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Subscribe to this thread Evzen created by Ice4smaster on February 14, 2013

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Kirito12/14/14 11:00am
@Asora as long as you don't kill me with self help books I'll be fine

@Dan I hope so those strips are the best

*totally not personal character preference*

Although it looks like this arc is just getting started, which is fine, I like Vanth and Harm. But still, I like the Namah and Lilith arcs more.

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Kirito12/15/14 11:37am
I will never let this thread die

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Kymastrider12/15/14 12:19pm
While I do like Evzen I don't really have anything to say about him right now, he has yet to even appear on the graphic novel saga.

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Kirito12/15/14 1:37pm
I know, I desperately want him to make an appearance in volume 4

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Kymastrider12/16/14 8:36pm
I've heard some people express that they'd like to see Evzen shipped with Lilith, I wonder how exactly that's suppose to work outside fan couple shipping. Evzen was only trying to kiss Lilith due to a bet he found himself stuck. It was sweet that he tried to set things straight with her.

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DanWithTheHat12/16/14 8:48pm
Well he did try setting things straight with her but I think he still likes her a bit. We do leave off with Ezven running away from Lilith because he is too embarassed to tell her how he really feels after all. I don't think we've seen the end of the Evzen-Lilith saga just yet.

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Kobalt9512/17/14 12:27am
I believe that Evzen and Lilith will eventually be together in Prelude, and then sometime between then and Volume 1 they will break off the relationship.

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Kirito12/17/14 12:52pm
Well, obviously, if something does happen, it doesn't work out. I don't really ship him with lilith, I don't know. They don't really seem to match each other. I do ship him with one of the twins.

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Animefan1812/18/14 12:05am
if Lilith x Evzen does happen, this will probably be the outcome:

evzen finally confesses his feelings to Lilith

Lilith blushes

romantic moment happens

Kalei goes:

Jeniviv facepalms

and a wild creepyfan appears:

My work here is done

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Kirito12/18/14 3:34am
Lol that pretty much sums it up

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Kymastrider12/29/14 6:06pm
right im bored, Anyone want to share some theory's on where they think Evzen is at the time of the GNS, or what they think his power could be?

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Asora12/29/14 6:32pm
There are many possibilities as to where Evzen is and what current condition he is in at this point of the GNS.

I have seen images and other fan-theories depicting the possibility that Evzen could've either went rogue-style a few years after the events in the Prelude, or he could've volunteered into joining the Troika by a couple of convincing reasons (either by getting rescued by a person he knows of from a gang that captured him, only to later waking up in a room with that person and Vi), OR by just volunteering, just like that.

But, here's my pick on it. To me, putting Evzen in either a rogue-style condition, or by volunteering in joining the Troika seems a bit "too-coincidental", and "unlikely", since Evzen doesn't seem do be the type of guy to go all rogue-style (while he is in a high-class private school, meaning that his family could be rich), and that he also doesn't seem to be the type of joining forces with a militia-like private army who plans to defend the city against any nightmares who stand in their wake. Also, when I mean "too-coincidental", I mean that the Troika is very likely to meet our main protagonists at least some point in the GNS, who contains Lilith, and that she likely see Evzen and go "Huh, what are the odds".

Again, to me, I think Evzen's current condition could be that he may likely well be in some sort of decent college, having a good-paying job that he likes, and has a girl of his own. But that's my take on it.

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Kymastrider12/29/14 6:59pm
I think I know what your talking about, someone called Ice had a series of pictures made depicting Evzen being rescued and joining the troika, however I don't think Ice has been active for a long time.

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Asora12/29/14 7:07pm
Yep, those are the ones. Thanks for uploading those for me and the rest of us! :D

But like I said before, I think it is also unlikely that Evzen would be joining the Troika, and more of like just trying to live the life of a healthy and wealthy citizen of Aduruna with a woman of his own.

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Kirito12/30/14 11:46am
yesssssssssssss the thread issssssssss baaaaaackkkkkkkkkkkk

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