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Subscribe to this thread Evzen created by Ice4smaster on February 14, 2013

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Kirito12/9/14 3:52pm

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Asora12/9/14 4:36pm
You know........sorcery.......about Evzen hanging out with the twins......those.....cute........twi-

*punches self in the face*


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TruthQuest12/9/14 4:56pm
Here, A Brik Wall, For Short-Term-Memory-Loss Actions.
'The makers of Brik Wall, For Short-Term-Memory-Loss are not responsible for any injures sustained while using the Brik Wall, Short-Term-Memory-Loss, nor are they liable for any claims against actions brought on by the users of Brik Wall.'

Personally, I think that Evzen grew up in the exact same neighborhood/apartment complex as our favorite enigmatic and eradicable sisterly duo.

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Asora12/9/14 5:26pm
Here can I get this "Brik Wall" you speak of?

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TruthQuest12/9/14 6:32pm
Oh yes.

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Kirito12/9/14 6:34pm
Most likely, they seem to have known him for a while, so maybe they grew up together.

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TruthQuest12/9/14 6:50pm
Now I'm wondering about the look of Sabbaton Tower housing accommodations.

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Kirito12/9/14 6:51pm
It says it houses alot of people...maybe....?

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TruthQuest12/9/14 7:01pm
Then are their families apartment mates or do the simply meet at some intirior tower park on the same level? Someones got to ask Dave.

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Animefan1812/9/14 8:36pm
I like how all three are in casual clothes, just imagine how irritating it is to wear private school outfits

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Kirito12/10/14 4:15am
Their parents might be friends/business partners perhaps, and that's why they're friends

@AF yeah I know right? Although Evzen gets to role up his sleeves for his elbows

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Asora12/10/14 3:17pm
I imagine the twins-
DanWithTheHat Edit: Can you please stop with these offtopic scrolls of text. Thanks :)
PotatoFox Edit: I'm joining in here. No reason. Hello!

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DanWithTheHat12/10/14 8:37pm
I'm guessing with the tight living quarters of living in the same building, you get to know your neighbors pretty quick. Whether they live in the same part or not, that is an interesting question...

@Kirito: Imagine if they forced him to wear a shirt with custom sleeves to fit his elbow spikes. I bet he would hate that soooo much.

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Asora12/11/14 7:11am
*sees majority of my previous post getting deleted-calls in M.O.A.B*

DanWithTheHat: There is a reason why we edit your posts. Try to stay on topic. Thanks!

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Kirito12/11/14 3:32pm
@Dan I'm sure he would hate that O-O

I would hate that so much like what

ACTUALLY, this reminds me of the time when I had to wear a uniform for school because of a pilot program sorta thing, and I would roll my sleeves up because I couldn't play guitar and I probably got yelled at everyday for it. Ahh, good times.

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