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Subscribe to this thread Evzen created by Ice4smaster on February 14, 2013

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Alej7/9/15 10:51am
Omg tendril x Ev.

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Prometheus7/9/15 11:21am
XD There's no end to the ships.

Aaaaanyway, I wonder if we can expect to see him in the next act of the story. He was nowhere to be seen in the first four books. I wonder what he's up to now. I hope his bet with Randy didn't screw things up for him too much. It's obvious that Randy got some kind of comeuppance for that stunt, at least.

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Alej7/9/15 11:53am
Tendril x Wisp. Nuff said.

Wasn't Evzen mentioned as one of the Troika? No wait that was Bobby nevermind XD

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Kirito7/9/15 11:58am
Yeah that was Bobby. We've speculated about Evzen being Troika though.

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Alej7/9/15 12:07pm
Im pretty sure hes either Troika or... dead. Maybe he died trying to protect Kalei from the nightmares?

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Prometheus7/9/15 1:31pm
Yeah, that would be a strong possibility. Knowing what's happened to other characters in the books thus far, Evzen would probably be torn to shreds by whatever would be after the twins.

Sorry for stuffing that image in your head, Kirito. X'D

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Alej7/9/15 1:41pm
Wait wait wait whut? When was that?

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Prometheus7/9/15 3:15pm

Whoop. Sorry, that was something that should not be said til next week. My apologies.

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Alej7/9/15 3:37pm
(SPOOOOOOOOOOILERS D: I'm allergic to spoilers lol.

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Prometheus7/9/15 4:10pm
Who isn't? X'D Tis another reason why I haven't been around as much, aside from mounting school work. Somehow, someway I knew I'd be the one to let something slip. @.@ Apologies again.

Anywho, moving right along...

In the best case scenario, Evzen is probably still alive and a member of the Troika. Though, with his current run of luck in Prelude at the moment, he's probably a low-rank on janitorial or maintenance duty.

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Alej7/9/15 4:49pm
... OR Ev may have been manipulated by one of the dark dks into giving up kalei and is now evil? It's a stretch but who really knows?

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Prometheus7/9/15 5:47pm
That could also be plausible. May also explain why Ravat, Wisp, Tinsel and alot of others have turned. Could be the whole ordeal with Randy had left Evzen with a cruel demeanor for most of his young life. I guess if you're conflicted or angry enough, a dirty deal is all it takes to drag you into the darkness. We'll have to wait and see if that is his fate.

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Alej7/9/15 5:53pm
It would be pretty sad cause Ev is fucking adorable <3

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Prometheus7/9/15 6:18pm
True, but as we all know, Dave tends to let horrible things happen to "cute" characters. XD

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Alej7/9/15 6:40pm
Uuuuugh I cried when Kalei died. At least, I did when I found out who she was by reading Prelude. I am now deader inside than Jeneviv.

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