10/20/15 5:27pm
Welcome to the DK forums. I hope you enjoy your time here!

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TalkedSpy10/20/15 5:46pm

"Volume 4 spoiler rules"? Well, I would understand for the site and the NSFW rules, but I don't think you really need to worry about me spreading spoilers or anything since I haven't read the entire novel yet, but I understand where that would be coming from, and I suspect it's going to go the same for the other novels as well, both previous and the upcoming ones. Hope to see you around Prom.!




Glad to be here Alpha! I think this is going to go well for all of us on the these forums.


Hopefully, everything will go well. Nice to see you on the forums DWTH.

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BryanDimmsdale10/25/15 4:34pm
Welcome, I think you haven't heard of me yet (or you do), and I'm not usually seen greeting new members down here. So let's get on to it straightforward!

Hi, my name is BryanDimmsdale, or Bryan for short. Follow the rules, and you'll be fine. You can find me mostly at the "DK Lounge Section". See you there!

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TalkedSpy10/26/15 3:09pm
Hopefully I see you there as well BD! Also, nice AC outfit. :3

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