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Dreamkeepers Forums - Halloween Fan Art Contest; Tenth Anniversary Addition!

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Subscribe to this thread Halloween Fan Art Contest; Tenth Anniversary Addition! created by Kirito on September 14, 2015

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Prometheus10/11/15 6:03pm
Not sure if this is fair or whatnot, but I'd like to contribute a simple idea to anyone who wants to use it in the contest. XP

It's a pic of the Main Five walking along going trick-or-treating, dressed as video game characters of our world. Mace and Whip are Yugo and Az from Wakfu, Lilith is the Medic from Team Fortress 2, and Namah and Bast are Naked Snake and the Fury from MGS3: Snake Eater (respectively).

I just thought this up about a day ago and wanted to draw it myself so badly, but I am no artist and would never be able to draw it to my liking. But, it's free to anyone who likes it and wants to draw it themselves. Enter it into the contest, if you like.

That's my contribution to the contest. Been liking all the entries so far. ^^

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Animefan1810/15/15 6:20pm
I decided to post my entry, it's still in the works:

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Kirito10/17/15 7:06pm
I finished my second submission (the first one is still in the works)

you can see it here ->

now I have to finish an art trade...

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Lycanphoenix10/17/15 10:12pm
Looks like Mace is becoming the next Tetsuo.

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Kymastrider10/18/15 7:52am

wait till you see my entry, it'll have you saying "Why didn't I think of that?"

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Kirito10/18/15 8:35am

I look forward to it :^)

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Kymastrider10/18/15 4:16pm
@ Kirito

It's here it's finally here

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Dawonguy10/19/15 6:14pm
...Not sure if I'm actually going to get my comic done... I might have procrastinated too much already. I've already got the script and the paneling done, but I just can't get the characters to look right. I think I've trained myself to stick to semi-realistic proportions and it's clashing with characters like Mace and making them look older, and then there's the coloring which I'm not that experienced in as I usually stop in my doodles after line art. I know I'm being way too much of a perfectionist about this. It's just that I want it to look as close to Dave's work as possible.

(and I'm only planning on doing 4 pages. How does Dave get this stuff done in a timely fashion (many years of practice and training, I know))

*takes deep breaths*... Okay, I think I've calmed down. Sorry about that. Maybe I should just submit the script to the writing category if I can't get passed my art not looking right. (then there's the effing backgrounds man... I have gained more respect for you, Dave)

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Kirito10/19/15 6:27pm

Love the premise! I see we both had some Shining references :^). Really great movie.


Don't sweat it! Black and white sketches can still be creepy! At any rate I'm sure that if you articulate the script properly, it'll be great as a writing piece as well!

I was also thinking about doing a tutorial for how to draw Mace. Would that be helpful for anyone?

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Kymastrider10/19/15 7:02pm

that probably the best Evzen I've ever drawn, to bad it had to be in a scenario where he's about to be ripped to shreds.

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Animefan1810/27/15 7:36pm
Behold my creation:

what I enjoyed much making this is playing with line weight, definitely need to research in clothing

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AlextheTeknian10/28/15 7:31am
Its fun to see many entering the Hlalloween Fan art contest, will be cool seeing who wins. good luck you all and those who might enter the contest =)

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Dawonguy10/28/15 3:19pm
Sorry guys, I couldn't make the comic happen, but I did post the script I had written for it:

Kyma, I think this will help the "lack of erotic male character possing and stripping.", but again, sorry I couldn't make the comic happen.

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Kirito10/31/15 9:48am
The winners have been announced!

I placed in the Creepiest category, with the winner going to Taridium! Thank you to everyone that submitted artwork for another awesome year.

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Animefan1810/31/15 2:51pm
Hope you have a great halloween

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