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Subscribe to this thread Scinter, Grunn and Igrath created by Roan on February 14, 2013

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Roan2/14/13 8:00pm
How could you people forget all of these lovely characters sitting in the corner all alone. You people should now, they need a place in this part of the DK Lounge as well. Shame on you all for forgetting them!

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Kobalt952/14/13 8:30pm
Shouldn't we make a separate thread for each of them? I mean, one thread alone can't contain even a small portion of their awesomeness!

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Roan2/15/13 11:01am

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Gloves4/13/13 5:16am
We-ell, as long as there's a third of a thread for Grunn, I'd like to point something out.

On page 129 of V3, when he's defending his ownership of the needed "coins", he says;

"They's MY treasure, they gavuhm tuh ME!"

Implying that some group gave them to him, some group that is clearly important and not part of the group that they are currently with.


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MrAerospace4/13/13 7:37pm
Yep, and the first was to see if there were any other clues to clarify what Grunn's talking about

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Trubbol10/8/13 2:12am
I am wondering why the coins are needed for the thing they are needed for.
Huh... if anyone was to have them now, wouldn't it be Wisp or Ravat? Cause Mace threw them at Ravat in Wisps little lair.

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CalicoYorki12/3/13 1:42pm
I love Igrath. He's a nice guy - until you put his nieces in danger.

Scinter is a fascinating character. He's obviously known Igrath and Grunn from way back in the good ol' days - if there was -anything- good about them, that is...Plus, it's interesting how he's in a permanent neck brace. I'll bet Namah will be fascinated by him.

Grunn...What is there to say? Other than I'm surprised by a brief moment of reflection in Vol. 2, where he suggests just leaving the kids out of their affairs altogether.

Yeah that's all I got.

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SuperTurbo41/31/14 2:22pm
One must wonder why Grunn is involved with Igrath and Scinter, besides the fact that he hates the Nightmares.

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CalicoYorki2/8/14 3:37pm
I'm thinking Grunn was their friend from before their opposition to the Nightmares.


I feel like Volume 3 may have been somehow referencing how Grunn came to be involved, with how he was given the coins by


But he might just be far enough removed from every day Andurunans to be ideal for running a safehouse.


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MobileCrusader3/21/14 8:26am
In the webcomic relief interview, Dave and Liz discuss Grunn's purpose is to be defensive toward the orphans. I think that's funny.

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SuperTurbo43/21/14 8:40am

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MobileCrusader3/21/14 9:18am
His design is built around being tanky and stuff. Able to take hits and what not.

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MobileCrusader3/21/14 9:20am
I also kinda wanna see the red white and blue color scheme Igrath.

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SuperTurbo43/21/14 8:16pm
Red, white, and blue color scheme Igrath?

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MobileCrusader3/21/14 10:12pm
Yea. They admitted his original color scheme was Red, White, and Blue.

Then they realized what they had done.

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