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Subscribe to this thread Evzen created by Ice4smaster on February 14, 2013

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Asora2/1/15 1:07pm
*notices pic being a couple weeks old*



*Dan shoots tazer at my face*


*falls to ground*

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Kymastrider4/17/15 6:47am
Alright taking another guess at what Evzen is.

I still love Kalei's nickname for him (The Thingamajig)

My first guess based on his apperance was a seahorse, but I also guested seadragon? I also guested he was some sort of aquatic reptile like an eastern dragon that lives underwater? I don't know about shark cause when I think shark I think more on the lines of Grunn (though he could have some of those elements built in)

I swear Evzen was built for swimming.

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Sladerin4/17/15 11:59am
I could see Evzen as some sort of sea dragon, his tail looks very aquatic.

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Kirito4/17/15 3:33pm
His tail reminds me of a dorsal fin of a skark, and he has webbed feet as well. My guess is a shark/dragon combo.

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Kymastrider5/30/15 11:51am
I know we have yet to see any official concept art of what Evzen looks like in the time of the GNS, but I remember a DA pick that showed what a teenage version of Evzen would look like.

While this isn't official artwork I could easily imagine this is what Evzen might look like during the GNS.

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Kirito5/30/15 11:59am
Wow I hadn't seen this before, Kyma. I actually really like his take on teenage Evzen. I can see this as being similar to the canon Evzen.

...And is that Dave and Liz stuck in a cage?

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NatChon6/18/15 12:06pm
I don't know, he looks like a zora to me mixed with a seahorse or sea dragon.

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BryanDimmsdale6/19/15 8:04am
Actually, he's a sergal shark. 'Nuff said.

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Kirito6/19/15 7:26pm
No, he doesn't have the cheese head sergals do.

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Alej6/19/15 7:48pm
Ev is a shark. nuff said XD

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Kirito6/19/15 7:49pm
He definetly has shark in him. Mixed with what though...

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Alej6/19/15 7:54pm

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FoxBrethren6/19/15 8:04pm
I approve this line of thinking.

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Kirito6/19/15 8:09pm
I agree with shark and dragon.

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FoxBrethren6/19/15 8:21pm
Yeah... while I adore dolphins... I really don't see it in Evzen. His tail's shape suggests a more fish-like than mammalian basis of aquatic species as well

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