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Subscribe to this thread Scinter, Grunn and Igrath created by Roan on February 14, 2013

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DanWithTheHat12/20/14 2:04pm
I don't think there ever was a time Grunn wasn't a perv. He was a sailor after all. Sailor = perv 99% of the time. ^_^

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Kirito12/20/14 2:06pm
and the other 1% is drinking XD

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DanWithTheHat12/20/14 2:27pm
For Grunn (and most sailors), the drinking and Perviness is not mutually exclusive.

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ST34LTH12/20/14 5:12pm
Indeed, rather mutually inclusive... if that's even a thing :3

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BryanDimmsdale12/29/14 9:47pm
Hmmm, it's time for me to lay out the hypothesis to the three. I find it very mysterious for these characters to appear in the story, well except for Scinter of course, but here I go:

First of all, Igrath. He is a family man, has a wonderful wife, and living a peaceful life. Then suddenly one day he found her dead and he was accused for murder, even gouge his eyes out, or what seemed to be. But here's the question that's left blank: who killed Igrath's wife, and who accused him, who took his eyesight? I believe somebody's framing him, and it's not because of sadistic nature; I believe someone wanted to label him as a criminal in the first place because he knew too much. Now you asked, too much of what? It could either be the dark truth of the toll wars, or the nightmare's plan to strike. My first suspect would be the Viscount, yes everybody, the Viscount or the political government. I believe they are hiding something that should've not known, and Igrath has discovered that secrecy, and he is being hunted. I mean, what's the reason in the GNS that the shocktrropers attacked his house in the first place, right? I believe the Viscount knows more and he's just look stupid in front of us in the GNS; he may seem innocent and ignorant, but I don't think he's a Viscount for nothing; think about it, how is it possible to keep Namah in the dark and make himself more profound and famous, right? And what happened to Lilith and Namah mother? Only he knows the answer too, right? Second would be Tinsel herself. She is possibly connected after all in the toll wars and to the government. But you ask again, "but she's a popstar back then, why would she do that?" Well, remember what CalicoYorki's hypothesis posted in the Tinsel thread? That may explain everything why she would betray him, to keep her fame and fortune, of course. If Igrath found out, it would ruin her career, and worse she would reveal the dark nightmare secrets to everybody, putting her in custody for the DK's and death for the nightmares. And in order to keep that, you know what happens next, right?

Now itís clear why heíd intend to join the troikas, to find more answers about what heíd discover and seek revenge for his wife and to the one whoíve accused him for something he didnít do. But after joining the troikas, he realized that thereís far more trouble than he realized, and his goal now turned out to be protecting other people from the unknown threat and saving families that may also be affected similar to what happened to him.

Though, hereís a cliffhanger in his story, how did he met his nieces; is he the brother or cousin of the Viscount? If thatís so, it may be possible that they are also connected what Iíve said above, but Iíll let you guys expand that part for now.

Wow, that's a long one, but wait there's more,

Scinter is quite mysterious at the first, but for me he's not, and I think you guys will like what I would say, because for me, HE IS THE PATRON OF SCIENTISTS/ENGINEERS OF THE DK WORLD, YEAH BABY! Wait what? Haha, think about it, who created the teleportation path, Scinter right? Who created the innovative weapons of the troikas, Scinter right? Who was able to created war supercomputers, effective communications, improved military data scrolls, and powerful machines, is it Scinter? Think about it further, that's what the engineers and scientists will do, especially in our world too; to improve, research, and innovate our world into a better place. Our engineers invented a paperclip, A PAPERCLIP! But anybody thought of that before, no of course not, but people are in dire need of that back then, especially college when they don't have staples in their table when they need it too.

Now back on topic on Scinter,

Why do you think the Andurunan government took his innovations and when they are still not satisfied they banned his other products and put him to blacklist? Well it's simple, MONEY, and of course, secrecy. And sorry to tell you folks, that's pretty much what happened. But for this suspicion alone, why would they do that to him? They may actually earn more and more profit if he let them continued with his work, have more innovations, have people get more awesome products from Scinter that can also be sponsored and capitalized by the government, which in return, more money. But hereís what I think; I think that the Andurunan government is also hiding something from him, similar to Igrath, but with something else, and it might be possible that they are using his technologies because of vile and sinister reasons, and that they may be creating a harmful superweapon or some sort of teleportation device for the nightmares, because I have no doubt that ďthere are devils inside the holy wallsĒ of the Andurunan government or in the position of the high ranks. And Scinter may have figured that out some sort. Even though we donít know much of heís history, but we donít have to actually; we pretty much know heís a scientist or an engineer for sure that can improvise things, even in the past.

So, I believe heís in the troikas now to stop the madness of these higher positions in doing something crazy and also stopping the nightmares reaching their goal; outnumbered and underpowered, also unprepared. By helping the troikas, he created lots and lots of tech that can help surpass the standard weapons of the Andurunan shocktroopers and at the same time that can really pack a punch to nightmarish forces that are coming. He also created some innovations that can help their tactics maximized and boosted so that they are always one step ahead to their enemy. For example, they have found out who the dark dreamkeepers are and what theyíre doing.

And last, but not the least,

The child stomper, Grunn. This guy puzzled me the most, I mean, whatís his connection to the two. It may be possible that they are best buds before, but him, a troika, youíve got to be kidding. You all have seen him how he treated the kids and how he talks in both the prelude and the GNS, right? It does boggles oneís mind.

But hereís what I can say, at least;

Heís kind of like a spy, similar to the Indigo twins. By how means possible? By acting dumb and common as possible, duh! Though, I donít believe that he really does not like children, I think he do care about them, but doesnít know how to take care of them, if you are following what Iím saying. And his wife divorcing him hasnít been because of porn; I think his wife left him because of some ďhorrible incidentĒ in the past that caused her to leave him. I see Grunn as a powerful adventurer, treasurer, thrill seeker, and especially, prideful model to children and adults alike. I really see him as something really as a idol, kind of similar to Tinsel; he might be famous back then too. But for me, something really happened that he forever regrets for the rest of his life, and caused him to let himself go, poor guy.

Now, I think the reason why he joined the troikas, well to put it in simply, to find where he really belongs; where his skills and abilities really matter. He sees his past as a failure and wanted to fix them by helping himself and others, well sort of. For example, in this scene , itís like he cared for Mace, which is very weird for a guy like him, and yet he seemed concerned. I think Grunn is a powerful tanker dreamkeeper, whoís a spy as well, and has powers similar to Viís, donít you think?

For Grunnís powers, yeah, I can say it is really similar to Viriathus, but with subtle differences. While Viís power was hypothesized to create a gravity of impact when her force landed on a target or her force becomes dense and heavier before it reaches its destination, Grunnís case on the other hand accelerates that force to the target, in short the farther the target is, the more impact that target will experience because of that acceleration, which is deadly.

Another question for you guys to answer, how was he able to hide some sort of secret teleportation device or something under his ship? And what do you think heís planning now after you have seen him do in the GNS?

Have a nice day, guys!

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Prometheus6/24/15 9:51pm
So, judging by Igrath's bookmark from the Kickstarter, we are getting a little preview of his powers. Glowing red wings with an electric field. Can't wait to see that in action.

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NatChon6/25/15 12:11am
Igrath was part of the police force. He had met scinter because scinter was one of his targets. I believe he lost his job because he let him go instead of arresting him. Kind of like Brian and Dom from the fast and furious movies. The incident with Igrath and his wife happened. Him and scinter formed an alliance, scinter would keep Igrath out of cuffs and Igrath would provide technological info for future research. I think that Igrath is Lilith's mother's brother, and the reason she has a strong connection with him is because he is the only family she has left on that side. Also, on another hand, tinsel is Namah's mother. You can get this info from the prelude when the gaurds and Mrs. mulibral are talking about tinsel and Namah and one of them says like mother like daughter. My thoughts on grunn is he is tied in to the murder of Igrath's wife somehow Igrath just doesn't know it yet.

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Alej6/25/15 10:11am
I don't understand what Grunn is. I mean he is obviously a shark, but he has a little floofy tail for some reason. How much of his body is covered in fur anyways???

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NatChon6/25/15 11:50am
He is half rabbit.

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Alej6/25/15 1:54pm
WHAAAAAAAA *head explodes*

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Alej6/25/15 3:51pm
Anyone else suspect Ravat has something to do with Scinter's neck injury?

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NatChon6/25/15 8:38pm
I second that.

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Kirito6/25/15 8:51pm
I don't know. Scinter is enthralled and saturated in the black market with his alcohol. It could have been any of his shady buyers.

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BryanDimmsdale6/25/15 9:23pm
@NatChon: I think I can add yours to mine above it. Very interesting. Mind if I ask where did you get that information, though?

@Alej: Either that's possible or it could be based from my theory, so I'm with Kirito here.

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NatChon6/26/15 1:13pm
Some of it is from the wiki, the rest I sorta pieced together from my thoughts on how the story fits in. Igrath was part of the police force, tinsel is Namah's mother. The rest I sorta fit into place on how I think it all happened.

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