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Dreamkeepers Forums - Halloween Fan Art Contest; Tenth Anniversary Addition!

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Subscribe to this thread Halloween Fan Art Contest; Tenth Anniversary Addition! created by Kirito on September 14, 2015

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Kirito9/14/15 5:20pm
c/p From Dave's Journal

Halloween is coming- and with it the ten-year anniversary of the Dreamkeepers Fanart Contest!

To celebrate, we're pulling out all the stops, bringing back the hand-crafted bead prizes- and adding two shiny new contest categories:

Sexiest Art, and Writing.

This in addition to the longstanding categories:

Best Art
Best Costume
Best Comic
Dimensional / sculpted

Notes on the new categories- Writing includes literature like text-based short stories and poems. Judging will be based on the first 3,000 words only. You're welcome to write more- but we may not have time to read it.

Aside from word count, what's our judging criteria for writing? Don't know, we're just winging it. Bear in mind I may not be a very good judge, every year deserving entries go without prizes. So entrants, beware- FUN is the only guarantee that awaits ye!

Regarding sexiest- Liz geared up to make the hand-crafted bead prizes for the year, spotted some dynamite pink-glitter paint, and that was the end of that.

Besides, sexy art is fun. But considering the contest is for the general public, we would ask that all entries be SFW. (Safe For Work- abstaining from graphic nudity and stuff. Except for Whip. He's always nude and nobody ever calls him on it.) People are welcome to create more potent fare if they like, but please keep it in venues where the unsuspecting won't be surprised by it.

That's about it! We'll have concrete deadlines and prize announcements as Halloween draws closer. It's going to be a fun year!

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FoxPhantom9/15/15 5:27am
I intend on jumping on this one this year. :3
Though I need to plan it on a day off. X3

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ezioauditore979/15/15 6:13pm
I actually completed my centerpiece way back in the Summer so even though I will likely make more goodies I'm way ahead of the ball-game! It's not a bad idea honestly barring the long time waiting to share it around.

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Kirito9/15/15 6:37pm
I'll probably be making a short comic with TBD characters ^^

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MobileCrusader9/16/15 10:45am
I'm going to write one of my old school creepypastas.

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ezioauditore979/18/15 5:51pm

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Kirito9/19/15 12:02pm
Is this your Halloween contest entry ezio?

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ZycantAlpha9/19/15 12:49pm
Looks like it. I'm probably going to just write a story this time since I know exactly how long it would take to draw, edit, and clean everything necessary at my level of skill.

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Dawonguy9/26/15 1:49pm
I think I have a good idea for a comic, so I might enter.
Let's just say this video was a big inspiration:

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Kirito9/26/15 8:23pm
Can't wait to see it, Dawonguy!

I myself have not started. I'll probably hold off until October. Can't wait to see everyone's stuff!

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Kirito10/2/15 7:50pm
I've officially started! I won't say much other than it's a comic, and the script is complete. I hope to finish it next week/the week following!

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Dawonguy10/4/15 9:31am
I have my rough script done, but I definitely want to clean up some of the dialog to get the personalities of the characters right. (I'm had a friend of mine review the script, and he thought it was very funny but agreed that the dialog needs more work.)
@Kirito: I'm interested to see what you come up with. I think I already gave away too much about what I'm doing.

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Thegunner1810/10/15 3:25pm
Definitely going to try my hand at writing something for this, although I'm not sure how strong the 'Halloween theme' should be for it. Probably going to lean towards more of a gritty horror kind of thing. Oh well, only time will tell! Looking forward to seeing what everyone else comes up with too.

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Dawonguy10/11/15 10:00am
I'm thinking about doing another entry depicting dk characters in costumes to practice drawing the characters. Maybe a League of Legends cross-over with either the Orphanage or the Tower (I already have costumes picked out for most of the characters).

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Lycanphoenix10/11/15 1:59pm
Now I kinda wanna see them in Tales of Symphonia costumes, after reading your post.

Anyways, I was actually thinking of doing my own submission in the writing department, but I am not too confident with my writing abilities. Maybe next year.

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