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Subscribe to this thread Volume 5 Discussion Thread created by Prometheus on August 6, 2015

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ColdWinter01/10/17 7:47am

This is a little late, but about a traitor being in Troika: It is possible in the past Ravat was part of Troika, and betrayed them. Clues to indicate so, is in Vol 3, when Scinther is looking at his big computer-whatever it is, there is a image of Ravat in a CCA uniform with somebody. Another clue is, I think in the last pages of Vol 4 where it shows Troika case files, you can kinda see Ravat's, and notice the last words on the documents saying something about him being traitor that must pay or something like that.
Thought I dot that here when y'all were talking about traitors in Troika.

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Prometheus1/10/17 2:48pm

Welp, could be he was a member who left them for Nabonidus. That might be why he's called a traitor. Then again, it's also a matter of perspective. He's either being called a traitor to Troika or a traitor to Dreamkeepers. Tinsel isn't called that in her file, though, so it could very well be the former for Ravat.

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Kirito1/11/17 5:58am
@CW @Pro

I'm pretty sure Ravat was just in the CCA and the betrayed them for Nabonidus. It'd be interesting and definitely add more to his character if he had ties to the troika before though!

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