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Subscribe to this thread Evzen created by Ice4smaster on February 14, 2013

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Kirito12/30/14 11:47am
I think it would be very possible for him to join Troika, he just has that personality. I personally hope he is included in the Troika members in GNS 4

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Asora12/30/14 12:43pm
Yes, but, here is the thing, it is "too-coincidental".

What I mean by this is that on what we seen and know so far, there are many characters that are associated with the The Troika. For example, Vi, and Grunn are widely known by Mace, who is knows Lilith and Namah, who have an "uncle" named Igrath, who is currently in the Troika.

I mean, you have to admit, that is pretty coincidental, so, adding in Evzen into the mix seems a bit odd and forced in, don't you think?

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Kirito12/30/14 1:53pm
nope. Although this is COMPLETELY un biased of course *wink*

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Asora12/30/14 2:06pm
You mean on the main subject?

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DanWithTheHat12/30/14 4:51pm
My personal opinion is that Evzen will just be a prelude character only. Anything can happen though. Maybe a cameo or two?

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Asora12/30/14 5:20pm
A cameo of Evzen minding his own busniess when suddenly he bumps into Lilith and the gang. Maybe it will go something like this -

*Lilith bumps into Evzen - both fall to the ground*

Lilith: Oops! Sorry about that! I'm in a hurr-wait...........

Evzen: Ugh, it's okay. You're good?

*Namah grabs Lilith by the arm*

Namah: We need to go NOW! Come on!

Lilith: Y-Yeah, right. Sorry! *goes with Namah*

Evzen: It's okay, I guess.

Lilith (in her thoughts): Hmm, that guy seems pretty familiar......

Evzen (in his thoughts): Hmm, that girl seemed pretty famili - O_O - Oh s**t.

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Kirito12/30/14 8:04pm hopes! my dreams!!!!! aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

(sorry I haven't been active. Had to go get stitches =\ )

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Asora12/31/14 12:25pm
Why do you need stitches for? An accident happened or something? Just curious.

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Kymastrider12/31/14 1:33pm
I do love Kalei's nicknames for Evzen "speaking of the thingamajig"

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Kirito12/31/14 1:40pm
So do I kyma XD it's so true, no one knows for sure what Evzen is.

@Asora I was running at night and I fell in a cement pit XD took a chunk out of my shin, straight to the bone.

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Kymastrider12/31/14 1:58pm
I always thought he was some kind of Aquatic Dragon.

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Kirito12/31/14 2:03pm
I'm pretty sure he's got some shark in him

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Kobalt9512/31/14 2:09pm
When Dave held his "ask me anything" Q & A, someone asked if we could expect Evzen to appear in the GNS. He said "yes", but left it at that- so at least he is in there for sure.

And I don't think he will be in Volume 4 because Dave said that the "Cast in Shadow" poster depicts all the characters from Volumes 1-4, and since Evzen is not on the poster, he must appear in V5 or later.

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Kirito12/31/14 2:09pm
D= whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


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Asora12/31/14 2:30pm
To the bone eh? Well then.........did you took it like a man?

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