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Subscribe to this thread Scinter, Grunn and Igrath created by Roan on February 14, 2013

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NatChon7/2/15 12:59am
I think he would be a great mascot for GEICO.

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NatChon7/8/15 9:23pm
Which one of these characters would you rather live with?

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Kirito7/8/15 9:26pm
Scinter most definetly.

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NatChon7/8/15 9:40pm
Why him? Why not Igrath?

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FoxBrethren7/8/15 10:19pm
Scinter for me as well. Igrath is cool, but Scinter is a mad genius inventor. I'd love to see what he makes and possibly pick his brain.

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NatChon7/11/15 9:55pm
Why would you want to pick his brain? If you lived with him long enough he would probably let you in on some of his inventions.

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FoxBrethren7/11/15 10:06pm
Because just seeing him work or acting as an assistant wouldn't be enough for me. I would want to learn how he thinks and works so that I could at the very least anticipate what he was trying to accomplish.

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NatChon7/11/15 10:09pm
You wouldn't be an assistant, you would be his partner in crime.

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dyingdutchman7/24/15 9:28am
Grunn's power could be unmeasurable stench, BY THE POWER OF LORD ARMPIT

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NatChon7/31/15 10:14pm
Or he becomes smarter. When he uses his power he is really smart and when he doesn't use his power he is dumber than dirt.

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Prometheus8/25/15 10:08am
So, while making my Straight Outta Somewhere parody for Kojiki, I noticed a little something in the last page showing Igrath, Scinter and Grunn in Chapter 4. Right around the window that the CG is unloading into, you can see a picture on the wall that takes a bit of damage. In the picture is a happy Igrath and what appears to be a duck dreamkeeper with long, brown hair next to him. Could be a picture of him and Fae before her death and Igrath's framing.

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NatChon10/12/15 11:46pm
That is very weird, I had not seen that before. I think you may be right, it might be fae.

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Lycanphoenix10/12/15 11:49pm
I would totally read a novel about Grunn, especially if it took place during multiple points in his life.

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NatChon10/12/15 11:53pm
I especially want to know how and when he got those darn coins he keeps worrying about.

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Kirito10/13/15 4:01pm
I imagine he got them when he


Made the journey to logos before the events in the GNS. How they got covered in female slob scent remains a mystery...

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