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Subscribe to this thread Evzen created by Ice4smaster on February 14, 2013

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Kirito1/4/15 3:41pm
5 or 6 definitely would feel better. I love Evzen, but I don't want to rush him in the GNS

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Aman37121/7/15 1:25pm
I found this sick drawing of Evzen online and I felt like sharing it

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Kirito1/7/15 1:27pm
Yeah I saw that =)

The only thing I don't like is how beefy he is. Evzen to me is scrawny and amazing.

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Aman37121/7/15 1:31pm
I can image him looking like that in his adulthood.

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Kirito1/7/15 1:37pm
maybe. I wonder how Dave will draw him =3 I can only imagine agh

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Aman37121/7/15 1:43pm
I'm betting my money that he'll make Evzan's older self look very professional and down-to-earth, like a scholar. I would personally like that. But who knows, Dave may end up taking a different path in his design.

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Kirito1/7/15 1:53pm
I want him to join the troika honestly. I can imagine him in light body armor and fatigues

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Aman37121/7/15 1:55pm
I would actually be awesome XD

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Kirito1/7/15 1:58pm

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Aman37121/7/15 2:03pm
I'll be like one of those situations when someone turns from an average, scrawny student to a complete badass.

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Kirito1/7/15 2:03pm
kinda like Vi, she's pretty scrawny, but she's a complete and total badass in every sense of the word.

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Aman37121/7/15 2:06pm
If Evzen were to ever get a signature weapon like Vi, it'd be awesome if he got a metal staff or a pair of pistols. Something light and quick like him.

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Kirito1/7/15 2:08pm
I could totally see him dual wielding springer pistols.

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Aman37121/7/15 2:09pm

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Asora1/7/15 5:44pm
Wait, Aman, YOU DREW THAT!? :O

Also, no offense, but, like I mentioned before, I think putting in Evzen into joining the Troika is a bit too coincidental, unlikely, and unnecessary. But, it's just my view on it.

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