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Subscribe to this thread Scinter, Grunn and Igrath created by Roan on February 14, 2013

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Alej6/26/15 9:12pm
I wanna see more about Ravat. is there a thread for him on here currently running?

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NatChon6/26/15 11:57pm
Yes there is.

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BryanDimmsdale6/27/15 7:36am
@Natchon: I'm not sure about the Tinsel = Namah's Mother thing. I think the one that put it on wiki jumped to conclusions without finding the complete detail about it. Pretty sure Dave is messing everybody's mind. XD

Funny thing is that I am most hyped for Grunn's power, lol.

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Alej6/27/15 9:23am
I think Grunn's power is the ability to hold abnormal amounts of alcohol LOL

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Kirito6/27/15 8:12pm
I too don't agree with Tinsel being Namah's mother. It just doesn't make sense.

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NatChon6/28/15 2:22am
I believe it could be true, but if you don't that is your opinion, and I respect that.

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Alej6/30/15 6:49pm
Im 80% sure Scinter is a Komodo Dragon. What do you guys think

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FoxBrethren6/30/15 6:51pm
I read somewhere he was based on a snake. Anaconda or python or something like that. Can't quote that so I may be wrong.

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Alej6/30/15 6:55pm
His facial structure and skin tone remind me of a komodo dragon, but his ability to climb walls seems more like a gecko. Hmmmm...

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Prometheus6/30/15 7:16pm
Could be he's a hybrid, a dreamkeeper of multiple animal species. Either that or he's a species of a very long reptile.

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Kirito6/30/15 7:20pm
Definetly reptilian. The flat head reminds me of a snake, but his overall appearance is pretty lizard like.

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FoxBrethren6/30/15 7:25pm
The long body and super long tail I'm pretty sure is a reference to snakes. Wouldn't be surprised if there were other inspirations though.

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Kirito6/30/15 7:27pm
I guess you have to take into account he has anthropomorphize a creature with no arms or legs. That makes it way more lizardy.

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Alej6/30/15 7:33pm
Can someone do a side-by-side comparison of his head and a Komodo Dragon's?

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Kirito6/30/15 7:48pm
I'm on mobile at the moment. If no one does it tonight I'll make it tomorrow. ^w^

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