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Subscribe to this thread Evzen created by Ice4smaster on February 14, 2013

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Kirito7/9/15 7:51pm
Evzen is not dead, at least not yet. Dave confirmed his GNS appearance.

Kalei is very much alive. Jeneviv bit the dust in V1. And to be honest I'm not a huge fan of them. They don't have enough development for me to be attatched.

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Alej7/9/15 8:07pm
wait I got confused between Kalei and Jen shit. Swap those names around in my post XD

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NatChon7/9/15 10:08pm
Evzen is not dead and he is not going to be dark. He could be a mercenary or troika but who knows.

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JudasScorpioDeMazier7/11/15 4:05pm
Oh maaan. Ezven in the GNS?

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Kirito7/11/15 4:47pm
Yeah Dave confirmed v5 appearance (or GNS appearance) when I asked him.

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NatChon10/12/15 10:56pm
You know he could be in all of the others you probably just aren't looking hard enough.

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Lycanphoenix10/12/15 11:20pm
The GNS is turning into Where's Waldo.

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NatChon10/12/15 11:22pm
If you haven't been to the background characters thread, I would recommend reading that. There are way too many overlooked characters.

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Kirito10/13/15 5:32am
Definetly! Unfortunately not as many in v4; however v3 is absolutely stuffed with background easter eggs and characters.

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NatChon10/13/15 8:31am
One thing I just thought about is why we didn't see him at the school. He is around Lilith's age so he should have been at least seen.

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Prometheus10/13/15 4:38pm
Well, as we know, they both went to an academy in Sabbaton. We can probably guess Evzen is going to some school in Sabbaton, considering he must be from a wealthy set of parents. We can also suspect Lilith is going to some school in the fishing district of the city because of an arrangement for Namah's education. I wouldn't expect Evzen to end up in the same school as Lilith unless the events surrounding Randy's bet played a part in it.

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NatChon10/14/15 9:07am
I wouldn't see the viscount sending his daughters to any other school other than in sabbaton. Also we see that something happened with their bet because Randy is in an orphanage.

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Dawonguy10/20/15 8:02pm
Regarding the conflict between Ezven and Randy. I did some re-reading, and I think I might be able to put together a prediction.

Alright so Randy, we know that some time between prelude and GNS we know that somehow, Randy goes from being a rich kid to a poor orphan, and I'm thinking that it's likely because Randy's family encounters some hard times financially to the point where they can't afford to raise him. (I don't think it was the death of a parent because that would only leave Randy with probably a huge inheritance.)

In the last time we see Ezven and Randy, Randy tries to pressure Ezven into fulfilling the terms of their bet by threatening to have the trade board cut off business with Ezven's dad, and mentions that trade regulation is "strictly adhered to". This is the implied reason that Ezven checks out a book from the library on trade regulation.

As for my prediction, it seems like Ezven is going to read up on trade regulation, investigates Randy's father's business, and finds something wrong that gets the business shut down. (possibly an affiliation with say a certain black market beverage or something of the sort which could connect Randy to the Troika and Grunn's orphanage) In volume 5, this could put also Ezven in an interesting position as the Troika could see him as a snitch but Lilith could see him as a useful ally assuming Ezven and Lilith become friends sometime during the prelude. It's a bit of a long shot considering I haven't even read vol 4, but idk, what do you guys think of this?

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NatChon10/20/15 9:38pm
I can't say for sure that I completely agree with that but it is plausible. I can see Lilith and Evzen becoming friends but Evzen finding something to shut down an entire company unlikely.

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Lycanphoenix10/20/15 10:04pm
I doubt that Randy is on the side of Troika. He made it clear in Volume 2 that he's allied with Wisp and Nabonidus.

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