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Subscribe to this thread Dreamkeepers Fact's, Tidbits, behind the scenes stuff, and what you didnt know. created by Kymastrider on May 15, 2015

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Kymastrider5/15/15 10:36pm
Well anyway a lot might know that Dave originally planned for Dreamkeepers to be a cartoon series, and was planning it as far back as 2005.

But there's also some concept art that shows afew situations that are quite different from how we see them in the GNS.

In this page we see out group at what could be an early version of the Starfall Mountains fighting the Big Red Tongue monster (it probably wasn't considered a nightmare yet) some major differences are that it's now green instead of red, Namah is wearing her normal outfit, Lilith is wearing the outfit from early in volume 1, and Bast is with them.

This next scene shows all Five of them fighting the Big Green Nightmare with there powers, this gives us a insight of an early version of each characters powers (I could imagine they may not be the same in the current GNS)

Namah's Tesla power still remains the same.

Bast has a shadowy arm power that looks like it Gives fire. (similar to his power now)

Lilith looks like she's has a wind power in this early art.

Mace Looks like his power is water (though I imagine it has changed for the GNS)

and Whip's power looks like it's the power of earth (it's very possible it has changed too)

One thing you'll also notice is that no one has halos over there heads while using there powers, perhaps that wasn't thought up yet.

I'd love to hear any other interesting Dreamkeeper facts if anyone else knows any.

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Prometheus5/19/15 11:01am
I believe Mace and Whip were supposed to have the power of ice and telekinesis, respectively, at the time that green Smiley picture was created. That has since changed, of course, at least for Mace.

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ZycantAlpha5/20/15 5:26pm
It's still telekinesis for Whip as far as I know. I believe that Mace's was changed because Dave felt the "fire and ice" rival pair was too cliched to used.

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Dawonguy5/21/15 6:20pm
Apparently, it has been confirmed that there are "some non-straight characters" in Dreamkeepers. (Source: )

It was mentioned that Dave (presumably) thinks that "it will become a story issue at some point because of the direction of the plot", so I'm thinking that it's implied that one of these "non-straight" characters is in the main cast or soon to be main cast. I don't know. What do you guys think?

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Kirito5/21/15 6:41pm
Man, I ship Mace and Bast so hard. I would personally love to see them in a relationship.

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Prometheus5/21/15 6:55pm

That would just be the biggest twist in the story. XP

Mace and Bast finding out they have the hots for each other after fighting over a girl for the whole story. X3 Perfect.

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Kirito5/21/15 6:56pm
Seriously! You could catch a glimpse of it in Grunn's basement.

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Dawonguy5/21/15 7:44pm
Mace and Bast were tied to a pole together though. ewe

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Digitigraderobo5/22/15 8:01pm
I'd bet money that Vi isn't straight, and just for the sake of randomness, Scinter :P. Although I suppose Scinter is more in love with weapons tech than anything else.

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Kirito5/22/15 8:05pm
Should probably move this conversation to the shipping thread in the character sub directory by the way, guys. I honestly think scinter could definetly fit in the curvy spectrum. He has that flair and finesse and overall personality. I could definetly see him wooing a certain character in the future.

If you wish go respond, jump in here:

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BryanDimmsdale5/25/15 6:40am
Any more tidbits and behind the scenes that you can share guys?

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Kymastrider5/30/15 10:24pm
originally there was a 10 page comic series of DK's that appeared in (Furnation Magazine Issue #9)It was originally going to be an event on one of the future DK volumes, however Dave mentioned during development of Volume 4 that it is no longer cannon.

One interesting thing about this comic is that if features an incarnation of Tendril that's very different from the one we see in Volume 3-4.

Is this even the same Tendril, is he nearly killed in Volume 4 and Nabonidus decides to regenerate his body later giving him a completely different appearance? Could it be that Tendrils design changes as they were revising the script for Volume 3?

Could it now be considered a completely different nightmare and if so, will we see it in any future volumes. Cause it seems like way to cool of a nightmare to not use, even if you have to change it's name.

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BryanDimmsdale5/31/15 2:35am
I found out a long time ago that DreamKeepers actually started when Dave's roommate in college said that he had the "worst" nightmare of his life. And that's where Dave got the idea of DK.

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Kymastrider6/18/15 5:24pm
BEHOLD, the ultimate Dreamkeeper tidbit, the origins of how Dreamkeepers was created and conceived, I knew about it first since my smartphone alerted me the moment Dave uploaded it.

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Alej6/19/15 7:53pm
Hmm... I think Vi NOT being straight would be too obvious. Plus she does seem to care a lot about her cleavage XD

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