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Subscribe to this thread Evzen created by Ice4smaster on February 14, 2013

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Kobalt954/6/14 12:05am
Randy: Damn it. I wanted to be with her... *Spirals into madness*

And that my friends, is why Randy agreed to help the Dark Dreamkeepers.

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Trubbol4/6/14 12:17am
Dang it, that is another mind melting ship. Why did I not think of that?

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MobileCrusader4/6/14 6:51am
Because its too radical for us to comprehend.

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Kirito12/4/14 3:42pm
Evzen is honestly my favorite character, I can't even describe it, he's just

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Animefan1812/5/14 2:56am
Evzen knew he is going to be a cool character before we considered him cool.

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Asora12/7/14 11:09am
I am the combination of Evzen, Mace, and Wisp.



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TruthQuest12/7/14 12:09pm
No, Your Wisp, in Treble With Duplicates.

Moving on, any bets on whether he grew up to join the Troika?

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Shadowcat12/7/14 3:03pm
Il throw down on that, Troika or mentally confused elsewhere. He seems too curious to not end up in some group or in trouble.

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Asora12/7/14 3:28pm
No, I am actually 20% of Evzen (being quiet and reasonable with an awkward sense at times), 40% of Mace (with a good sense of humor and good heart, but reacting decently towards certain situations), and 30% of Wisp (being extremely enthusiastic, and overreacting at times, and doing other crazy stuff).

The other 10% of me,'s private.

Lets just say that it ain't pretty if you times my Wisp side by 10 to the second and let that corrupt personality consume me.


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Kirito12/7/14 6:02pm
I can imagine him as a Troika member. he seems like he would do that.

Also have some more Evzen fan art

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Asora12/7/14 6:36pm

*throws flaming cocktail*

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DanWithTheHat12/7/14 11:11pm
I would love to see him as part of the troika. That way he could fit the role of being the nonsignificant cool looking guy in the troika battle scenes. I would be content with that. :)

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Kirito12/8/14 4:17am
^^ yup

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Kirito12/8/14 1:40pm
And why would you through a cocktail at his lantern bell D=

finished digitizing:

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Asora12/8/14 4:12pm adds clarity to it.


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