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Subscribe to this thread Evzen created by Ice4smaster on February 14, 2013

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Kirito1/7/15 5:45pm
No he found it still cool tho

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Asora1/7/15 5:49pm

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Kirito1/7/15 5:58pm
when you're living your dream

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Asora1/7/15 6:14pm
YEAH! SCHO-wait.

*looks around - checks every part of the building*

Okay. S-

*Thug Me points gun at the back of my head*


Me: Aw s**t.

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DanWithTheHat1/7/15 8:37pm
My version of thug Asora in my mind is more like Lilith in this prelude:

Also, Here's some more Evzen Fan Art to hold you guys over until he reappears again:

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Kirito1/8/15 3:32am
I'm crying XD omigosh yes Dan that's what I was thinking XD

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BryanDimmsdale1/8/15 6:09am
Look at the pictures*

Um, eh...naaaaah. I imagine Namah every time is see Asora acts like that

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ST34LTH1/8/15 5:46pm
Yeah... That is indeed how I imagine Asora when he starts (or does he ever actually stop?) spinning out of control :P

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Kirito1/8/15 5:49pm
He's always in pre "thug" mode I suppose

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Asora1/8/15 5:54pm
No actually. Mostly I'm in fun loving enthusiastic mode. :D

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ST34LTH1/8/15 6:11pm
Riiiiight, because an enthusiastic person always has a magic satchel full of various high-velocity projectors.

Anyways, I think we are getting a little sidetracked again. So about that Evzen...

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Kirito1/8/15 6:12pm
Did I mention how much I love him? No? Yes?

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Asora1/8/15 6:18pm
Yes my good sir, you have. Besides that-

*takes out C4*

Mods: Nooo! *cuts red wire* C4 is useless

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Kymastrider1/25/15 10:08am
The first impression Lilith gets when he meets Evzen wasn't off on a good start, I was dared into kissing you.

When she heads back to school she holds an awkward fighting stance incase of any surprise kiss attacks.

then at lunch when she hangs out with Kalei and Jeneviv Kalei "like our guy friend, he's cute little whatever-he-is" Jeneviv "student" They don't know there talking about Evzen yet and when he comes to sit down Lilith's reaction is running away screaming.

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Asora1/25/15 11:43am


*throws "disarmed" C4 - pulls out .50 cal Barett - shoots C4 - C4 explodes*

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