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Subscribe to this thread Rhymes Association Game created by BryanDimmsdale on May 27, 2015

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BryanDimmsdale5/27/15 6:18pm
Hello guys, I think you know the rules of the Word Association Now, but if you don’t, you read the full instructions here:

Now then, why don’t I put it in a twist eh? You see, the Word Association is fun and all, but it is lacking something, Tendril’s RHYMES like in POEMS.

Now I know what you’re guys thinking but what are the additional rules, exactly? Well then:

-It is the same as in the Word Association that there should be a connection in words, but this time it should be phrases and sentences.
-It should end in a rhyme. Though it is not always AAAA all the time cause it would become difficult and boring. Anybody can form a short poetry in any format: ABAB, ABBA, AABB, or even ABAA
-Each person should type a different phrase. The same person shouldn’t repeat the answer by himself/herself again.
-It should still be as the same or similar topic.

An example would be:

Person A – This is Dreamkeepers, is it not… (A)
Person B – Mace, Lilith, Namah and Bast travels a lot… (A)
Person C – The Troikas, what are they doing… (B)
Person A – Weapons and Machines, that’s something… (B)

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BryanDimmsdale5/27/15 6:20pm
Okay, it time to officially start riiiight…NOW!

Lilith is beautiful, I would see…

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Kirito5/27/15 6:25pm
The extent of which escapes even me,

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BryanDimmsdale5/27/15 6:30pm
In videogames, is there one like her...

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Kirito5/27/15 6:34pm
The screen I see presents blobs and blurs,

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FoxBrethren5/28/15 10:07pm
So to bring about more vivid form,

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BryanDimmsdale5/29/15 8:00pm
I see what you mean, can you explain more?

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Kirito5/29/15 8:02pm
A question may linger while the speaker fades,

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FoxBrethren5/29/15 8:11pm
Out of your vision and into the shade.

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BryanDimmsdale5/29/15 8:14pm
Television it reminds me, how one watches?

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Kirito5/29/15 8:17pm
The botched attempt at entertainment

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FoxBrethren5/29/15 8:21pm
Plots rife with holes and notches

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Kirito5/29/15 8:25pm
A mesh of a tale concieved of ill-fated cloth

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crazyhead425/30/15 10:43am
for which updates are sloth.

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FoxBrethren5/31/15 1:25am
Once the meter becomes entangled

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