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Subscribe to this thread Zootopia created by Prometheus on June 11, 2015

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Prometheus6/11/15 3:52pm
Well, well, well. Getting a little ballsy, Disney?

I have to admit, I'm highly anticipated for this. The furry fandom response has been enthusiastic, to say the least. In more ways than one, I should add. *hint hint*

Well, what do you guys think?

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Kymastrider6/11/15 4:55pm
Like wow, I have been anticipating the first trailer for Zootopia for some time now, since all I've known about it for the longest time were bits of concept art floating around.

It's nice to see Disney do more original ideas as opposed to a bunch of shitty cars and Pixar sequels.

I love how they try to make each animal species match there actual size and physical appearances and traits, I do also admire the fur textures there using on these characters.

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wildcard6/11/15 5:11pm
That terrible pun....
I hope that's not an example of the movies humor.

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Kirito6/11/15 8:06pm
I love, love, love this idea. I really hope it does well and performs at the box office.

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DanWithTheHat6/14/15 8:12pm
Other than the terrible fur pun, I think it will be a fun movie. Disney has been on a roll releasing some great animated movies over the past couple years and based on who the directors and are (Byron Howard and Rich Moore), it should be a good watch at the very least even if it is a bit cheesy.

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Kymastrider6/14/15 8:19pm

Like nothing you've ever seen be-FUR XD

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DanWithTheHat6/14/15 8:44pm
The first fur pun in that movie and I am gonna facepalm so hard, the whole theater will hear it.

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WiseOwlReader6/18/15 6:38pm
I'm really looking forward to Zootopia and the Secret Lives of Pets. Those Are what I'm looking forward to alongside Doctor Strange, Star Wars, and such.

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Kirito6/19/15 7:54pm
I really hope this movie puts the furry fandom into a positive light. I hope it's as good as the trailer looks promising.

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Alej6/19/15 7:56pm
Dude I just about died when I heard this was being made. FINALLY WE CAN BE LIKE NORMAL PEOPLE :D

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Kirito6/19/15 7:58pm
I think that's a bit of a stretch, lol. I did find it amusing the need to define "Anthropomorphic" though.

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Alej6/19/15 7:59pm
What? you mean we STILL wont be considered normal?

also why is the main character a fox? wasn't that ALREADY done?

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Kirito6/19/15 8:12pm
Yeah. I mean, we would love our sona's species to be the main character (wolves ftw) but a fox is appealing to more people. He also fits because he's a con artist.

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Alej6/19/15 8:14pm
Yes, but could an octopus not fit the same role? if anything an octopus is smarter than a fox XD

Idk I mean fantastic mr fox ALSO had a fox as the main character and I think its too soon

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Kirito6/19/15 8:15pm
The problem with octopi is that they kind of need water to live...

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