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Subscribe to this thread Evzen created by Ice4smaster on February 14, 2013

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Ice4smaster2/14/13 9:54am
This shall be Evzen hide out, where he can figure out how to tell his love to Lilith, and nuke Randy ( yes yes i can't wait the day that happens ) and no, no amount of firepower can stop me in the Evzen cult lol XD

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Kobalt952/14/13 8:29pm
Evzens cool. I like him too. Can't wait until he teaches Randy a lesson! (That he will obviously never learn from :P)

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Roan2/15/13 11:02am
Evzens my first favorite character in the series. (Namah being my second and so on )
Randy is probably going to get hurt real bad.

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Hakuzo2/16/13 3:38pm
I even find Evens as an interesting character as well. I like his character design as well. It's like he feels like a character that could stand out.

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Thegunner182/16/13 4:25pm
Second favourite character in the DK universe. It's very close between him and Bast, though...

Personally, I'd love to see him in volume 4! (Was secretly hoping to see him in V3, but oh well!)

Dave, if you're reading (probably not) reading this, then get Evzen in V4, please. ^-^ Thanks. :)

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ezioauditore972/16/13 4:39pm
He is a unique niche character and him and the other smaller characters everybody likes(like the tower guards)help add some nice depth to the series and even the main characters are pretty unique.
I will say that between Mace,Bast,and Evzen Lilith has a lot of people going for her.(Note that I have not read Vol.3 yet and have now just ordered it so I might not know something)

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Roan2/16/13 10:45pm
What do you think would happen being the mayors daughter and all that hm? I'm not shocked she has a bunch of boys after her actually.

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Tenebrae6/7/13 6:04pm
While normally I would agree with your conclusion, I disagree with it in regards to Lilith.
Mace had a crush on her even before he knew who she was.
Evzen... dunno, you may be right on that regard.
Bast is an unknown on this, but I get the impression that her status isn't the primary factor as to why he likes her.

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ezioauditore9712/31/13 7:15am
It might be a bit vague but Evzen will be in the GNS.

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DanWithTheHat1/1/14 3:34pm
When did Dave say he was going to be in the GNS? It would nice if he made a cameo in the GNS (He looks really awesome) but I don't think he will have much of a role in the story. I don't have a problem with him being mainly a prelude character. Hopefully when the prelude goes back to Lilith/Namah, we will see some more of him. Will Lilith ever become friends with him?

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MobileCrusader2/25/14 11:59am
I just want to know what becomes of him when the shit hits the fan.

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Trubbol3/25/14 7:50pm
Is he like, a dolphin?

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MobileCrusader3/26/14 7:10am
He looks more like a mix of shark and other sea creatures to me.

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SuperTurbo43/30/14 9:42pm
The shark part might explain why he stood up to Randy after he told him that his dad would quit being a client for Evzen's dad.

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MobileCrusader3/31/14 5:38am
Or it could just be that he's brave and doesn't like taking shit from entitled little pricks.

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