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Subscribe to this thread Evzen created by Ice4smaster on February 14, 2013

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BryanDimmsdale7/2/15 6:56am
@Alej: It's TENDRIL, no offense.

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Alej7/2/15 7:03am
Wait THATS tendril? I thought he looked completely different ._.

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Digitigraderobo7/2/15 7:26am
The bony, armored Tendril was his older design.

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Alej7/2/15 7:35am
Ah that makes sense ok.

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NatChon7/7/15 10:43pm
Back on track, I think that Evzen may be a relative of the twins.

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FoxBrethren7/8/15 12:42pm
I think that's unlikely. I mean he could be a cousin or something I suppose. They don't quite have a familiarity about them that says "we're family"

I'm pretty sure they are part of separate but well off families.

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NatChon7/8/15 5:21pm
They don't have to have any familiarities. Like Lilith and Namah. Yes they are step sisters but still sisters.

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FoxBrethren7/8/15 6:21pm
Familiarity like they know each other well. Not similarity like they look and/or act alike.

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Kirito7/8/15 8:16pm
I don't think they are, at least not closely. Whenever they're mentioned it's Kalei & Jeneviv, not Kalei, Jeneviv & Evzen. I think he would have at least got a text cameo if he was.

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NatChon7/8/15 9:19pm
They do know each other well.

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FoxBrethren7/8/15 11:21pm
They seem to know him about as well as they know Lilith of whom I doubt even more so is related to any of them. He seems like a friend/charity case/victim to me rather than a relative.

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Alej7/9/15 8:45am
What if Ev's power was to become super charismatic and romantic? XD

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FoxBrethren7/9/15 10:03am
That would be really awkward when fighting Nightmares

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Alej7/9/15 10:43am
Not really. He could be like a bullfighter and dodge around them. "OLE'!"

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FoxBrethren7/9/15 10:50am
Nope sorry, I now have an image of him with a halo talking Tendril into going on a date. It's pretty hilarious.

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