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Subscribe to this thread Cuddles or Vincent? created by Kymastrider on May 26, 2015

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Kymastrider5/26/15 2:49pm
Not that I really think there's anything wrong with Cuddles ^^

But I do find it's amusing that there's a-bit of a naming conflict between Lilith and Namah over there Ryu-Neko.

I love in this panel where Namah is reaching over to hug cuddles in a manor like "My Vincent"

And we see on his tag (Cuddles, no Vincent)

And in this page where Cuddles is all super happy to see Lilith and Namah is like "Vincent do no reward my sister with attention when she calls you by the unspeakable of names"

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Kirito5/26/15 6:10pm
I think Vincent is a way better name in my opinion. Way more creative and fitting then "Cuddles".

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NatChon5/27/15 12:18pm
I agree, Vincent all the way.

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BryanDimmsdale5/27/15 5:35pm
How 'bout "Vincent Cuddles", a two name, the reason the sisters called him differently?

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Prometheus5/28/15 4:57pm
I think Lilith and Namah having their own name for their ryuu-neko is just a case of "agree to disagree." I don't see Lilith being the kind of girl to fight with her sister over a pet's name, so she just decided that they should both have their own name for it.

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FoxBrethren5/29/15 1:57am
First of all, no one is getting it's name right. The name is "Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All"

... Ok now that the reference is out of the way, on to actual discussion

I agree with Prometheus. I also think that Namah probably initially gave him a different name simply to be contrary and wasn't (completely) serious and eventually it just became an inside joke type scenario. I wouldn't be surprised if despite the masculine name that Namah gave it, it was in fact a female Ryuu-neko.

And finally, any name that a pet responds to is that pet's name. I know a cat that responds to "Monster", "Kitty", and "Stupid" all valid names... more valid than the actual name they gave for the vet to give him his shots which was "Velcro" and nobody has actually used the name when talking to him so he couldn't know it was his name in the first place.

(For the record "Stupid" is said very lovingly as he is far from a sharp tool in the shed if you know what I mean)

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DanWithTheHat6/8/15 4:03pm
How about Vincent McCuddlesworth?

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Prometheus6/8/15 6:32pm

I don't think that would cut it with Namah. I doubt she's the one to accept compromises like hiding a name she doesn't like within another name. In her mind, it's either Vincent or to the Netherealm with you. XD

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NatChon6/12/15 11:20pm
I like the name but I think it would fit a dark or fire neko better, or a crossbreed of the two. If you know someone who is really good at drawing, I would suggest that to them. I would but I don't know anyone who is a good drawer.
It's a nice try but, like Prometheus said, it would never fly with Namah.

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DanWithTheHat6/13/15 6:37pm
I don't know.... That combo sounds pretty boss to me.

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NatChon6/13/15 8:01pm
I thought you might, that is why I suggested it.

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NatChon6/27/15 2:08am
Who else would have one of these in real life? Water and grass is a good combination and would be great if you have kids or younger siblings, because they are kind and can protect them from bad people. You could not have a better pair to crossbreed than these two.

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Kirito6/28/15 9:03am
I don't think I would. Their behavior is like that of cats, and I'm an extreme dog person.

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Kymastrider6/28/15 10:41am
I always thought a Ryu-Neko had more in common with a ferret then a cat.

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FoxBrethren6/28/15 3:06pm
That may be true Kymastrider. I think that ferrets behavior is closer to a cat's than a dog's though, so I still see Kit's point.

It's also probably not a coincidence in behavior considering the second half of the species name

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